Indian Philosophies and Concepts of IONS

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by MysticalSadhu



I am so much fascinted by the concepts and ideologies of IONS. My greetings to all who made this instituute..recenctly came to know about IONS through THE LOST SYMBOL by DAN BROWN.. Allmost all the concepts,especially MIND MATTER-relation ship of IONS has been discuused by ancient Indian Sages. (in vedas) In search of god man can ultimately find the answer as "THATHWAM ASI" which means "ITS YOU''..The god you are looking for you is no one else than you...and Human realises his purpose He realises that "AHAM BRAHMASMI" .which means "I AM THE BRAHMA"(Brahma is the name for the ultimate, unchanging reality, composed of pure being and consciousness).
Indian Philosophy does not consider god as a separate , lofty , dictorial , huge superman in heaven whose duty is to pass judgment on human beings and send them to eternal hell or eternal heaven. God dwells in every being . He is the innermost fact of every thing. through inner cultivation man can expand to that reality. When one opens his mind with afire for knowledge , without being biased into personnel bounding, he will eventually make a natural break through in to the higher knowledge of central unity, the supreme self ,the omnipotent one and only one god. ekadāivā.he oneness!! In Indian philosophy , around 33crore demigods are there. But the main principle behind this leads to the ultimate oneness, This central unity in the indefinite diversity is well as highlighted in many hymns in the Vedas and puraanaas. There are many poems which an Indian should daily recite.Now a days the count is reaching zero. Among those poems Sree lalithasahasra naama and Sree visnu sahasra naama (thousands names of divine mother and lord visnu, in a rhythmic composition , each word in this has profound meaning, when repeated daily it activates the slumbering physic and spiritual depth in us) reveals the intellectual depth spiritual vision of the ancient sages. Similar to IONS GCP,In this rhythmic composition of thousand names, is mentioning the names of other deities also. Thus the the central concept is more that it shows diversity in the one harmony, and is revealed in Rig-Veda as Truth is one and the sages call it by different names.rhyming of poems were meant to the harmony of whole world..'Homas' and 'Yagnas' were performed in India and also being held now a days also in some places of india.Through IONS we are getting reasons for what ancestors are done.In this world of religious tension and terrorisms, Irrespect of religion,creed and caste we have to realise the omnipotent.."AHAM BRAHMASMI" I am one....A man can be called in different names among his friends and relatives, ts like wise only we call the one and only one omnipotent in different names Allah , Christ , Krishna etc etc...Whatever you call him , the thing is you have to call it from the heart..

  • MysticalSadhu Oct 16, 2010

    Myriad nuances occuring as the Universe manifests, as it individuates unit consciousnesses within its realm. One of those occurrences is the individuation of subjectivity & objectivity -- awareness of one's individuation among other "things" & "beings" within this vast Universe. The mechanics of this are replicated in architectures of everything in the Universe. An entity suspended within the Universe unaware of anything else, & as yet not self-objectified, can be said to be in a state of homeostasis, being itself in equipoise.

    Reunification with the singularity & wholeness of the Universe is also operative as we come together, self-aware & aware of each other, cooperating fully in the evolution of each others' journeys toward greater thresholds of excellence. Single celled organisms continue to exist all around us, & we, our bodies, are full of single cells that spend the whole of their rapid lives, & our lifetimes, working together to bring forth this opportunity that we call ourselves. This unification is with the Universe & each other, with our cooperation furthering our individual & collective journey toward our desideratum, back into the whole of the Universe without individuation, the place from which we generated.

    When a person experiences samadhi -- merger back into the Universe as a drop of water into the vast ocean -- & comes back as an aware being in the afterglow of this ultimate ecstasy, love pervades ones being so fully, is fully conspicuous in all things, all actions of self & everyone & everything else, & such an ecstatically blessed being realizes that love is not one of several emotions, love is optimized homeostasis, with the subtle essences of each emotion in balance & not beyond the parameters of its utility. "I have increased what truly matters & decreased what's irrelevant", a paraphrasing of Buddha's experience with enlightenment. The myriad emotions, 50-52, & their combined synthesis are utilities, while love preponderates throughout one's being & the Universe in all that is & is done. From this homeostasis begins the foundation of ethics -- how to cooperatively coexist with other beings while maintaining this optimized homeostasis for all.

    The Universe generated the process of individuation, perpetuates it at all times, in all beings, & having attained the ultimate, arriving in life as a human being, reunification is a signature expressed in the heterogeneity of sexual reproduction, an exercise that exceeds the imperative to perpetuate the species, it is an exercise of spiritual practices, where we meld into each other, physically, mentally & spiritually. Everything meditation can be is also expressed in loving someone, anyone, & ultimately with a partner with whom our loving conjugations result in body, mind & spirit to be an opportunity for another sublimely evolved being to come forth also. If you were going to invent a Universe, wouldn't such a magnificent continuity also be part of it?

  • frequencytuner Oct 12, 2010

    I think the majority of the problem lies in the interpretation of the word "Sexuality". The entire sacredness of fertility, harmony - unity and intimacy have been replaced with lust, physical sensation and fantasy. The word "marriage" has especially been construed and devoid of it's true meaning.

    I pray - in the true sense - as you do.

  • Abhijith Oct 11, 2010

    Da Vinci Code is my evertime favourite.In Davinci Code Hieros gamos is mentioned. The same rituals are in Hindu tantric inscriptions also. they are collectively called as SHAAKTHEYAM. Unfortunately these rituals are being misused..becoz fo theses teachings over exposure to sexuality.Those rituals in tantras have striking similarities with the heiros gamos. as you have mentioned about Lord shiva and kaali, I believe that these characters were made for the easy understanding of tantric principles..I am trying to make a website with true essence of tantric principle in a easy understanding manner,for that have been talked with several aachayas and am tryng to transalte some of their text's photocopies..The ultimate goal of Tantra's as in any any other sacred text is none other than Global consiousness..Or self awareness...
    But here through sexuality...Hence its easily being misunderstood...
    Finally mentioning a Sloka which is considered as the essence of vedas"Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu."
    The sloka is an invocation for harmony and blessings for all of creation.Similarlly irrespective of religion and other things we must join our hands together for the global harmony.

    Hieros gamos ( refers to a sexual ritual that plays out a marriage between a god and a goddess, especially when enacted in a symbolic ritual where human participants represent the deities. It is the harmonization of opposites.)

  • frequencytuner Oct 11, 2010

    Mantras hold incomprehensible sacred power to dissolve the mind. It is unfortunate that these practices are dissolving as readily as the mind they silence.

    Quickly jumping back to Dan Brown for a moment, are you familiar with the Da Vinci Code? If not, it is a great insight into the reasons behind why these practices are diminishing. Translating it from Christian to Indian it should be clear that Dan Brown is referring to the approaching oblivion of Maa Kali from humanity. I found a nice, easy to understand description on the internet:

    Maa Kali - The Compassionate Goddess
    Maha Kaali is the most compassionate of all the forms of goddesses as she provides salvation or liberation to her children. Kali is equivalent to Shiva because both of them are the destroyers of evil fake and unreal. It is considered that with the glimpse of Maa Kali, ego trembles with terror seeing its own eventual demise in her.

    People who are attached to their ego would not be able to receive the idea of Kali and she will appear in a wrathful form to them. But people, who are engaged in spirituality, removing the illusion of the ego, will find Maha Kaali in a different form. Maa Kali will appear as sweet, affectionate, and overflowing with perplexing love for them.


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