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How Ghosts may produce physical effects?

Posted Oct. 5, 2012 by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera in Open

commented on Oct. 6, 2012
by telephoenician



When a discarnate entity wills to move something the exterior substance in his subtle-astral realm responds and under favorable circumstances may initiate the greater symmetry or combination of ordinary expressly entropic (hidden negentropic) and reciprocal expressly negentropic (hidden entropic) physical "spaces." The second kind of space may be suggested to exist by relativistic formulations of the Schrodinger wave function. The interaction should not violate energy conservation but only make use of a means to trasfer active-kinetic patterns to passive-potential patterns and vice-versa. The ghost will acquire an active astral substance energy-information pattern capable of interacting with physical energy-information patterns from a transduction process. In regular physical space there's an increase in the potential information-energy states in the (which takes place when the air and other molecules become less agitated and cool or diminish in kinetic activity). In the case of a batteries' charge (sometimes temporarily) disappearing, their energy states may also enter a less actively available pattern from which it may or may not recuperate later.

When these more potentially available "exterior" physical patterns are transduced by the negentropic “etheric” aspect of the reciprocal space (which can also be understood as a Time-prevalent, vibratory 'space' as Dr. William Tiller and Dr. Dewey Larson would probably coincide) into a useful state of subtle-astral substance, the ghost may return the original states to normalcy by creating a physical effect and “discharging” the pattern momentarily withheld in his subtle-astral substance. Patterns are just returned to normal in this interaction. The interaction is based upon constitutional, organizational differences so that the exteriors between realms can interact because of it. It is an interaction between potential and actual states and also betwen potential and kinetic states whioch behave differentially between realms which themselves are differently constituted by obeying different metaphysical constituting priorities. In other words, metaphysical priorities are important to physics.

This pattern derived from the Physical Realm and now as part of the Subtle-astral Realm could also be thought of as a "holographic decoder." If the discarnate entity doesn’t release the transduced energy pattern by -for instance- intentionally moving something, becoming opaque to light, or perhaps generating an audible sound or a EVP recording, he or she may spontaneoulsly and naturally release the anomalous pattern by generating anomalous local “hot spots” or heat signatures in the “haunted” physical environment. This could be due to the fact that their normal surrounding systems are held by another stable symmetrical relation which ultimately differentiates the Subtle-astral Realm from the Gross Physical Realm. Thus these larger patterns ultimately impose themselves.

When regular physical space and its reciprocal space combine and increase in symmetry (as Dr. Tiller might agree) they cancel out and return to a subtle-astral state of higher symmetry from whence they originate. In that subtle-astral state and realm shared objective exteriors (expected to exist if we take Wilber's Integral Theory seriously) would instantly respond to conscious and unconscious subjective causal input.

  • telephoenician Oct 06, 2012

    Meps, Primate. Bien dicho'.

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    dustproduction Oct 06, 2012

    For the benefit of those of us that are not aliens, what exactly does this mean in plain english

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