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Posted Jan. 14, 2013 by mrmathew1963 in Open

commented on Jan. 25, 2013
by Jeanine Broderick



If everything that exists vibrates does that mean that everything is alive in one form or another?

We are surrounded by living vibrative pulses of energy; everything has to be definitely alive otherwise it wouldn’t vibrate!! ……In this case all mental thought would also have to be alive in some way as mental thought is also a vibration, an interesting thought taking into consideration how diverse our imaginations is, is it imagination or is it alive/real in some other reality/dimension?

  • Jeanine Broderick Jan 25, 2013

    Maybe I get it now.

    You want to know what B was so you can figure out the difference between B and D(where we are now in your example?)

    To know our trajectory?

    ♡ Jeanine

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    Bibhuti Swain Jan 25, 2013

    @Jeanine Broderick : Going back does not mean to time rather the point where we deviated.

    From a particular point we deviated from the evolutionary vibration and continued with our own mind vibration. I am talking about that point. This is simple a mind game we need to coalesce our mind set with water/air/sun etc…(example). At that point only we cannot make out the difference. This is what STATE –OF – EQUILIBRIUM.

    evolutionary vibration : started(A)----------- (B)----------------(C) would be the current time.
    We deviated from point (B)------------- (D) we are now in Point D.

    We need to go back to point (B) to get it….

  • Jeanine Broderick Jan 24, 2013

    @BibhutiBSwain- we can't go back -- at least not accurately We can't even go back, accurately to last weekend. We change and evolve every day and our perspective shifts slightly as a result so even if we go back to last weekend we will be perceiving from a new vantage point.

    All the fun is ahead (not behind).

    My hair is floor length and I always enjoy it when folks ask me if I ever step on it and my answer is "Not as long as I don't try to back-up. I just keep going forward"

    My teacher would also say that animals are actually more in alignment with their Higher Self than humans - they are more general but they don't ignore their guidance like we (humans) tend to do. The reason they say we don't have instincts is not because we don't have them--we just ignore them. Instinct is guidance from non-physical.
    ♡ Jeanine

  • Jeanine Broderick Jan 24, 2013

    My spiritual teacher teaches that all that material things are is materialized spirit and from that POV they are alive--just because we cannot understand the form does not mean it is not consciousness.

    My spiritual teacher also teaches that thoughts, once thought, never cease to exist and that once we think a thought the thought begins to think (thus vibrate) and attract like thoughts to it.

    We can direct our thoughts to some degree in any given moment and to great degrees over time.

    Genius is only focused attention to a subject over time.

    Law of Attraction brings thoughts to us and the thoughts it brings are dependent upon where we are vibrating. If we are vibrating in happy thoughts the thoughts we have access to are happy ones.

    Essentially, in any given moment, we have access to the thought we are thinking and two other thoughts. One that feels slightly worse (the emotional response to it) and one that feels slightly better (the emotional response). We can choose to move toward the more negative or the more positive one (that's the smart choice). Once we choose the more positive thought the one we were thinking becomes the worse feeling one we have access to and a new--slightly better feeling one is now where we can access it.

    One of the things that makes it tricky--we have vibrational set points so on topic one our thoughts may be set at happy while on topic 2 our thoughts are set at frustration so as our thoughts wander we move up and down the emotional scale (to some degree) as the object of our thought changes.

    One topic, let's say "Mom" is actually many, many different topics. There is Mom on our friend, Mom & food, Mom & desserts, Mom and vacations, Mom and money, Mom and career, Mom and Dad, Mom and home, Mom and holiday 1, 2, 3, etc. and so on. So the topic of Mom can have hundreds of topics--each with their own emotional set point.
    ♡ Jeanine

  • mrmathew1963 Jan 17, 2013

    G'day Bibhuti

    Yes I would have to agree that we are the only one's that we know of that can decode such vibrations however everything is as one consciousness even a rock is a part of us, this is saying we also have a part of us that is unable to decode vibrations like the rock part of our consciousness for instance but are we sure that the rock can't at least feel our vibrational decoding?

    Yes we can't decode much at all which is dictated by our conscious awarenenss, as our awareness grows so will our decoding abilities.


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    Bibhuti Swain Jan 17, 2013

    If everything that exists vibrates does that mean that everything is alive in one form or another:
    yes absolutely correct, but questions who is receiving the vibration and decoding it to a understandable format. Only Human can decode all the vibration where as other leaving creature can do few of it.

    There are thousands of vibration but currently we are only able to decode the vibration of WEALTH, POWER and SEX. Current situation of the world.
    Can anyone in the world decode the vibration of evolution which is unique among all leaving creature? For this we do not need to go forward rather we need to proceed in backward flow to get it.

  • mrmathew1963 Jan 16, 2013

    G'day all_connected

    A deffinition of alive is still existing, continuing, or functioning, a rock for instance is still existing even when cruched down into fine matter. It doesn't matter how you change energy it's still existing energy.

    Our definition of alive for humans would be anything of organic matter of some kind but that's only our deffinition of alive. Everything is of consciosuness & must therefore be alive in some sense including our thoughts.


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    all_connected Jan 16, 2013

    I would say according to most people's definition of the word "alive" , the answer is no. Everything that vibrates is not alive.

    Now if you were to ask if everything is conscious to some degree, I might go along with you on that one.

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