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Something funny came up just recently about the “I” so I thought I would put it here to see what reaction it gets.

In our individual human form we make many references to the ego “I”, what is oneness, is it not also an individual therefore of the ego “I” ? It was said to me, “any reference to just being an “I” is of the ego”, there is only one oneness which would have to be an “I” so this is inferring that oneness is also of the ego.

So many people these days make reference to either feeling at one or being at one (oneness), seen as we only have one oneness this oneness must be an “I” which is saying these people are being egotistical is it not or is it?

I think the ego goes beyond human perception; would it be, as soon as we are aware of ourselves being at one or not we are of the ego? The very act of awareness seems to relate to the ego.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 09, 2013

    G'day Ros

    So what you are talking about here is Universal Truth/physics is absolute truth? Utterly metaphysically impossible Ros in realities of time, all we can do is make deductions in accordance with our conscious understanding which is limited in realities of time however Universal Truth/physics is part of the absolute truth but that's all. No one thing or ideological concept is relative to all I believe.

  • James Davis Nov 09, 2013

    Hi mrmathew,

    I have some thoughts/experoiences about your question I'd be happy to share with you by email. If you like, send me a note at link below.

    Email: http://www.bookreader.org/email.html

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    RealityOverScience Nov 09, 2013

    Universal Truth/physics is NOT an "ideology!"

    It's a realization.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 07, 2013

    G’day Ros

    I’m allowing my physical pain to dictate my thinking again, sorry for that.

    There is absolutely no absolute truth within realities like this one, it is impossible to bring forth this sort of truth without changing realties like this quite dramatically. Shamans/sages & even Jesus, Buddha & so forth have never brought forward & conversed absolute truth, that is metaphorically impossible, what they have done is bring us more of the truth & this is how ideological concepts change over time. The reason it’s impossible is if any physical being in realties like this one ever came across absolute truth their vibrations would change to the extent they would no longer be able to exist in these kinds of realities however if by some chance someone did it would change this reality quite instantly, this reality would no longer exist the way it is.

    So what keeps realities like this one the way they are? Ignorance & ignorance denotes fear of one kind or another. This is saying everyone who has ever existed only existed in this reality because of fear which also includes the most spiritually connected person ever to walk upon this Earth including Shamans/sages. So what are we fearing? Knowledge/absolute truth which ignorance hides us from so we can exist within realties like this one. The Mayans are a good example of what happens to physical being within realities like this one when too much of the absolute truth is known.

    Scientists & Shamans for example only bring forth portions of the big picture or absolute truth, no one ideological concept dominates the truth. If we were to bring all these ideological human concepts together we would see more of the bigger picture or know more about the absolute truth which of course would change this reality to what it is today however it wouldn’t change it as much as the totality of absolute truth, you could say that is in God’s hands. Consciousness, the source, God or whatever you want to call it is unable to live amongst us as we do in realities like this one; it is utterly impossible however it does through us so in fact it can exist amongst us but only in ignorance of itself as we are ignorant of our truer selves which of course is consciousness itself. It is funny to think the only reason realities like this one exists is through ignorance, ignorance of our truer self & this is why I say all we have to do is remember who we are without demising & denouncing this that & the other to become enlightened. How hard do we want to make it?

    Peace man.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 07, 2013

    G'day Ros

    Woo up a bit here, I didn't suggest anything was a made up belief system & in fact I've never called anything of this reality an illusion because if it's an illusion so is all your belief systems.

    Lighting a fire with two sticks is out dated wouldn't you say? All ideologies of man become out dated to some extent in time because we are in time, anything of time has an ending point which includes ideologies & no I don't think time is an illusion it's just not all we are.

    Your so wrong with enlightenment. The best way to become enlightened is by remembering who you are without time, rid yourself of time related ideologies & then & only then will you become truly enlightened. The strange thing here is I'm saying I don't mind having attachments & not being enlightened but you seem to be more attached to this reality than me in the sense you put so much emphasis on ideologies obviously going by your response here.

    It would seem you have a problem with the ego as well seen as you mentioned it the way you did, drop the hang up & you will find enlightenment a lot easier to come by Ros.

    Peace man :-)

    Please explain to me what I am trying to escape here, I'm not the one calling this reality an illusion.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 06, 2013

    Seems really convenient to suggest that the Universal Physics realized by sages/solitary realizers throughout all human history are made up belief systems that can just simply stop with you.

    It doesn't work that way!

    Enlightenment has nothing to do with subjective beliefs. The only way to Enlightenment is to remove all your beliefs, all guesswork, all sense of yourself as somehow having magically been plopped down into the world completely disconnected/disjointed from all else. It is only when you remove all personal clutter and rebalance yourself that you realize, very directly/experientially, that there is a consistent unarguable PHYSICS underlying all things, that no one can conveniently step out of, that time and space dissolve/resolve into, so there is never anything "outdated" about it, because it is the Universal Physics of Neverending Now! Debate it all you want (always highly recommended!), as billions upon billions have over all of human history, and there's no escape!

    If you right click your computer mouse and "view" the "source" of the page, you will see all the very complicated programming that goes into that page (every page), and realize that despite what only appears to be happening "on the surface," there is a highly complex physics going on that most never see or "even" think about. Well, ALL life itself is "underwritten" by a much *higher* Universal Physics pretty much that same way, only a kazillion times far more complicated. Enlightenment is the realization of not only THAT all life, all in existence, is being "underwritten" like that, and that at every split second it is ongoing and inescapable with every breath you take, every move you make, but also the mastery of that physics, including its mathematics, multidimensionality, multilinguisticality, harmonics, timeXspace fluencies, quantum physics realities, etc.

    There is nothing subjective in any of that. The Universe simply is what it is!

    You can "delude" yourself that you are choosing to step out of that Universal Truth, but it is impossible to step out of it. There is no escape.

    I would advise you to let go of the whole "ego" thing completely, because it is conventional language trying to make sense of physics/math that convention, in its very limited application and understanding, cannot process or untangle its way out of. It's like trying to do quantum physics in a psy 100 class, waaaay too complicated to try to process when soooo many other things need be realized to serve as precursors to have that conversation successfully.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 06, 2013

    G’day Ros

    I love these attachments Ros no matter what the consequences are, I feel we are becoming too serious with all this judgement towards anything related to the ego like attachments for example. I really do feel if we knew who we were we would laugh our heads off at our interactions in this reality & not just because of our attachments either. We are taking our judgement of attachments too seriously as well, it’s really no big deal however to change our reality we do need to think differently from just accepting these attachments the way they are mainly because they are quite destructive.

    I don’t think judging attachments as being bad in some way is the way to go, this is but another fear based ideology to me.

    You mentioned reading about the Sanskrit "aham", the problem I have with that is to me it’s 3rd dimensional thinking, yes most of this 3rd dimensional stuff is still relevant however we must go on from this. I was talking a couple of people from India recently; they agree we must go forth as has any ideology from the past has done. Take a look at Yoga for instance, it came from Buddhism, Jainism & Hinduism, it evolved as does any effective ideology, the problem comes into being when we consistently rely on older ideologies to show us the way forward. This is like relying on consumerist materialism to show us the way forward, it’s just not going to be fruitful in the long run.

    How many times do we have to wait until certain older people in authority pass on before changes can be implemented to evolve further no matter what it is, old 3rd dimensional ideologies are the same. We need to gradually implement newer ideologies that are going to take us forth from 3rd dimensional thinking.

    We have a problem in the West they don’t have in the East, eastern ideologies are quite new to us Westerners but to the Easterners it’s basically been around since day dot & this is why they realise we need to move on & evolve. We are treating these old ideologies as if they are new, but of course they are to us in the West, however if we looked back into our past lives we would find this isn’t really the case. All it takes like enlightenment is remembering who we are over all.

    The biggest problem we have is ego here only because it’s a problem unbeknownst to us. Why are we grasping on desperately to old 3rd dimensional modes of thoughts? Unbeknownst to a lot of us it’s the ego telling us to not let go because we have nothing else to replace it, this is represented by our insecurities. If Sutras of Patanjali had this kind of fear Yoga probably wouldn’t be where it is today, we must learn from this.

    I would also like to add that the ego is only a problem to our human selves because of our ignorance to it, not seeing & understanding it’s pitfalls is the only problem we have with the ego.

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    RealityOverScience Nov 06, 2013

    Thing is, we all have an inherent RESPONSIBILITY as part of, and on behalf of, all sentient life, to selfLESSly become Enlightened, because every ripple each person sends out there, billions a day, immediate with everything we do, including unexpressed thoughts and feelings, then not only effects/affects every other being, but then ripples through them to everyone else, who also send it on, and on and on and on it goes, like a sneeze that literally changes the world, an earthquake that alters the planet, and so on.

    Eventually, it gets back around to YOU!

    All those horrific things happening in the world, including the weather/WHETHER, are from collective *energies* that have been building toward those manifestations, so if you get to be self-ISH, and billions of other people choose that same route, that is one heckuva lot of STRESS being created, at every moment, from that collective IMBALANCE, and EVERYONE suffers the consequences of that.

    Sentients are like little, but extremely powerful, energy machines, fuse-ing the world together. When someone looks away, trying not to be a responsible part of the real world, that in no way renders them immune to the real reality of it all! At every split second, they are still being effected/affected by, and continuing to effect/affect, the physics going on in the Universe!

    If you go left, it pulls you right. If you go down, it pushes you up. If you think too much, it brings things into your life (physics from that collective) that make you feel, etc., etc., etc.,. Every inverse applies. So, if you assume you have more power in your life by looking away or hiding your head in the sand, you are only "deluding" yourself (a term used in lots of ancient texts of truth written in Sanskrit, among others).

    There's NO freedom in denial, in other words.

    You may be interested in the Sanskrit "aham," created from the first breath you take, and the last (or next). Look it up! There's a lot of beautiful stuff written about that, relative to your *I* attachment.

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 06, 2013

    G'day Ros

    I find it quite beneficial looking at oneness as the "I", nothing else exists beyond this "I" which we are all of. When I feel I’m becoming annoyed with another person it is just another “I” or part of the “I” I’m annoyed with which helps with acceptance & understanding.

    The reason I’m not enlightened or have a wish to become enlightened is I don’t mind being imbalanced. The funny thing is we are all enlightened forms of energy before existing in realities like this one which hides our true selves. To become enlightened all we really need to do is remember who we are which of course can take a fair bit of effort at times.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Nov 05, 2013


    Very well said! Yes!

    Thing is, people delude themselves about having control, but they are each a domino destined to fall with the rest.

    With Enlightenment, as in the benevolent, Tao-based martial art, Aikido, you know to simply step out of the way, and the aggressor throws him/her self, instead, with their own imbalanced energy. (I highly recommend Aikido for anyone studying Consciousness! Based on the Tao Te Ching, it's profoundly enlightening overall, as well as in its technique. Fun to actually act upon Universal Truth that way/Way! I trained in it for years and absolutely loved it!. Incredible spiritual experience!)

    The ocean would be made up of collective *I*s, but in that context, they'd have relinquished control into balance. :)

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 05, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    Interesting stuff, to dispel anything undesirable one must do this from within, anything else only infers fear & fear begets fear but once within you find you had nothing to fear to begin with, all ideas about dispelling our fears disperse as if they never existed.

    A lot of spiritually aware people make this mistake, they are non-accepting to start with which isn’t a very good start & then they denounce anything untoward or non-spiritual within their own perception. This reaction of course is all fear based, I’m talking about this new age spirituality as well if not more so.

    The ego is unbecoming so we demonise it like anything we don’t personally desire to feel or experience or isn’t within our own perception of what spirituality is all about in some way, this doesn’t sound too spiritual to me. The main problem I can see is once we get these feelings of oneness & harmony our emotional reactions to everyday life increases which means anything not constructive towards these feelings of oneness & harmony through everyday life is demonised & denounced.

    The answer of course is understanding & acceptance of what is from within.

    The funny thing is most Westerners don't like or agree in what I write about spiritually but it would seem people from India & Asia like & agree to one extent or another in what I write. To most Westerners I don't display proper or accepted spiritual tendencies but people from older established spiritual cultured countries think I do, it makes you think where Westerners are going wrong with spiritualism!! Western spirituality seems to be more about fulfilling one's own desire than serving others.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Nov 04, 2013

    "The man who wants to gain wisdom profits greatly from having thought for a time that man is basically evil and degenerate: this idea is wrong, like its opposite, but for whole periods of time it was predominant and its roots have sunk deep into us and into our world. To understand ourselves we must understand it; but to climb higher, we must then climb over and beyond it. We recognize that there are no sins in the metaphysical sense; but, in the same sense, neither are there any virtues; we recognize that this entire realm of moral ideas is in a continual state of fluctuation, that there are higher and deeper concepts of good and evil, moral and immoral. A man who desires no more from things than to understand them easily makes peace with his soul and will err (or "sin," as the world calls it) at the most out of ignorance, but hardly out of desire. He will no longer want to condemn and root out his desires; but his single goal, governing him completely, to understand as well as he can at all times, will cool him down and soften all the wildness in his disposition. In addition, he has rid himself of a number of tormenting ideas; he no longer feels anything at the words "pains of hell," "sinfulness," "incapacity for the good": for him they are only the evanescent silhouettes of erroneous thoughts about life and the world."
    from "Human, All Too Human", by Friedrich Nietzsche

  • mrmathew1963 Nov 04, 2013

    G'day RealityOverScience

    Thanks for your input here, very well conversed & legible.

    Instead of looking at the small picture, which is represented by our supposed individualism "I", we need to look at the big picture which represents the holistic self (oneness), is this what your saying?

    My query is, if we only have oneness isn't that still representative of the "I" as there is only one? I don't mean this egotistically just metaphorically.

    In regards to fearing loss of control, that's very common because of our emotional attachments I believe. The power mongers of the world aren't going to relinquish their own personal powers/control for a more collective control because of the ego & we are like this as well at the individual level. Fearing loss of the little control we have isn't an easy step to climb for anyone.

    I'm not enlightened myself but yes being enlightened would seem to give us more control over ourselves than we could ever possibly imagine to just picturing ourselves in the small picture which of course gives us power over others to one degree or another.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Nov 04, 2013

    Oneness, relative to Consciousness/Enlightenment, would be like the ocean (metaphorically), as opposed to individual drops of water, or that drop under a microscope.

    "I" would be the drop of water, or any one of its parts. It would not maintain that individuality when referencing the ocean, overall.

    Invertedly, everything outside that drop is a reflective element of itself.

    To become Conscious/Enlightened, a person must relinquish all perceptions of individuality, but fearing a loss of control that rarely happens

    If they could only get themselves past that, over the threshold enough to let go of that real lack of control called "convention," they'd realize that the only TRUE form of control in life comes from their own Enlightenment.

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 31, 2013

    G'day dustproduction

    Yes, what you say here is true in realities of time. You might say what's not of time? Energy isn't of time, yes it might change form into another energy form but it's still energy, energy as a whole isn't defined by time I believe however what it turns into is defined by time.

    So in saying all this we do have a prospect of forms not defined by time so in fact time doesn't exist when talking about energy as a whole.

    Most spiritually aware people relate the "I' to time & humanism however the “I” is more associated with oneness, no time, as there being only one which denotes an “I” not we. If we relate the ego to the “I” that would make oneness more egotistical than anything portrayed in humanism.

    The argument I get is time is an illusion which also makes the mind & related ego an illusion, there is no true “I” which seems like a cop out to me.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction Oct 31, 2013

    In "The Empathic Civilization" by Jeremy Rifkin, (page 148) it refers to relatiobnship, stating, "Our relationships form us, and make us who we are." There is no autonomous "I," but only a unique constellations of "we."

    Language itself, the ability to form thoughts with words, only emerges in relationship

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