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Synchronicity...ONLY from the Heart

Posted Sept. 9, 2013 by RealityOverScience in Open

commented on Sept. 17, 2013
by mrmathew1963



Carl Jung's concept, but for this thread... No books, no articles, no videos, etc., and speaking ONLY from your very own heart and soul, in your very own words:

What is "synchronicity?"

What does it mean to you?

Have you ever experienced it? If so, what happened?

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 17, 2013

    G'day RealityOverScience

    I try to separate my human emotions from disastrous events because once you are at this conscious stage your not meant to interfere so why go through all the emptions which can at times be harrowing for people like me to go through. It's no different to me any more from an infant to an elderly person going through hard times, I don't separate one energy form from another because it's all but energy form.

    Because I have shut myself off I don't get as many synchronistic moments as I should. In my mid-teens I could ask any question & get an immediate correct answer to any question, I didn't last long doing this because it took away spontaneity for me & I didn't come here to do that so I left it all behind me which to me was & still is no big deal. I of course found out latter on I'm by far not on my own in this.

    However with my writing I still get a lot of synchronicity going on, I will be thinking something & wondering if I should write about it or not & then something will come up either through the email or on some discussion site exactly what I was thinking to some extent.

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    RealityOverScience Sep 16, 2013

    I detected both space shuttles' demise, and it IS very unnerving, especially because, having this all my life and knowing how accurate the physics are, there is no one to WARN! It's the worst feeling in the world, compassion and all! While the world watches the horrors on the evening news, I am watching THEM seeing what I have seen for weeks, months, years, in enough detail to write the headlines AND the reports themselves.

    I've even seen the faces of perpetrators, like in kidnappings, detected their entire first, middle and last names, seen the clothing they were wearing, etc..

    Tibetan Buddhist monks who run various Buddhist centers, who (primarily being physicists of the heart as well), have told me that I am more highly evolved than themselves (which I don't exactly find comforting!), have advised me NOT to warn, not to interfere, saying there are lessons in those horrific events for the world to learn from them.

    But I fail to find the efficacy in those "lessons" on behalf of infants and other helpless and vulnerable victims of those events. It's all very teachable, measurable, multidimensional physics, that I just happen to be fluent in! It's the true epitome of time travel.

    Synchronicity is complex, though, because simultaneity really IS relative, but even that is very teachable and measurable.

    It's tremendously frustrating (and intriguing) being an alien stranded on planet Earth, unable to communicate multidimensionality to its inhabitants. It's downright weird watching the world in action, as if an alien who has come to visit their planet through google streetview, :) , where life is taking place in another time, and I can see them, from a place in the future, but they can't see me! With superConsciousness, you're not confined to only the conventionally-collective perception of time and space, and you're constantly traversing layers, dimensions, of life. There are no boundaries of space and time except those folks trap themselves into.

    Conventionally, synchronicity is when two or more events occur so closely together that, while they seem unrelated to most people, they have, nonetheless, gotten the attention of someone as being more than a spooky coincidence.

    Some can be fun, though, like if you pick up a phone to call someone, only to find them on that phone calling you, soooo in synch with each other that the phone never got a chance to ring from either side! Or, showing up at a party wearing a matching outfit as someone else.

    There are no/know coincidences!

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 12, 2013

    G'day RealityOverScience

    I just read about your experiences, you seem to be quite in tune.

    I foresaw the space shuttle disaster, I felt for two weeks prior to the disaster what was going to happen but what was worse was feeling what the people involved were going to feel straight after the disaster from total disbelief to total despair.

    On other occasions I could feel what victims & perpetrators were feeling while crimes were being committed, not a pleasant feeling at all which I soon stoped.

  • mrmathew1963 Sep 12, 2013

    G'day RealityOverScience

    Good stuff, I don't come across this too much these days, speak from your own internal knowing not someone else's for there lies the truth.

    Synchronicity; Bing in tune with our environment & allowing it to guide us.

    What does it mean? Being in tune. It shows how aware we are because I have noticed the more synchronicities we have the more aware & in tune we seem to be, it's a good indicative of our awareness & how in tune we are to our environment as a whole.

    I experience synchronistic occurrences quite often especially when writing. I will being writing something that has been channelled through me & all of a sudden I will receive confirmation in what I'm writing about like the other day when I stoped writing for a moment to do other things & when I came back to my writing I received an email pertaining to what I was writing about. I inserted what I received from the email into what I was writing about at the time.

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    RealityOverScience Sep 10, 2013

    Another phenomenon I have, of many, from Consciousness, is detecting the presence and location of dead bodies. This is also synchronicity. (I detect an abrupt stoppage of very specific physics.)

    A few examples:

    Driving down the road, suddenly...WHOA! "There's a dead body out here!" And sure enough there is! The police will find it exactly where I "knew" it would be, without my necessarily drawing their attention to it. Example: I detect it on the way to work, and listening to the radio on the way home, it's on the news that they found it. I also "know" if it's male or female, etc..

    Went to a tourist lookout, over the ocean, met a family from Europe, and well into our conversation their son showed up, excited about going snorkeling there the next day. I "knew" what was going to happen by an overwhelming energy that came over him, didn't want to see it, and didn't go back the next day as planned. Sure enough, the next day a young tourist meeting his exact description, from his country, etc., was killed in that exact spot he had chosen, while snorkeling. News also talked about his family.

    Young woman went missing near my home, helicopters buzzed really low over my house for days, flying a grid to find her in the ocean. Annoyed by the low buzzing, I marched myself down to the ocean, waited until they got near enough to see me, and pointed to where they would find her in the rocks. I'd detected it in the physics days before. They sure enough found her there.

    Went whale watching. As soon as I got there, I "knew" there was the body of a dead man there. No one, of a thousand tourists, etc., there, had a clue that anything was "untoward." 15 minutes later, a rescue helicopter landed in the parking lot, followed by a fire truck. I asked them if they were looking for the body of a dead man in that area. They were. I also located his belongings for them.

    Walk into a building I've never been to, and instantly I can "see" what's around corners or in other rooms, what people there look like, what they are doing, etc... before ever going there.

    I have had thousands of these in my lifetime, technically millions or more, because it's just a constant ongoing phenomenon of Universal Consciousness I was born with. It's all mathematics and multidimensionality, etc., zero anything "psychic, " all very teachable and measurable!

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    RealityOverScience Sep 10, 2013

    An intriguing, but often annoying, phenomenon that comes with Universal Consciousness, is that the phenomena follows you around everywhere you go, so like, if you are watching television, for instance, it constantly repeats back to you what you just thought or said, in 5 seconds or less, and this can happen dozens or hundreds of times a day, so my TV is on mute more than not. It really gets to be fun when what it reflects back are very rare or unique or silly words, like..."discombobulated" or "frizzle" or similar! Turn off the TV, turn on the radio or pick up a paper, the phenomenon continues. Delivery guy shows up at the door, and unwittingly does the same!

    This is synchronicity. The same way we hear something and repeat it, it will also repeat us.

    This goes higher than surface language, though. Everything reflects everything reflects everything...which is why scientists need to become Conscious, to find the complex answers they seek by utilizing that reflection.

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