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How to "heal" the earth:

Posted Dec. 31, 2012 by poorestchump in Open

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commented on Jan. 1, 2013
by dustproduction



1. Dig water wells where needed and provide pumps and sprinkler systems for farming on a worldwide scale.
2. Finance with "e-currency" backed by worldwide concensus.
3. Build affordable, interest-free housing worldwide.
4. Provide employment on a concensus/priority based direct voting method.
5. Use all known sources of power; construct automated transportation methods.
6. Release all victimless crime offenders (provided they work - jobs can be provided assuming productivity by the worker).
7. Provide every employed person with $20,000 bonus each year.
8. Provide employers with 25% of all employees salary.

These provisions are non-negotiable.

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