Western Satanist Ideologies

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Western Satanist Ideologies:

This isn’t about actual Satanism but the ideology of Satanism in the very core of our western social structure. To begin with I will give you a couple of sites that refer to such things, one is an eastern based site which shows there related views on this matter & a western based site explaining Satanist ideologies in the west.


I don’t myself have any particular religious/spiritual doctrines I follow myself as they all seem to have some grounding, but in reading what’s written in this first link I find it strange that a westerner can accuse any easterners of Satanism, to me the very core of western society is based on Satanism but in saying this I’m not accusing or see all Christian religions/spirituality as Satanists which of course wouldn’t be correct but the social structure itself.

I have recently been conducting myself in discussion on a spiritual site with others who are mostly into this new age spirituality, I found out that most of them believe that there is positives in all negatives events. I asked what is so positives of someone being molested/abused & suffer all their lives because the molestation & abuse or commit suicide from the effects.

I got no direct answer, it would seem by the replies that it’s OK to commit heinous crimes onto others because it’s justified through “that in all things negatives there is positives”, I do myself to a certain extent agree with this ideological thinking as one should find positives in negative occurrences but not in all. This sort of ideology just gives one open slather to do as they will because it can be justified in some distorted way, this is what westerners are doing to easterners now & have done for some time.

The scariest part was they consciously could not believe that they were endorsing such behaviour through this new age ideology but it does if not through the conscious certainly through the subconscious. Ask yourself what have we been doing to the easterners especially over in the Middle East for many years now? We have been justifying what we have been doing in one way or another, it’s the something with this new age ideology, as long as we can psychologically justify our past & present actions in some way it’s OK. Abuse of any sort should never be accepted or justified in anyway especially through so called spirituality aware new age people.

I find this new age spirituality threatening to the whole structure of social behaviour & is based on screwed up eastern belief’s & philosophy, occultism & the best of all western ideological psychological manipulation. I could be wrong but to me at this point in my life it doesn’t seem so. Don’t get me wrong I detest any sort of fundamentalism or radical ideology but I think I do, as a westerner, understand the eastern plight & I’m not the only one.

One of the main reasons we westerners have taken on & distorted eastern ideologies is to suit our own idealisms mainly for material gain; the other reason is to make it do what we want it to do not what it was intended to do. If you looked at yoga for starters you will find in some cases it has been distorted to suite our own western idealisms which are mostly based on material gain, if it’s not based on material gain it’s to gain in some other way through spiritual manipulation & this is where this psychological manipulative justification comes into it.

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It all comes down to our intentions in what we do with knowledge that should never be manipulated to suite our own idealisms especially in the west, we have distorted the known truth to make up a delusional realities like materialism which is based on consumerism, obviously the next delusional reality we westerners are concocting is based on positive thinking by ignoring all negative events & actions & to see them all in a positive way no matter how destructively negative they have been. We westerners must be awfully mad or stupid or something!!!

To finish off here is an extract & a link to where this extract came from:


There is an anxiety, as you can see, right here in the heart of American positive thinking. If the generic “positive thought” is correct and things are really getting better, if the arc of the universe tends toward happiness and abundance, then why bother with the mental effort of positive thinking? Obviously, because we do not fully believe that things will get better on their own. The practice of positive thinking is an effort to pump up this belief in the face of much contradictory evidence. Those who set themselves up as instructors in the discipline of positive thinking— coaches, preachers, and gurus of various sorts—have described this effort with terms like “self-hypnosis,” “mind control,” and “thought control.” In other words, it requires deliberate self-deception, including a constant effort to repress or block out unpleasant possibilities and “negative” thoughts. The truly self-confident, or those who have in some way made their peace with the world and their destiny within it, do not need to expend effort censoring or otherwise controlling their thoughts. Positive thinking may be a quintessentially American activity, associated in our minds with both individual and national success, but it is driven by a terrible insecurity.



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