Living the ego to being the ego

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Living the ego to being the ego: What if I told you that spiritual guru’s especially self-confessed gurus are not just living the ego but are being the ego, what is the difference between someone who tries all their lives to better themselves through spiritualism or materials or power etc.? For one to have a wanting to better oneself in anyway is of the ego or to have an urge or a desire to improve oneself in anyway is of the ego & spiritualism is no different & if you think it is your actually kidding yourself.

Now the argument here is going to be that the spiritual guru, in some circumstances, helps others in giving advice in different facets of life but in saying this a multinational helps by building up companies & employing people so they don’t starve to death. They are both helping themselves to help others but of course the argument here is going to be that spiritual gurus are more in tune with spiritual advice. The thing is I would rather have a plate of food & a roof over my head than a plate of advice & being out in the weather especially if I had a family to look after.

For one to live a life chasing betterment or even empowerment is of being the ego & even running away or not accepting the ego is also egotistical or of being the ego but living the ego is acceptance of the ego & all of life for what it is & that is nearly impossible for the average humans to accept. The average Joe-blow is in my mind more spiritual than any of the one’s that keep chasing betterment one way or the other.

In a non-egotistical acceptance state one must also be accepting of oneself & their environment even when with egotism & egotistical people, one can be accepting of these things without actually being egotistic by accepting life for what it is instead of trying to make it out to be something it’s not & more importantly you’re not. How many people would accept being an actual cave man again in prehistoric times? Very few people in western societies because of the ego of not being comfortable & safe but in saying this there are a lot of people in this predicament today in the east.

It all comes down to if one wants to be truly spiritual in accepting & living the ego or spiritually egotistical in actually being the ego, living the ego & being the ego is accepted to a true spiritualist but to an egotistical spiritualist everyone else is of the ego which is highly unaccepting.

In saying all this it doesn’t matter if one wants to be egotistical as it’s all a apart of who you are but the real problem stems from not accepting who you truly are & wanting to be better than who you truly are which just leads to more being the ego instead of just living the ego.

The funny thing with me personally is I have always run away from who I truly am by not accepting my spiritual gifts & turning away from these gifts earlier on in my life as I thought that wasn’t me but it was, so non-acceptance of oneself can go both ways!! If I continued with developing these gifts I wouldn’t be where I am now but what I would have done is end up being the ego instead of just living the ego, I can now see I would be accepting of either being or just living the ego, it took all my life to wake up to that because it really doesn’t matter.


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    dustproduction Dec 13, 2012

    Where is the "ego?"
    " From birth, the primitive regions of our brains are deeply affected by our social and emotional experiences, while our more sophisticated brains still haven't "come online." As a result, a great deal of important learning takes place while our primitive brains are in control. For most of us, these learned reactions and feelings remain forever inaccessible to conscious memory or modification. We mature into self-awareness years later, having been programmed by early experience with assumptions that we accept as truth."
    Louis Cozolino

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