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An Idea For A New Device That Could Measure MMI

Posted April 12, 2013 by theramin in Open

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I just got this great idea the other day. I wasn't sure what to do with it. I didn't want to send it to one of the lead scientists here thinking they get so much email anyway and I had no way of doing anything with it. I can't build it. It may have been already tried. It may not currently be possible given mainstream technology. Furthermore it may or may not work.

In either case this device would be built to measure MMI not from quantum waveform collapsing but from the electromagnetic force that bonds between atoms in a molecule.

Imagine atoms of a particular variety that can be linked to identical atoms in a linear sequence like the cars on a freight train. The atoms could be lined up indefinitely. The atoms are bonded into one molecule perhaps a cumulative span of 0.01” in length. One end of the molecular chain would be stationary. The other end of the molecular chain would be free to move. However the molecule would be constrained to remain in a straight line so it would not bend or break. The molecule is similar in theory to a spring fastened at one end to a stationary object and held in a tube. As an observer sends attention or intention to the molecule chain, each atom's electromagnetic bond may expand or contract ever so slightly. The free moving end of the molecule may be perturbed due to the accumulation of small expansions or contraction of the bonded atoms in the molecule.

The effects of consciousness on the electromagnetic bonding force on each atom may be so small that science has never been able to observe anything thus far. However, due to accumulation of many atoms in sequence there may be a measurable motion on a microscopic level. If consciousness effects the electromagnetic bonding force of atoms, new devices could be fashioned out of the principals explained above that could transmit audio data from MMI.

This presents new challenges. First the molecule has to remain in a straight line and not bend or break. Second, the position of the free end must be microscopically determined on a moment by moment basis. I have no idea as a lay person (with no formal scientific background) how I could possibly do anything with this idea. I was hoping that someone at IONS could use it. I would love to be a part of the work at IONS. If anyone has any feedback I would be very appreciative to continue the discussion.


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