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Problem with Control: It would seem that the concept of this world/reality/realm being a playground for our spirit through a soul to experience & play around in is too farfetched as most people are asking if this was our playground why haven’t we got more control? The thing is we do have complete control, not through our human self but through our spirit self which is pure consciousness. A lot of people keep making the same mistake over & over again thinking this physical self is it, there is nothing else or they know we are more but not 110% sure because they don’t have control.

Humans think in controlling terms, we are physical beings therefore we need to take control which couldn’t be further from the truth. I know a lot of new age & some old ideologies tell us to take control in one way or the other but if one was aware & accepting in the first place we wouldn’t have to take control it would just happen without us lifting a finger through pure awareness, pure awareness is a type of control but it’s not controlling it’s free. Once one gives up trying to control one’s environment & become instead more aware & accepting a peacefulness prevails over any controlling factors one might feel. Any Controlling factor is conflict because as soon as you have a desire to control something you are actually in conflict with whatever you trying to control & any conflict what so ever leads one away from true spirituality.

What this is saying is don’t try to control the playground, accept it for what it is & then changed it but one must first accept it otherwise you’re in conflict & non-accepting. Actually once one becomes accepting of their entire playground the changes will come automatically especially from within, you will look at the world in quite a different light & then you won’t want to change it.

Spirit/inner self: There is a huge difference between our inner & outer self, the inner self being fully aware where’s the outer self is only aware in what it knows or wants to know mainly through the five senses. If we keep thinking we have no real control we will persistently keep trying to humanly take control, in other words become controlling which is the last thing a spiritualist wants to do. Accept that your spirit self has everything under control which is a hard concept to accept as it sounds like blind faith & at first it certainly seems that way but as one becomes more accepting it becomes more than just blind faith but actual experiences.

This playground has been devised by our spiritual conscious selves to explore & experience every avenue of one’s own or God’s existence, it’s all pure spiritual consciousness & of course the obvious question would be why does our spiritual conscious self-allow us to suffer so? Humanly we are doing it ourselves in the way we react to this playground, our spirit selves has nothing to do with this but it will allow it to continue because it’s experiencing its own existence through our misery, this is our choice not someone else’s. Also we are not really suffering because there is no such thing as suffering in the first place it’s only because we feel we are suffering through non-acceptance & the more we feel this the more we are feeding the suffering, we humans are actually manifesting our own suffering. So how does one stop this so called suffering? By accepting of our environment & being more aware of who we really are.

Playground toys: In this playground of ours we have devised so many different toys to play around with & suffering is one of those toys, this toy didn’t exist until we became physical through the soul so toys like suffering began with our five senses but we have manifested them many times over to make them far worse than they were possibly meant to be. There is an obvious problem these day in that our toys are destroying the very thing that sustains us, we have manifested them beyond what we as a species can endure. We have become more logical & scientific but what we are doing with these toys has no logic at all, through science alone we have engineered toys of all kinds of destructiveness from nuclear to chemical & biological, our playground of toys is literally killing us.

The bottom line is we are not just this human form but something far more uncomplicated & serene, we are the very consciousness we are trying to know who I feel have come here to try to find a way to coexist with both our physical & spiritually aware selves at the same time which is the ultimate. We really do think too human & find it awfully hard to do otherwise.

Messiah: It’s been said quite often recently that we are our own destiny that there is no Messiah type being to help us, we must do it ourselves. The problem with that is we are trying to still help ourselves through controlling factors & control is the last thing we need because that is what has made this playground of ours what it is today. Why did we need Messiah’s in the past to try to show us the way? Things are worse now than they have ever been accept for the antediluvian period of time & look what happened to that so we can’t or want help ourselves through our spirit selves because we really don’t want to, our human selves do but our spirit doesn’t.

The reason for that is because we have come here to experience life as it is at that time, (pure acceptance), no matter how much our human selves mess things up. Messiah’s are needed at certain points in human history to try to show us the way, the rest is up to us. Don’t think for one minute a Messiah wants to become aware of its whole self in a physical world like this one, they too wish to experience life for what it is but they are the ultimate in acceptance, they are really making the ultimate sacrifice that most of us don’t want to make in our own playground.

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