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The Subtle Realm and Integral Human Development

Posted April 22, 2013 by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera in Open

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From the physical perspective much of biology is already interactive and actualizing Subtle Realm potentials. Living beings coordinate non-locally through an information field from the Subtle interacting with the hidden retrocausal aspects of quantum mechanics. The more the hidden, negentropic, retrocausal aspects cancel out with the time-forward aspects the more our physical universe connects with Subtle Realm fields which are outside of time and space. When the causal and retrocausal physically separated and existing within time and space cancel out, we are back to the Subtle information field that operates under an equal causal relation between Interior-Subjective mental aspects and Exterior-Objective aspects. Here subjectivity and feelings are instantly expressed in a different kind of exterior world.

We perceive many aspects of this: The Subtle energies decompose into positive and negative polar interaction. There are degrees of interaction between the Subtle and Gross Physical expressing local forms of interactions due to its separation between the quantum causal and retrocausal aspects. The equal relation between the interior and exterior Subtle realm quadrants is not necessarily benign or nefarious. It is just a causal relation. Yes, babies and plants and ocean waves and our own chakra and nadi systems interact with the Subtle and there are ghosts and miracles of healing that come through. Also ways or organizing the zero point potential vacuum energies may have to go through the Subtle. However, I think our human species has tended to relate incompletely with this senses-enlivening and feeling-transmitting realm; even during tribal periods the relation often was of submission to capricious intelligent energies. However, the type of causal activities of the Subtle (equal relation between Interior and Exterior quadrants) obeys a "both-and" logical relation that is part of the evolutionary call toward a new way of being integral on this planet even if remaining physically situated through our physical bodies and senses. In other words, there will be an increase in the uses and importance of Subtle Realm actualized energies, it's causal logic and even its actual ALSO EVOLVING beings and realities (when considered in its own level). We need to sense life through the living Subtle Energies to be able to respect Life expressing physically. Then, the physical-biological instincts primarily geared for separation and competition will not be as dominant.

The main way of relating situated in the Subtle Realm will become more relevant in our Gross Physical World through our conscious use of it. Off course there are coherent energies trapped in selfish modes of being in "areas" of the Subtle Realm but by and large the principle of causal relation makes this realm closer to Pure Actuality (Being without exteriors) and this is what would inspire the fundamental instincts of our consciousness when living principally under the Subtle Body perspective. The dangers come not as much from Exterior physical causes as from how other subjectivities can trap us through their illusions projected as objective exteriors.

I think that there are degrees of natural acceptance of our own being (already functioning closer to Source in this realm) and they relate with a degree of fluidness or blockage that occurs when we are born into physicality. It may be called an inter-realm "line of development" which is crucial to start living in relation with the Life hidden behind the apparent separation of physical living beings in general and even of things that do not express Subtle sensibilia and autopoiesis (which we call "Life"). In other worlds, GAIA may be alive but exteriorly demonstrating this in the Subtle Realm part opf 'her' being and ancient wisdom (in spite of what Wilber says) derives from genuine objective enactions of the life hidden in rocks, mountains, crystals and the Earth itself. Without sensing and working with Subtle Realm sensitivity we may not take ecology seriously, neither grow up past what is obvious only to our physical senses and physical instincts. To understand relationships and that "everything is interconnected" we'll require Subtle Realm perception on many levels.


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