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The Naked Scientist...Alone with ONLY Her/His Heart as Guide

Posted Sept. 9, 2013 by RealityOverScience in Open

commented on Sept. 12, 2013
by mrmathew1963



Everything EVER to be "realized" in Truth, AS Truth, no matter how abstract or complex, will ULTIMATELY be found from "within" your very own heart and soul.

Therefore, a "scientist," alone with her or his work, need ONLY search his or her very own heart for the Answers sought!

No gadgets, no equipment, no conventionally established rules or "scientific methodology," ONLY the heart need apply!

HERE, in this thread, bringing in no books, no articles, no videos, no research reports, etc., expressing yourself ONLY in your very own words, BECOME that "Naked Scientist," all alone with ONLY your very own heart, and explore such things as: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, weather patterns/global warming, or other such phenomena important to sentient survival.

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 12, 2013

    G'day RealityOverScience

    All scientific methods, in my mind, come from the inner knowing it's just they have a need to find ways to express this in physical form, it's all a part of consciousness & awareness I believe.

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    RealityOverScience Sep 12, 2013

    Increasing Consciousness is kind of like upgrading your television service. The more you pay (attention), the more and clearer reception you get.

    The more the true Universal Process one can realize, the more it is like gazing into an animated Easter egg, or one of those fabulous binocular-like, 3-D children's projectors, where you can see what is going on, on another and another level, or dimension, of reality.

    When scientists reject the reality of higher Consciousness, they are inadvertently locking themselves out of ever being able to peer into those multidimensional processes, blinding themselves to their own Answers! It's all right there, but they won't allow themselves to see it!

    I detected (in the physics) the tsunami in Indonesia (and surrounding countries) that occurred on December 26, 2004, a year before it happened, and all throughout 2004, having originated from within my own awareness, it visually >flashed< at me relentlessly, like a giant flat screen TV, all year long, complete with magnitude and expanse of devastation. A quarter of a million people died. There was no one to warn!

    Likewise, I detect earthquakes (etc.) months or more in advance, in detail, including hurricane paths before the hurricanes have even begun, zero anything to do with anything "psychic," and all 100% teachable and measurable. Geologists, scientists, are not interested. They won't take the time to learn the physics involved, thinking I'm delusional, letting thousands die as a result. Resolving the physics within myself only aligns me even more with the details involved in the events.

    It's a very frustrating situation.

    Something I've been detecting is moving toward manifestation now, has been for months, and I am as intrigued as I am "not interested" in knowing about it, but the Universe doesn't seem to "care" that I don't want to know, and never has. (I won't reveal it online, because it just gets tangled up in the chaos and I need to keep it in clarity), but it is definitely like being "an alien" with extremely important information "the earthlings" and their "scientists" are just not ready for.

  • bestearth Sep 10, 2013

    We have caretakers that tend to us so we are not alone. They tend to us in the same way that we tend to children, pets. others and gardens etc. Though the connection to them is through the heart or the voice inside as you call it. They are our fan club and our advisers our guides and protectors. We have an audience but they don't like it much if you mis-use your mental gifts. They become disappointed and go quiet, then it seems like nothing is there.

  • Billgreenjeans Sep 09, 2013

    We, happily, are not alone in this voyage. While it may feel as if we are alone, we always have a guide to help us. It the voice inside that helps us know what is right and safe, if we listen and act on its whisperings. Learning to ignore this inter voice is the normal. Learning to heed it is the exception.

  • bestearth Sep 09, 2013

    Ok. We are involved in an experiment. What if you could take people as far away from home as you possibly could. Would they be able to find their way back even if home where the last place they may look? Could they find home even if the directions we give them are bunk?

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