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Nine Questions for the Universe - Your Haunting-Most Curiosities?

Posted Sept. 9, 2013 by RealityOverScience in Open

commented on Sept. 12, 2013
by mrmathew1963



If YOU personally could "ask the Universe" the 9 most haunting curiosities that taunt you throughout your life, what would they be?


Egos at the door.
No one else can ANSWER your Questions FOR you!
You, however, can return to this thread to Answer your own Questions, re-ask them another way, or explore them openly, if you would like!
NO "Questions for the Universe" should be intentional "one-up" "Answers" or negativities/attacks aimed at another's heartfelt Questions!

The PURPOSE of this thread is to *establish* a very genuine, legitimate, highly RESPECTED "safe place" for folks to openly express themselves or wonder out loud, "from the heart," without fear of ridicule, which also helps this community realize *where* each other *is,* from a place of compassion and understanding.

Again, no books, no articles, no videos, no research reports, etc...and coming ONLY from your very own heart, in your very own words!

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 12, 2013

    G'day RealityOverScience

    Absolutely nothing for all will be forthcoming to those who are willing to listen, at the right time of course. I have no desire to know or become aware of more than I need too at any given time, this might seem strange but when we need to become aware of something it usually occurs if of course we are listening.

    I got to a certain state of awareness in my mid-teens that I could ask any question & get an immediate correct answer too. Everything that ever was or ever will be is out there, nothings is new except for the experiences we which to experience from the knowing.

  • bestearth Sep 11, 2013

    The mind of the creator, what's you're language?

  • Billgreenjeans Sep 10, 2013

    In some research experiments when computer randomised photos were used to cause stimulation. Oddly the indication of a reaction to the photos was milliseconds before the computer selected and presented the photo.

    I have the idea that the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience indicates that we have an eternal existence and time and space are limited to this planet. that being so then we have the ability to know the past and the future because they are both the same to us. It then is a matter of learning to be in that realm so the past and future are one, This maybe difficult because we have forgotten our existence before coming to this planet and gaining a physical body. Remembering and recognizing is the key.

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