Are'nt we missing the point?

Posted April 28, 2013 by Orfrim in Open

commented on May 12, 2013
by Joseph Smith



We live on this planet for a short while if you compare it with the amount of time were out of here and even tough we still live like this life is just anything a avarge human life is about 80 85 years on earth and from death point and on were underground for an unknown time and still we putt all our concern on those short 80 years.....i dont know what about the rest of the worls but im quite pist off because of that how could we live like that we must put all our effort on understanding whats beyond cause thats where we gonna be most of our time if not for enternity.....plz comment!

  • Joseph Smith May 12, 2013

    Talk about evidence, today is Mother's Day. Some mothers will be minus their children because of political lies. What would it be if we were not coerced to live by some political ideal but instead by voluntary association with others, the way it was in early America?

    Is it logical to say the law must fit today's needs--materialistic needs--or logical to say that some things never change in the law? In going by the former--today's needs--whose needs? Today's needs are determined by a politically manipulated vote. The biggest concern today in America is not radical Islam; it is the loss of liberty. Our children are socially controlled because we have allowed it.

    We Americans have drifted back to the same type of authoritarian rule we escaped when we originally came to America. What an injustice to our children!

  • Joseph Smith May 11, 2013

    Relatively few have experienced life at sea in a small boat as have I. It is just you, the ocean and heavens, in one sense an insignificant spec, in another at one with God. The planet Earth, in comparison with the universe, is like one grain of sand on all the ocean beaches in the world.

    We're here maybe 80 years, maybe more. In the microcosmic universe, time is in millionths of a second, in the universe in light years. It's hard to put it all in perspective.

    I accept the Scripture's notion that we are created in God's image, and immortal. Here but for a moment in time, in a moving environment, with ever increasing purpose, Augustine said, distinguish the ages and the Scriptures harmonize. He was talking astrology. We are leaving the Age of Pisces, whose symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions; entering the Age of Aquarius, whose symbol is the water-bearer.

  • Billgreenjeans May 09, 2013

    Understanding the cosmos and the billions of galaxies is difficult when we only have this time/space experience as a reference. Time is measured in light years by us when in reality there is not time because time and space are limited to our earthly understanding. Out there all things are connected and time/space don't exist. It is the back to the future and back to the past all at once. Difficult to understand.
    We are having this earthly experience for our benefit and perhaps we are training to become galactic emperors. For me this life has meaning and is a wonderful school to teach us how to get along with others. So make the best of it at all times and don't miss the point.

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    peachsthenose Apr 29, 2013

    The fact that we're here is the evidence

  • James Davis Apr 29, 2013

    Only in the emerging consciousness of immortality does life become deeply and truly meaningful.

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    dustproduction Apr 28, 2013

    To answer the question, "No, we are not missing the point at all."

    Re: " we live like that we must put all our effort on understanding whats beyond"

    This makes the huge assumption that we are capable of such understanding. It has taken humankind this long to be at a point where mere survival is not our primary concern.

    Re: "we put all our concern on those short 80 years"

    Is there evidence that this material experience is not our purpose here?

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