Heaven for the Soul

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I wasn't going to post the following here but I thought why not. It's hard to look at life through the perspectives of the soul but that is what I've tried to do here. NOTE: The following is a speculative deduction brought on by my own experiences.

Written by Mathew Naismith

Why has a divine light, such as our souls, chosen to be in a seemingly hell like reality? There are of course many answers for this deepening on what ideology we follow but the point is all our souls chose to be here to experience whatever comes otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Physical realties have always been a turmoil-ish place to live, even before man surfaced upon the this Earth there were earthquakes, volcanos, fires, ice ages & so forth to contend with so life to begin with has a lot to contend with & this is without human intervention. The big question is, have humans made things or better?

Action-Reaction: We have had centuries of war but we have also had centuries of religious & spiritual groups trying to envision peace, harmony & love over as many centauries than we have been warring with each other, has this envisioning worked? No so why would it work now? There are as many people per populous who have in the past wanted & worked for peace, harmony & love than there is now believe it or not so no it doesn’t look like it works. We are basically using the same old spiritual teachings with the same old emotions urging us to bring on this peace, harmony & love into our lives. We are still trying to run away from something to something better. Is this act by seeing a problem in the first place & responding to this by running away from it or denouncing it in some way actually helping to manifest more of what we are trying to escape from? Any vibrative action will cause a reaction somewhere somehow, action-reaction.

It didn’t seem to matter how we envision peace, harmony & love we still get a reaction of our initial action which can be anything, we just don’t have control over the reaction when we act against anything unbecoming to us like warring for instance or of anything to do with the ego. Is this because we are reacting which causes another reaction? This is like a snow ball effect, are we any less at war in the world even with the threat of mass inhalation? Action causes reaction which causes another reaction & so on. In actual fact it would seem we are more at war than ever & if it wasn’t for the threat of mass inhalation we would probably be more at war than any other time in human history. So after all these centuries of envisioning peace, harmony & love it still hasn’t worked.

If we as spiritually aware people see therefore judged that there is a problem within ourselves & others isn’t this acknowledging there is a problem & the more we envision there being a problem like the ego & associated judgment won’t we manifest what we are trying to escape from, action reaction? Of course we will manifest more of what we are trying to escape from, so what’s the answer? Don’t react for starters by not seeing a problem, only see a difference. Within seeing a difference only we will then become more accepting because that’s what true spiritualism is all about, acceptance!! So what difference are we looking for to do with the ego for instance instead of a problem or flaw within ourselves & everybody else? Look at the ego as being only a different part of ourselves not something that seems like a flaw.

Heaven for the Soul: A lot of humans look at life in the reality as being hellish but the soul looks upon this reality more like heaven because only in realities like this one can the soul be expressive of every part of itself. Imagine at the human level what it would be like not being able to be expressive of your whole self in any way? The soul is very emotional & like us at the human level it has a need to be expressive of these emotions, it’s just at the human level we see faults & flaws which causes conflicts. What causes wars usually, seeing a fault or a flaw in others in some way, what are spiritually aware people doing, seeing faults & flaws like anything to do with the ego for instance in themselves & everybody else. No wonder envisioning peace, harmony & love hasn’t worked, we are still seeing faults & flaws instead of just differences within ourselves & everybody else.

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 10, 2013

    G'day Ros

    So you call it a core as well & that we are moving away from it to be creators in our own right to one extent or another. We are not meant to move back to the core I believe. Once we get through all the rot we find ourselves at one with the core again but we lose all identity & are no longer working for the consciousness's core in helping to explore itself which is of course ourselves.

    If we stopped running or trying to escape we would then realise who we are & continue our journey away from the core. This is like expanding on the cores consciousness instead of stagnating or even depleting the consciousness’s conscious expansionism. However maybe we don’t want to know who we are collectively because this also is a part of the journey away from the core. It’s actually helping us to expand away from the core; one step backwards two steps forward & while we are doing this the consciousness itself is becoming more aware of itself. You & I for starters are aware of this because of the steps backwards I believe.

    It’s funny we talk about ourselves becoming more aware but it’s really the consciousness itself as a whole that is becoming more aware. I’m not a religious person but it does seem we are serving God which of course is who we are as well as it’s all a part of the one consciousness.

    Having misunderstandings brings on conflicts & to understand brings on quite the opposite as you have stated here & the more understanding we are the more accepting & tolerant we become. This also brings on more awareness of ourselves even at the soul level. Misunderstandings does quite the opposite, it hinders our awareness which brings us back to moving towards the core again. We think the core is the be & end all but its’ not, we are. By our actions in moving away from the core we are expanding on the consciousness’s consciousness which is who we are as well.

    It’s funny how we look at ourselves as humans & only look at the consciousness through human perspectives & not look at it as being who we are.

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 10, 2013

    G'day Bill

    Utterly agree & I also believe that it's consciousness's way of expressing itself instead of just knowing itself, so is this of the ego? To not know of one's existence is egoless but to want to know of one's existence this is of the ego. At the human level the ego can be quite destructive but at the
    consciousness's level it's very constructive even when it seemingly destructive to us humans.

    What would occur or have been created if it wasn't for the consciousness's (Gods) ego to want to know of itself? Lame I know but yet another possibility.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Oct 10, 2013

    **Universal Core ...Physics... are not to be confused with conventional definition of "physics," where little old men hang their heads over chicken scratch formulas of rigid intellectualization.

    The true Universal Physics are balanced, to include spirit, spirituality, compassion and love.

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    RealityOverScience Oct 10, 2013

    Everything and everybody they think they know about life would be redefined from imaginary supposition to the real reality. Religion and science would dissolve/resolve into each other. Cultures, countries, traditions, races would become empathically appreciative and tolerant of each other, realizing that the journey they've each been on has been the same all along. An overall higher, humbling, respectful compassion would be experienced by all. A broader understanding, an ultimately balanced insight, about life, about love...

    There would finally be peace on earth!

    But with time and space dissolved/resolved, habituation would set into the stasis, causing a new clear reaction...

    ...and around and around it goes...

    It's soooo much healthier to align oneself/Oneself with the true Universal Process, fluent in its/everything's/everybody's/one's own Core Physics,**
    observing the chaos/cartoon cloud from a place of Enlightenment, compassion and love...than blindly, unconsciously, caught up in it and lost.

    Awaken to the Soul if it all. That's the true choice.

  • Anonymous Icon

    RealityOverScience Oct 10, 2013

    There ARE very real and genuine Answers, but again..."Lead a horse to water..., and all!"

    It's like a Vegas wheel, full of tiny numbers, and around and around they go, constantly being spun. People want the perceived freedom of the spin, not the win.

    When a sage or solitary realizer comes forth to teach them the winning number, that would set off all the bells and whistles, all the *Aha!!!!!*s their hearts are spending their entire lives searching for, instead there they go, spinning their wheels again, and around and around they go!

    The reason people persist in their chaos is because movement ...away from... Universal Core Truth feels like "life," (freedom, subjectivity, creativity, personal choice, a safe place to go in an often scary world, control, etc.), while movement ...toward... Universal Core Truth feels like death (loss of freedom, objectivity, oppression, loss of self-determination, no escape from direct confrontation/horror/harsh reality, loss of control, etc.).

    So, what would happen if they'd stop running away from the truth, surrender the fight, and start facing it?

  • Billgreenjeans Oct 10, 2013

    "Why has a divine light, such as our souls, chosen to be in a seemingly hell like reality?"

    Choosing to be here is to gain experience. It is difficult to appreciate peace, harmony and love if our life's are full of them with nothing else to compare it with. When we experience war, confusion, and hate we more fully understand and want peace, harmony and love. The key word is "happiness". Peace, harmony and love bring happiness and joy.

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