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Evolution of Human Consciousness Concept Needing Subtle Realm Grounding

Posted April 21, 2013 by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera in Open

commented on Oct. 6, 2013
by mrmathew1963



The "EVOLUTION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS" IS AN IDEA THAT HAS TO BE CLARIFIED. It is about how our consciousness can take mental perspectives which are more inclusive; how consciousness can be possessed by a smaller degree of intolerant duality. It is our capacity for greater levels of perspective-taking also ABLE TO OVERRIDE OUR SURVIVAL-BASED PHYSICAL INSTINCTS associated to our bodies in the physical world under (local, classical) causal laws largely based upon practical, exterior, violent competition. I know that there also is cooperation as biologist Lynn Margulis shows (also showing that there's a connection with a deeper form of interrelated life more associated with the non-local and the Subtle) but the instincts of short-term benefits and to seek status and to hoard power and goods, social respect and influence is what leads most humans in economic and political power to establish the social legal economic system as it is. but we must understand that there are two ways of experiencing reality which contradict each other; one is deeper, more spiritual, more integral, holistic and the other is based on physical instincts needed to survive in a classical (local) world. What "evolves" in human consciousness is that capacity to perceive the world from its base in deeper roots or upon a higher-deeper level of reality in which scarcity and constant dangers from nature and from other people (who are also experiencing scarcity) is less of a challenge (in the Subtle Realm, exteriors participate with subjective creations instantly and co-causally in equal manner and we are -generally speaking- less constrained). The possibility of our "transformation in human consciousness" ultimately relies upon other forms of adaptive instincts related to our experience with subtle bodies functioning under Subtle Realm laws of experience (which under a specified, restricted version, also creates the Physical Realm experience).

As long as we reject Subtle Realm issues as "non-relevant" or even non-integral issues, we'll not really come to understand where our holistic and integral impulses and models originate from. Even the Integral Theory Model derives from the co-equal, Interior-Exterior/Individual-Plural SUBTLE REALM "dimensions." Non-dual mysticism is a step up but misses a whole intermediate range of experiential causal laws that transcend and include the Physical Realm. The ethical values promoted by religions and incorporated into our legal systems (such as the sanctity of human life and of animal life in some cases) also is a step forward toward a humane (and less crudely physicalist civilization) but also misses that intermediate range of causes, ways of organizing energies and instinctually-related motivations which are more related (for instance, through quantum information connections) to the generation of the physical world. Again, the recognition of the importance of our live also as Subtle Realm beings and how that realm has sets of laws that transcend and include Physical Realm laws is crucial to behave in a way that is not purely dominated by short term, win-lose, violent, physical instincts. we need to recognize and then more easily connect with the subtle instincts that accompany our subtle bodies. These subtle instincts are more relational and inclusive. They use a more "BOTH-AND" operational logic suitable to our Second Tier hopes for creating an integral civilization.

IONS research into presentiment, the Observer's Effect, non-locality, consciousness in general is filled with situations in which we experience phenomena corresponding with Subtle Realm causal laws interacting with regular, classical physical phenomena. The growth of holistic and integral thinking and sensibilities/sentiment/self-transcending motivations are also linked with the knowing that is natural to Subtle Realm life. How many more excuses we need to find to give ourselves permission to recognize the Subtle Realm's importance in our current life?

  • mrmathew1963 Oct 06, 2013

    G'day Giorgio

    Why are we here if we are suppose to be this divine oneness? We are in fact already supposed to be this divine oneness so what are we doing here? To be truly at one is to be accepting of all for what it is, yes we are suppose to be finding this divine oneness & no were not all of this divine oneness unless we accept all for what it is at any given time at the soul level & that includes everything to do with physicality.

    What is actually happening is we have come to realities like this one to become more accepting of the totality of all not just what we deem as spiritual but of course anything not deemed as being spiritual is an illusion, sorry that's hogwash!! Calling something that we deem not being spiritual is a cop out. Some of us think how could anything not of the niceties be a part of spirituality? Nothing can exist even in our imaginations unless it's a part of spirituality/consciousness & further more separating what part of ourselves as being spiritual & everything else not represents separateness not oneness.

    Subtle realm grounding is a part of consciousness not an illusion as it's all a part of consciousness otherwise it just can't exist, subtle realm grounding is just as important as any other part of consciousness, it will eventually give us true oneness not just the oneness of what we deem as spiritual niceties I believe.

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    dustproduction Oct 05, 2013

    Be honest, you only have a small clue about what is being discussed here.
    What is "organelle genesis theory?"

  • Billgreenjeans Oct 05, 2013

    Assuming that others need an improvement that we ourselves need is a common mistake. A personal intimate subject such as "Subtle Realms" is not necessarily a subject to openly and publicly discuss. There is enough ridicule in the world without inviting it from naysayers. Each person has to find the "Subtle Realms" by their own search and inquire. Brow beating them want get it. Believe it or not we do have free choice.

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    dustproduction Oct 05, 2013

    Here is another example of the lack of participation in a thoughtful question because it is challenging to comprehend, and aims at a more intelligent, and inquisitive audience. It is far to easy to employ the unenlightened method of attacking those that reveal that magic is just an illusion.

    I will note one quick point by the poster, who writes "They use a more "BOTH-AND" operational logic suitable to our Second Tier hopes for creating an integral civilization."

  • Fallensoul Apr 21, 2013


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