The Western Psyche and the Power of Suggestion

Posted Feb. 4, 2013 by frequencytuner in Open

commented on May 22, 2013
by Joseph Smith



To begin on a specific note, let us suggest a) the collective Western Psyche, like any other 'mind' is able to be manipulated, b) people invest great amounts into research and development geared at manipulating this 'mind', and c) millions of young kids and teenagers are addicted to the violent television and games being developed in light of the aforementioned research.The conclusion simply is that marketing works. The issue is: what is being marketed and how it is affecting the psychological development of our modern youth. The examples I am referring to are the recent shootings in Colorado, USA. How could these events happen? If you try and understand the cultural mind, larger issues lash out like ferocious beasts: look what happened to Tesla, for example. Could we say our Western society has given more value to the concept of economy and profit that it has to life and harmony? In other words, if your life gets in the way of profits, your life has to go: not the profits. This Capitalist Society revolving around illusions is beginning to get dizzy and confused. What happens if all the violence and death in the minds of our youth manifest? The desire to be Free and Individual has replaced the reality of Unity and Peace, thus we are deceived. Deceived not my our eyes, but from within our very minds.

The South Park Episode "Something Wal Mart this way Comes" tells it beautifully: the characters attempting to take down Wal Mart were searching for the heart, the source of it's life and power and they found it: it was mirror.It was the human being playing the role of consumer and existing within a commercial society. We are studied like ants in an ant farm, led into blind experiments to see how we react (Pepsi 'taste test'). We have effectively become the new Banana Republic all because we are suggested to by master manipulators, like Edward Bernays, and follow along. Does any other person share this or similar insight and feel compelled to warn to potential danger, either societal or environmental.

  • Joseph Smith May 22, 2013

    Dustproduction, Feb 4, 2013: "Our faith is weak. So we turn away from religion, and science, and return to metaphysical superstitions that cannot be disproved." I turned away from religion, and science; that is classical physics, and returned to "metaphysical superstitions that cannot be disproved." My life is as good as it gets. That cannot be disproved. I'm left full. From dust to dust, Dustproduction's time has run out. He has no answer.

    Jesus wasn't religious. He had nothing good to say about his religious authorities. Jesus said, "in earth as it is in heaven....But seek ye first the kingdom of God." Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you, implying that and heaven and earth are external. Jesus' metaphysical answer: look to the sun, moon and stars for signs (Luke21:25) of his second coming. Welcome the Age of Aquarius, a time when we become our brother's keeper.

  • Joseph Smith May 22, 2013

    Dustproduction, on Feb 4 2013, "For me...more value to the concept of economy and profit does so in the absence of a conscious belief that would provide for life and harmony." I was for a profit economy, an entrepreneur making a profit on the service I provided. Dustproduction's thinking put me out of business. Now I'm government entitled. Government spending is out of control. Dustproduction doesn't have an answer. We are going bankrupt, morally, spiritually, and fiscally. The door is wide upon to the world's worst tyrants.

  • Joseph Smith May 21, 2013

    I'm waitin for an explanation, in detail of how socialism (life and harmony) brings life and harmony. Currently, America's socialist officialdom is being deceptive, and even taking the Fifth. Said advocates of life and harmony routinely violate the law with impunity. We, the law abiding, accept their lawlessness without a peep. At the Nuremberg trials, Nazi administrators of so-called life and harmony (National Socialism) did not get away with it.

  • Joseph Smith May 21, 2013

    I don't get your notion of society giving more value to the economy and profit than life and harmony. I don't see socialism bringing life and harmony. History records your idea of life and harmony bringing enslavement and death. I'd love to have you explain in detail why I'm wrong.

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    loneseeker Mar 08, 2013

    In response to the idea that the very air that we breath may someday cost us, I recently heard of a tax proposal in at least one of the fifty United States that would impose a green-house gas tax on individuals who ride bicycles because of carbon monoxide emissions that are released via breathing! So it would seem that in the race to compete for the almighty dollar that there is no limit to what individuals can conjure up in attempt to fill a void within themselves that has nothing to do with capital gain (albeit they have not yet realized this).
    I am certainly not the most learned woman, but I have eyes to see with and a brain to think with. I was raised to think for myself.
    At a mere 46 years of age, I am beginning my journey into true enlightenment. I have heard what thousands of preachers have to say. I have studied many religions. Yet, until I stumbled on the world of quantum physics, I have never come across any idea that so resonated with my personal view of we as individuals and the notion of the observer.
    I am hungry for a truth that is not fabricated. I have done quite a bit of work on my own in attempt to minimize the materialism that has infested my life thus far, but I will continue to search for the ultimate truth, which I sense is right in front of me.

  • telephoenician Feb 28, 2013

    Tesla's demise is an excellent example of the methods and motivations for why people are discredited, ridiculed. It's unfortunate that many are content to allow others to do their thinking for them. I can look back on my own life and see how much the world has changed and it makes me wonder how much younger people might tend to think "this is how the world is". It makes me wonder how much of what I accept actually "is".

    Televisions, and now a myriad of other devices - have become so much a part of our lives and experiences that they've become what water is to a fish; wallpaper. The truth is, we don't need these things to be connected.

    As a marginalized person, I've been afforded a very unique perspective on an absurd world. It's baffling how much kids will spend on a t-shirt that says "independent". In my day, you'd've been called a poser. It's the same sort of doublethink that arises out of such things as Chase Bank using a John Lennon song to sell you a line of credit. In such a world, it's not hard to imagine that one day - air - the very act of breathing - might be something regulated and purchased as a utility - not unlike "clean" water. And people won't think anything of it.

    And, yes - I do have some sympathy for Dustproduction's cynicism regarding spirituality. Many New Agers - especially the Law of Attraction crowd seem equally prone to the same need to acquire 'bling' as a sign of their spirituality as rap artists. The whole idea of materialism as a mark of spiritual growth just seems rather grotty to me.

    The truth is, is that we are all born spiritual beings; it's not something that needs to be acquired and certainly can't be purchased. The idea that some people would trample another to save 10% on Tickle Me Elmo is a product of our spiritual emptiness. But materialism can never fill this void. So, put down the leaf-blower, walk to work - and quit the gym. Turn of the television, get to know your neighbours, and look at the stars. Worry less about what's in your wallet and more about what's in your own world. It's a beautiful, curious place that runs without batteries, or having to plug it in - and there's more variety in it than there is in all the department stores.

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    dustproduction Feb 04, 2013

    For me there is another layer to the onion that needs to be peeled away here. If our society gives more value to the concept of economy and profit it does so in the absence of a conscious belief system that would provide for life and harmony. A belief system that would provide as fundamental a foundation as nature.
    Psychology divides us into an orientation of individualism, alone, afraid, and ashamed. That is the manipulation that is at the core, that is what leaves us angry or prone to the addiction of violence.
    What is true for corporations now, "if your life gets in the way of profits, your life has to go: not the profits." was true to the church a thousand years ago. We called it the "Dark Ages" for good reason, the church was the only source of knowledge. God spoke through the priests.
    We are similarly overwhelmed by life and our "purpose" as we were then, in our trying to understand the problems we have brought on ourselves today; over population, scarcity, climate changes, pollution. The priest of science speak in a language as mysterious as the latin of the church. Corporations translate the message of science into a pacifier for our needs. Our faith is weak. So we turn away from religion, and science, and return to metaphysical superstitions that cannot be disproved. But we are left empty.

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