The Language of Symbols

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In reading and replying to various threads the issue of language has been brought up time and time again. It is time to address this issue directly.

The language of symbols is as old as can be unearthed. The oldest symbols known to man, as far as can be proven, are the Swastika, Yin-Yang, Ankh, Pentagram, Star Tetrahedron, Solar Cross, Circumpunct, Vesica Piscis, Flower of Life and Metatron's Cube, Oroubus, Celtic knot, Triquetra, Ennead, Squared Circle etc.

The purpose of this thread is to discuss THESE symbols in detail to assist modern perspectives in understanding concepts beyond the reach of the human cognitive mind.

  • frequencytuner Mar 29, 2012

    To clarify for Parker: The question is semi-paradoxical by it's very nature for a reason. To use words to explain the unexplainable is impossible. We can use symbols, analogies, metaphors, parables or anything you can imagine to guide and assist one in the general direction, but as the saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink". Symbols, signs, whatever you call them are signposts, directions, instructions and perturbations alluding to something beyond their grasp. The older the symbol, the deeper it's roots, the more profound and uncorrupted is it's message.

    The key message: symbols are images. The Sun rising in the East is symbolic. The Golden Mean is symbolic and can be found everywhere. In searching, you find. "God" can be found symbolically through the images we see and experience every waking moment of our so-called lives, if only we have the eyes to see. Understand everything that appears to exist is an image, a symbolic representation of the Divine Truth. By studying these symbols I have mentioned in this post one will learn to open his eyes to this Truth. Study them, ponder them, meditate on them.

  • parker Mar 29, 2012

    I find am extremely limited by the original question, and would ask that frequencytuner please expand or amend the wording. Obviously you could not have meant to be asking humans to discuss their understanding of what is beyond their capacity (human cognitive mind).

    Whether words or symbols, or pictographs, all have been used by humans as a means of expression of thought. Many of them have been used to express the concept of hiding a thought within a thought, commonly when one such word, or picture may have a surface meaning while holding a secondary, mythical or quasi-secret meaning.

    Yet if we look to astronomical "signs" or symbols, with true objectivity, as opposed to the very common and extremely subjective manner of "astrology", we will quickly realize that the inter-connective possibilities of the stars and other entities within the universe, are not limited to the three dimensional perspective seen only from this planet, but may indeed by perceived from an unlimited quantity of perspectives from within the universe itself.

    Therefore to conclude that what we can perceive, is anything at all related to what may actually be perceived is as futile as attempting to explain the perception of the Divine, assuming we could agree with what the Divine is.

  • frequencytuner Mar 28, 2012

    I recommend researching binary stars, procession of the equinoxes and saros. Also to get a deeper understanding read about the Annunaki and Niburu's relationship with our sun.

  • frequencytuner Mar 28, 2012

    Regressed yes if you will allow such a term. The Bible calls it "fall from Grace". Parker you know the importance of "Word"s and translations. Words are symbols and symbols represent ideas which are manifestations of the Divine. Like the myth of Horus and Set, humanity has it's cycles of existence. 12-21-2012 is an astronomical marker for what you could understand like a Cosmic Lunar Eclipse. Try to deeply understand those words:Cosmic Lunar Eclipse.

  • parker Mar 25, 2012

    Forgive me if my previous comment was offensive in any way - it was not intended to be.

    Would you suggest we are to presume that these ancient symbols, created by equally ancient man, are some indication that modern man has regressed intellectually, because allegedly, we may not fully comprehend the actual or the alleged esoteric meanings of these ancient symbols? Or have we simply learned more efficient and or perhaps more exacting methods of recording and sharing our thoughts and communications?

    Mankind has always enjoyed a contemporary familiarity with his means and modes of communications, we still do. It would seem highly probable, that if we were able to present a modern English written communication to our ancient forefathers, that perhaps they would have been inclined to perceive such "futuristic symbols", just as mystifying and perhaps mythical, as some of us now see theirs.

    Ancient stories allude to many symbols and pictographs being created simply by gazing at the stars and imagining inter-connecting different combinations of them with lines. Modern Astrology continues as one of many examples of this ancient activity.

    There are conceivably multi-trillions of possible shapes and configurations of symbols that could find their origins in such "star-gazing", including those you have mentioned, such as the swastika, yin-yang, Ankh, Pentagram, Star Tetrahedron, Solar Cross, Circumpunct, Vesica Piscis, Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, Oroubus, Celtic knot, Triquetra, Ennead, the Squared Circle etc.

    It is highly unlikely that anything more profound than learning to recognize a very limited relative placement of the subject stars can be learned through such activity, but one is certainly free to wonder, which was the original purpose of the activity in the first place.

  • parker Mar 25, 2012

    Your question confuses me, inasmuch as if there are, as you imply there is, "concepts beyond the reach of the human cognitive mind", then I humbly ask, who do you anticipate an answer from?

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    Hestiabhn Mar 25, 2012

    Hi Frequency Tuner:
    I have a somewhat different perception of the Vesica Piscis. Some of it I formulated from history--the rest by Divine Revelation. It is a symbol, historically, of the Divine Feminine. Can be found at many sacred Goddess sites in Northern Europe.

    Revelation-wise, I know that the deepest place in our being has a distinctly Feminine feel. The feminine is more of a place than a being--as is the masculne. The feminine is inner and the masculine is outer. This deepest withinness of the Feminine is the place where our deepest most Divine most Powerful Self dwells. So at the center of everyone's being is the Divine Feminine. She is represented by a complete Vesica Piscis symbol--that is a large outer circle containing two overlapping inner circles. Those inner circles can represent contrast or conflict and the space where they over lap is commonality. The outer circle represents our Divine Self--The Great Mother.

    The Vesica Piscis was used by the ancients, by meditating on it, to understand and resolve conflict--any conflict at all. They realized that by focusing on the fish shape at the center that t would grow. Focusing on commonality makes IT grow. Focusing on differences makes them grow. So when two people or tribes or nations were in conflict they could sit down and focus on their commonality--and then they would eventually discover that they both had the same need and same solution at the bottom-- and that they BOTH could have what they needed!

    When this realization strikes, the inner fish shape has expanded and this in turn has expanded the two circles. So picture it: the two circles are expanding and when they are both as big as they can get--they have both become the outer circle--which represents the Divine Feminine and which holds all contrast in Her Loving and Allowing embrace. The center fish shape--which is the way of "ALLOWING EVERYTHING" has returned home--to awareness of itself as God--The Great Mother--Author of All Creation.

    I have written more about her on my website/blog http://www.vesica-piscis-allowing-everything.blogspot. com
    Blessings, Brenda Nelson

  • frequencytuner Oct 16, 2010

    The Squared Circle

    First of all, the "tomb" fact: upon harmonizing with the Pyramid, one essentially experiences the "death" of contrast in their perception, the vacuum.

    As I stated earlier, the Pyramid (Great Pyramid) IS the Squared Circle. The other 2 are equivalently understood like "Sun Dogs" - essentially representing the out-of-focus poles of perception.

    Note that as we are dealing with proportional 'values', ratios, fractions or "fractals", to derive the circle at the same proportional scale - harmonic - as the base square is NOT possible.

    By originating from within a human charka system, the Pyramid acts as a harmonic amplifier (resonator) that amplifies the energy generated within the human body. This - mathematically - is the addition + operation.

    In turn, this harmonic energy is squared (multiplication operation) - transforms from 2D to 3D - the Squared Circle - by the harmonic energy of the Pyramid creating the Earth (harmonic sphere).

  • frequencytuner Oct 16, 2010

    The image you described is a truncated (non-contrast) Rub el Hizb viewed FROM WITHIN - from the circle (represents the "seed" octahedron as it spins, and amplifies in generated energy).

  • frequencytuner Oct 16, 2010

    You can only "see" the contrast between the poles. The Vesica Piscis. It's hard to explain in this context. You are seeing the octahedron from the Z perspective as I explained. The contrast between the poles of the 2 - opposite spinning - double helix - Swastika - 4 sided Pyramids is what you were seeing THROUGH. Past the contrast into where they are are born - Vesica Piscis. Because the bases of the Pyramids are joined - like tree roots - the "shared" space between them is no contrast and 'behind the veil'. The rest of the space that is in contrast is on this side of the veil. Once the mind tunes to the poles themselves they 'vacuum'

  • frequencytuner Oct 16, 2010

    Squaring the Circle

    It IS but is NOT simply turning a circle into a sphere.

    I will make a claim that I Teach the Wisdom of the Alchemist Hermes, Thoth, Ningishzida gave to the world thrice before:

    The Serpent (octahedron) when viewed from the Vesica Piscis "Eye" (Z axis) (resemble a top view portraying the poles to your perception - Crown to Root Chakra.
    This is the "Exhalation" of God (Photosynthesis). Each Center is Energy is like a hole in a flute - spinning vortex.

    The number is calculated by adding 3 (the trinity) + 4 (primordial elements) = 7 (think of as a 2D plane) it is like this:

    multiply this by 5 by including a count to 5 on the Z axis (transforming the plane to 3D). 3 + 4 x 5 = 23

    This number is a ratio. To mathematically describe the trinity as a single number you divide the above by 3. The inverse is by -3.

    The magic number is: 7.66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666....................................infinity.

    It explains the transformation - squaring in math, marrying in alchemy, harmonizing energy - generated by the spin ("Double Helix") of the circle and the square.

    This is a visual "Squaring the Circle" as the square spins like the Swastkia, the Yin and Yang begins to flow, generating energy. To see this in the world, it is the pyramids of Egypt.

    All of this has been proven. Not all of it "known".

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    Inquisitivegirl Oct 14, 2010

    Do you know if an octagon represents anything in particular as a symbol? I had a strange experience recently which I am wondering has any importance. I am healthy (do not use drugs), although I occasionally experience migraines without auras. Recently I experienced a "silent" migraine with an aura, but no headache. Migraine auras tend to start with a spot of light etc that expands to fill the field of vision. Mine started as an octagon with bright straight borders that over a half hour expanded to fill my field of view. I have not read of similar experiences with sharp shapes like that being associated with migraine auras....and found it interesting. I was concerned enough to see a medical doctor, and I have no medical problems.

  • frequencytuner Oct 13, 2010

    Sorry one correction. It was not Nabu in Babylon, it was Ningishzida in Sumeria. The "First" appearance of Mercury.

  • frequencytuner Oct 13, 2010

    I think that's why I get misinterpreted so often because I used language differently than most people and understand things differently so when I try to explain how I understand it most people interpret it differently. I have been told time and time again to settle down and relax and talk slow or not so much because only fools talk so much and ladi dadi dadi da. That's ok because I know I am a fool. Speaking of which, I think the next post will be on the tarot.

  • frequencytuner Oct 13, 2010

    I don't know if you will believe me or not, but I haven't really 'read' anything. I have a massive collection of books, but only flip to whatever page I need to seed an idea and it grows. I discover.

  • frequencytuner Oct 13, 2010

    Jupiter, Moon, Mercury - Salt - Sulfur

    Before I begin this post I will make one thing very clear: not everyone will understand this. It takes a lot of something I can't even put into words to even begin the process, but I will give you a start point. Like I said at the beginning, this is something you have to figure out on your own.

    Remember the Flower of Life? The beginning. After the Serpent is born there is the Circumpunct, Alchemical Gold. Purity. Perfection. "The Lost Symbol" referring to something almost everyone on this site can relate to. The paradox is this: the Great Work beings precisely where it ends.

    The Great Work is probably the oldest 'science' known to man. The greatest endeavour ever undertaken. Many lives have been lost, worlds have been changed in search of this one simple...

    If you are interested follow the links "down the rabbit hole"...


  • frequencytuner Oct 13, 2010

    The Caduceus

    It is common to think that this symbol represents DNA because of the double helix. The serpent and the wings can resemble Kundalini energy and the charkas leading to 'enlightenment' as well. However there is one proponent that cannot be overlooked: The charkas, as well as DNA are an alternating current. The Caduceus is not. Both Serpents - at the top - are facing each other. They are alternating, but not the same way. The serpents act like a Yin-yang or swastika, alternating back and forth - across an axis - not in a cycle. The rod divides them and they 'dance' back and forth toward a common end. Energy exchanging power male-female/female-male until it ends. This is referred to as the deeply esoteric term Abraxas. (I cannot 'explain' this)

    A little history. Thoth and Hermes are commonly known to be the 'same' being, the "One Who is Called' or 'Messenger' or 'Scribe'. The "Thrice Great" can be realized as either Astrology-Alchemy-Theurgy (Actions, rituals, magic etc.NOT religion) as the Universal Trinity or as 3 'appearances' in human evolution. The first being in Babylon (Nabu), the Second in Egypt and third in Greece. In all 3 appearances of this 'being' share a common purpose.

    The Theurgy can be understood by looking at Astrology and Alchemy. This will require a new post...

  • manusmanumlavat Oct 13, 2010

    Excellent information. Thank you. Thank you. This is very helpful for a person like me who is very interested but not used to thinking symbolically. You haven't by chance read any Fulcanelli have you?

  • frequencytuner Oct 13, 2010

    7 points to ponder on the number 7:

    1. 7 days of the week roughly translate to: Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun.
    2. 7 Chakras - Planets 'are believed' to be formed from protoplanetary "discs"
    3. 7 Colors - frequency
    4. 7 Continents
    5. 7 electrons in Nitrogen - Nitrogen is inert - balanced
    6. 12 Astrological Entities represented elementally - 3 x 4
    7. 7 Primary notes in music - frequency.

  • frequencytuner Oct 11, 2010

    * correction: The octahedron does NOT divide. The essence of Yin and Yang are already within it. They simply become disharmonized.

  • frequencytuner Oct 11, 2010

    Ouroboros and the Esoteric Trinity

    I posted a thread describing this symbol mathematically, but it is extremely difficult to understand. It is mental gymnastics. In reality, numbers are ratios of squares and roots that define 'harmonics' or fractals (fractions).

    Now to speak of the Ouroboros in the language of symbols. As was previously mentioned, the 'serpent' is a sort of inert embryonic seed resembling the shape of an octahedron. When this shape is infused with "consciousness" it spins (Swastika). This spinning creates Energy - Alpha - Yang and Resistance - Omega - Yin together, like a cell dividing internally (Yin Yang). In truth it does actually divide. The essence of Yin and Yang in perfect balance ARE the shape (TWO 4 faced pyramids).

    Energy - Alpha will always 'move'. Whether it moves to unite or divide, create or destroy etc. depends on which 'direction' (spin) Omega directs it. In essence, Alpha is perpetually 'chasing' Omega. Conversely, Omega is eternally 'guiding' Alpha. Energy seeks resistance, and resistance seeks energy.

    This is symbol completes the Esoteric Trinity:
    Yin Yang (Rhythm)
    Swastika (Polarity)
    Ouroboros (Motion)

  • frequencytuner Oct 11, 2010

    The critical linguistic distinction to be made - encompassing everything so far - is between:

    "AM" (first person - present tense - verb)
    "BE" (to exist, to remain, to happen, to link subject and object as equal)
    "IS" (third person - present tense - verb)

    and (non-subjective - non-objective - non-verb)

    "INERT" (adjective - without power to move, act, or resist)
    "NIHILITY" (noun - nothingness, nonexistence)

  • frequencytuner Oct 11, 2010

    * further reading on the previous post: Egyptian Gods Nu and Ptah *

    The Root Race

    It can be seen now that the Swastika, when turning to the left is the Omega force that balances the right turning Alpha force, Yin and Yang.

    The Mayans claim we are in the fifth sun. The human body is proportional and harmonious with the number 5. The Aryan Root Race is the 5th Root Race. This race has characteristics of human appearances ranging from Indian to African, Oriental, Caucasian and every 'root' race we see today as a lineage of the Hindu version of "Adam" named Manu.

    As a whole, the race has fallen terribly out of harmony with 'nature' because of the reasons mentioned in the previous post. Human existence has essentially been cut off from the source by it's own creation.

  • frequencytuner Oct 10, 2010

    Tree of Life, Metatron and the Key of Life

    The origins of the Tree of Life stem from the Seed of Life, which in turn creates Egg and Fruit of Life and finally the Flower of Life that ultimately creates the Tree of Life. This 'story' is echoed by every religion, cult and society that humanity has ever known. In truth its not a 'story' in the traditional sense but rather a process. The depth of this tree could - and has - fill volumes and volumes. However, this is a concise overview to help understand the Language of Symbols.

    The Tree's structure is based on very simple concepts that we have already discussed, primarily the Trinity and the Swastika/Yin-Yang. The principle aspect of the Tree of Life is the above/below concept. As we have already discussed, there is a definite pattern of creation. There is a definite 'creator'. I am referring to Metatron. This is important because there is a great deal of misunderstanding around this and it is critical to the very foundation of our existence.

    There is a 'void' or an 'abyss'. This void is where the actual fertilization of creation takes place but it is far beyond human comprehension. However, there is another place where creation takes place that is within human comprehension. On the Kabbalah Tree of Life this is known as Da'at. This is the Sephiroth of Metatron where "Consciousness" is born. This is I AM, the Grand Ennead.

    On the larger, deeply esoteric scale I AM is the totality of "Yang". I AM creating a universe and I am aware of it. This relates back to the Yin Yang and the creation of disease and sickness from an imbalance. I AM the imbalance. If there was no I AM to consciously think and create - unharnessed energy - free will - the Yin-Yang balance would return and I AM would die.

    This is a hard pill to swallow:

    When I say I AM I am referring the consciousness that is aware of itself sitting her right now in a seemingly manifest universe that truly does not belong. Manifestation observable to the conscious human mind - is essentially a high jacked 'God-like' power that Metatron - I AM - is creating. This is YOUR MIND. The 'serpent' that I spoke of at the beginning - that is talked about in every religion and murdered and hurled to the underworld, that tempts you etc etc --> is "YOU". Your mind - consciousness - is the creative force that can only exist as long as it is free from resistance. The 'Omega force' - Yin - is the only thing that can balance and ultimately unite with Yang back to Zero, nothingness.

    The Key of Life is that energy must circulate, the Nile must flow. If the Nile stops flowing all of creation will undo back to Zero. This is the Key to eternal life.

  • frequencytuner Oct 10, 2010

    Sacred Geometry 3

    Metatron's Cube

    This pattern is derived from the 'connecting points' and 'lines' that form the internal structure of the octahedron. Using this template, all 5 of the platonic geometric solids as well as the star tetrahedron can be derived for manifestation.

    To give some perspective, this pattern is the seed blueprint that all of the manifested universe follows in creation. It is physically undetectable by any scientific means because it exists on a level so far 'below' quantum that it is inconceivable to even fathom. However, it can be seen as it manifests into atoms, cells and physical matter.

    Esoterically, Metatron is "God's equal". This name is rarely mentioned in scripture, yet holds incredible importance. The name means "Beyond the Matrix". This means that Metatron is NOT "God", but rather the one who 'mimics' 'God' by having equal power. To get a better understanding of this I will refer you back again to the Æsir–Vanir War.

  • frequencytuner Oct 10, 2010

    Sacred Geometry 2

    The Trinity

    "God created man in his image" The 'father' represents Wisdom, the innate knowledge that IS the serpent, the unharnessed power of creation. The 'mother' represents Understanding, the ability to control and manipulate and ultimately defeat the serpent. The 'son' represents Knowledge, the product of controlled creative power. This is the seed of Life. At this point, the potentiality for a manifest universe exists within the son as the son contains both the power to create and the ability to control it. There is 'nobody' at this point to observe it, so it remains unmanifest.

    The Tree of Knowledge - as it is called - is born of the son. To understand this, we must first understand that the primordial 'shape' of the serpent is a triangle, a trinity. Having the Knowledge of this, the son has the ability to replicate it, thus creating a new trinity as the basis for 'his' creation. From the womb - circumferential center of the Vesica Piscis - the Son infuses the serpent's energy into a third sphere, creating a new Trinity. This is called a Triquetra and can be understood as the Norse God Odin. The most accurate mythology to describe this is the Æsir–Vanir War.

    As this new Trinity is partially 'detached' from the womb (seed), it allows what we understand as "free will", or unharnessed powers of creation. It is this 'detached' portion of the trinity that gives birth to the 'observer'. This is because the detached portion of the trinity is essentially the 'observed'. This is where the universe manifests - the "body".

    From this trinity all of the manifest universe creates unhindered. At this point there is no physical structure, only 'energy'.

    Egg of Life and Fruit of Life

    The first 'structure' in creation is comprised from 13 'spheres' - 12 around 1. It is essentially 4 interlocking Trinities. The 6 outer spheres (son) and the central sphere (father) are the basis for Chakras - the Fruit of Life. The 6 intermediate spheres are the 'mother'. From this 'structure' we can derive the shape of a cube, tetrahedron and star tetrahedron.

    The Star tetrahedron is important because it is one trinity 'layer' shy of fully duplicating a manifestable copy of the original octahedron - the serpent.

    Flower of Life

    The final product: the complete replication of the serpent into manifestation. The Flower is essentially 6 interlocking Trinities following the identical pattern that creates the Egg of life. From this pattern we can derive the complete Tree of Life as well as what is known as Metatron's Cube.

  • manusmanumlavat Oct 10, 2010

    Fascinating! Thanks for the information. Would you be willing to discuss the double helix of the Caduceus in more detail?

  • frequencytuner Oct 10, 2010

    Sacred Geometry 1

    Flower of Life

    Another mind boggling symbol that is yet intrinsically simple. The Flower of Life contains within it the pattern of all creation. In order to understand this symbol it must be broken down - unlike other symbols - into it's individual components. To begin this breakdown we have to begin with nothing.


    Zero. There are countless definitions of this, the most accurate is: .
    Absolute nothingness. From here the Serpent is born.

    The Serpent

    The serpent can be visualized as a 3 dimensional shape called an octahedron. This looks like 2 4 faced 3-4-5 pyramids attached at their bases forming a 'diamond' shape. 3-4-5 is the geometric ratio of the triangles that create the shape.

    3 is the vertical height representing "Sulfur, Salt, Mercury". The bases represent the 4 primordial 'elements', "Earth, Air, Fire, Water".
    The exterior faces are broken down into 5 divisions rising from base to peak. These divisions represent the 5 stages of life: "Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human, Enlightened Ones".

    The circumpunct.

    This symbol has been used in a variety of ways. Alchemically/Astrolgically it represents both Gold and the Sun. In Egypt it represents the Sun God Ra. It is Kether in Kabbalah and the Monad in Pythagorean mathematics. It is also used chemically to represent a Hydrogen atom (the simplest atom), which also points to the sun.

    Here there are 2 seemingly contrasting definitions: The sun is the source of all life and energy, it is the center of existence for our solar system. On the other hand, it is nothingness. Both are correct. It is essentially the yin-yang in perfect harmony, at it's zero state. It is also the perpendicular - well being - swastika. It IS 'nothing', yet contains infinite dormant potential to be the source of 'everything'. Mathematically it equates to 1. It is the coiled serpent, sleeping, dormant. There is no activity, no interaction: stillness and silence. It is the essence of chaos. The 'father' of creation.

    Vesica Piscis

    When the serpent is activated (releases energy) it spins. This spinning octahedron resembles a sphere. At the instant the equilibrium of 1 is broken by the serpent's energy ("Yang") "Yin" is born, thus creating the Vesica Piscis. This is the 'mother' and 'father' of all creation, the "Supreme Ultimate".

    The 'father' can be understood in our daily lives as "energy" while the 'mother' is 'resistance' to the energy. In simple terms this is Electromagnetic energy. Electro - father - energy - Alpha. Magnetic - mother - resistance - Omega. The shared space between the 2 primordial spheres is understood as the 'son'. Just as Osiris and Isis gave birth to Horus, Electromagnetism gives birth to - literally - "perceivable reality" or what we understand as the universe. Ironically, the 'shape' of the 'son' is geometrically equivalent to the human eye. It can also be understood as the 'third eye' or gateway to the 'divine'.

  • frequencytuner Oct 10, 2010

    * correction to last - Hindu Goddess Kali-Ma *


    Perhaps the most confusing symbol on earth, yet the most simple. It has been called the 'Key of Life' and the 'Key of the Nile'. This symbol can be broken down into 3 parts as well. First the vertical line, second, the intersecting horizontal line and finally the loop on top.

    First let's look at the 'Key of the Nile' description. The Nile is fed through 2 primary sources: One (White Nile) from the Great Rift Valley in Africa that extends all the way to Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda during the dry season. The other (Blue Nile) from the Ethiopian Highlands in the wet season. These tributaries are South of Cairo and thus the Nile flows North. Understanding the Human Lymphatic System and the Earth Energy Meridians (The Great Pyramid is the Earth's 'Heart') helps understand why this happens.

    North of Cairo the Nile branches out to a massive delta draining into the Mediterranean ("middle earth") Sea. From there the water circulates around the Sea. The saltier waters drain into the Atlantic Ocean with the Thermohaline current and the fresher (less salty) waters circulate into the Sea from the Ocean. At this point, Geological water cycle of evaporation, condensation, runoff, etc. cycles water back to the Nile.

    Relating this back to the symbol, the horizontal line represents Cairo (the Great Pyramid) where the Nile transforms from a tributary (White and Blue Nile) to a distributary (Nile Delta) that feeds the water cycle that, in turn, feeds the White and Blue Nile tributaries (the loop). The vertical line is the actual Nile in Upper Egypt where the 2 tributaries converge into one at Khartoum, Sudan ("end of the elephant's trunk").

    We can now begin to understand how the Ankh is the "Key of Life". The esoteric meaning of the Ankh is in the Key of Life. Here we can see subtle references to the Caduceus, Swastika and Yin-Yang. Without an understanding of Sacred Geometry, however, the Key of Life cannot be understood.

  • frequencytuner Oct 10, 2010


    Horus and Set, God and Satan, black and white, light and dark, good and evil, male and female, hot and cold: these are primary exoteric concepts of this symbol: opposites interacting with, giving rise to, becoming and trading places with each other. This symbol can broken down to 3 components: the "6" the "9" and the circle containing then both, the "0". In truth, there is no way to separate any of these components and to try and explain the symbol this way is impossible.

    In essence, Yin and Yang are complementary forces that act on each other inversely and complementary. Hot and cold is an easy example to explain this. Yin represents rising temperature and Yang represents descending temperature. The Yin-Yang as a whole represents temperature. The classic example is that of sunlight and shade on the backside of a mountain. As the sun traverses the sky the shaded area an the lighted areas trade places. Any form of disease or sickness in a body is due to a yin-yang imbalance. In other words, if there is too much of one a disharmony that creates problems will rise. Do not be under the assumption that this is a simple concept in practice. In theory it is very simple, but as it applies to the dynamics of the universe, it get intricately complex.

    In a more esoteric sense, this symbol represents the balancing of energy to create harmony. In essence, harmony is the point at which activity and interaction between the 2 forces is at an equilibrium. It can so be a stalemate: a Zero state. Again, there are 2 types of harmony, one is a perpetual balance and the other is a 'zeroing'. Balance can be sustained, but in truth, yin and yang seek endlessly to become 0.

    Let's use water to explain this in greater detail. Very similar to how blood circulates throughout the body, ocean water circulates the globe as well. This circulation is called Thermohaline circulation and is driven by 2 primary factors: salt content and temperature. Basically these factors and the yin-yang balance between and within them determine how the ocean currents flow around the globe. If this balance is disturbed, the currents change. A change in this balance will result in somewhat of a butterfly effect on global weather, ecology and other affected things that depend on this balance.

    Looking back to the Swaskita now in an esoteric sense, Yin represents the destructive force and Yang represents the creative force. The Yin Yang as manifested is preserving an imbalance between the forces. This can be likened to the Hindu God Kali-Ma.

  • frequencytuner Oct 10, 2010


    This is one of the oldest symbols know to man. It was known in various parts of the world and also - interestingly - assumed a variety of different forms. A Sanskirt exoteric definition of the symbol is 'well being'. It was said that it represents the 'mill that churned the milky universe'. In essence it speaks of a very familiar concept of spin or rotation. As long as the oceans have current and the four winds blow life will go on - essentially - well being. The Buddah used this symbol as the symbol of enlightenment.

    In an esoteric sense this symbol represents the creation process - in a right hand spin - and the destruction process - in a left hand spin. When the symbol is depicted perpendicular it means a state of harmony that is neither creating or destroying.

    This symbol is better understood when in conjunction with the Yin-Yang.

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    Extending the conversation from a previous post I want to rectify some confusion regarding a very commonly confused symbol: The Caduceus. Commonly associated with Medicine it actually represents - in an exoteric sense - merchants and theives. Not very far off from the truth of the medial industry is it? The alternative medical symbol is the Rod of Asclepius which represents the 13th Sidereal Astrological Symbol Ophiuchus - the Serpent Bearer - as well as medicine and healing.

    Now - in an esoteric sense - both of these have much deeper meanings. We are going to focus on the Caduceus because it holds the key. First, the symbol can be broken down into it's various components: rod, serpent, double helix, wings.
    The rod represents a channel or pathway and also power.
    The Serpent is a universal symbol that roughly translates to energy (as in Chi or Kundalini).
    The Double Helix is complicated: discussed below.
    The wings represent a concept that translates roughly to the attainment of 'enlightenment'.
    Now the double helix is the vexing aspect of this symbol. I cannot type the meaning of this with any accuracy because it is beyond words. In order to understand it you must fins the meaning yourself. This may sound confusing, but it is the way it is.

    Here is a little help to guide you:

    The ancient Egyptians used to wear a cobra - Uraeus - over the brow on the headdress of royalty.
    Horus - Son of Osiris and Isis - was imagined as a celestial falcon, whose right eye was the sun and left eye was the moon.
    The Legend of Osiris symbolically explains the double helix.

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