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Posted Sept. 24, 2012 by Xuanny23 in Open

commented on Oct. 10, 2012
by Michael John Roberts



I am a great fan of Dan Brown and I'm personally fascinated with the research currently being carried out at the IONS.
However, I've some questions that I hope I can find some answers to.

- The thing Marilyn Schlitz called a "collective consciousness" (of which she gave some egs like the Apollo Project), it seems to me to be a pretty social phenomenon that we are all familiar with - teamwork.
With many people working on a single aim, we can pool together all our resources and work. This is why there are more scientific advances at scientific institutions like CERN, NASA and renowned universities. And when creative minds meet together at the Silicon Valley, new inventions are created. I'm not totally resisting the idea of collective consciousness, but I think we ought to be wary when we tread into such new fields of psychology and when we become more eager to associate everything we used to know to the power of the mind.

- Dan Brown mentioned in his book "The Lost Symbol" that collective focused thought can create transformation. Can anyone enlighten me on whether it's true that our mind can change physical structures of molecules and ions? His works are so much based on real examples that they blur the lines of fact and fiction to a great extent. Rather than quoting the Apollo Project as an example, i think such examples sound more realistic, because we never knew such phenomenon is possible. If so, it explains many miracles as we know - spoon bending tricks and the ability to survive and even recover from terrible and maybe terminal diseases. Who knows, with sufficient training, Jean Gray from X-men may become a reality?

- He also mentioned about the ethics of Katherine's research, and that the power of fire, to create or destroy, lies within its possesser. This new breakthrough is certainly ground-breaking! Yet, if huamn species as a whole think upon bad things, then we will face Apocalypse in the literal sense, and we will have a one-way ticket to doom and destruction.

- I would also like to ask the researchers at IONS this. I'm certainly thrilled about your research! But I'd like to know if there's tangible benefits to it? The President of IONS mentioned about afterlife cosmology and the relation between consciousness and healing. Is there any more that we can gain with our new understanding of how we think etc.?

  • Michael John Roberts Oct 10, 2012

    Dear Xuanny23 and Telephoenician, I would agree with your comments - focused attention or teamwork is how we get things done. Yet we must continually be aware of what we focus on and what we choose to allow into our focus, such as the media. We need to keep a positive focus to create a positive outcome.

  • telephoenician Sep 25, 2012

    Dear Xuanny23. You say you believe intent through focused group attention is something we never knew.

    I say it's something do know innately. Maybe it's something as individuals we've forgot, though we often find people trying to bring other people round to their view (esp: Politcs). There's nothing hocus-pocus about it.

    Many haven't caught on and are simply content to sit back and let the news presenter tell what to think.

    But the fact is, this idea has been around as longs as there've been covens, think tanks, churches, congresses, senates, corporations, etc, etc, etc. All are examples of organised thought. Many of these groups have been and are very good at realising their objectives.

    Dean Radin wrote a whole paper on the idea. John Lennon wrote a song about. You only have to look around to see.

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