What would you do if you had the power?

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commented on Jan. 24, 2013
by Jeanine Broderick



Around 1960 the scientific community started to investigate the human mind. Their hypothesis was that mind could influence hazard. Many years later, the RNG (random numbers generators) experiment proved this hypothesis on September 11th 2001. Noetic Institute published the result of this investigation. (http://noetic.org/library/publication-scholarly-papers/exploring-relationships-between-random-physical-ev/)

We now have proof that he human mind can affect the outcome of hazard. On September 11th, around the globe, people were astonished by the events, they felt totally lost. Many people were filled with empathy, but some others were filled with joy and a sense of victory. Emotions are creative of real events.

This Noetic report also showed that, prior to the event, some hours or days before the event, the RNG showed the same deviance from normal results. It is logical to assume that the deviances were not done by a lot of people like on September 11th. Certain people have paranormal powers and dream the future. They have premonitions, visions and see things normal people don’t see. They are called mediums, shaman having lucid dreams. Some of these people, prior to September 11th 2001, could see the future coming. Some animals are knows by geologist to have the ability to predict earthquakes.

The philosophical question I would like to ask to this community is divided in three parts.
• What would the scientific community do, if they could identify those of us who can have visions of the future?
• What would the “owners” of the world do, if they had the power to change what happened on September 11th?
• What would you do, if you could meet John F. Kennedy when he was 16 years old or meet today the next Adolf Hitler of the future?

E.W. Aweel

  • Jeanine Broderick Jan 24, 2013

    @ Lawrence re: #3
    Your emotional guidance system will answer those questions.
    As to the original questions
    #1 - Nothing - at least not the vast majority of them. They would not touch it with a 10 foot pole because they are too worried about their own careers/tenure/research funding/reputation to delve into such areas. There may be exceptions. I would also say that the future is composed of possibilities not absolutes.
    #2 - We all own our own worlds - we all create a unique reality although we have agreed on many things and there is a mass consciousness. You'll notice that some people were not in the towers on 9/11 -- just like some people are not on planes that crash -- for unusual reasons. I do not believe in "owners" of the world per se other than we each own the reality we create. I had a friend in the tower who transitioned to non-physical and worked with two men who were there for five years who made it home. They were definitely better husbands and fathers than they would have been without that experience (better boss, too) -by their own admission.
    #3 - JFK - I don't know. His death is my earliest memory as it occurred on a day that was supposed to be fun and for which I was primed to expect a great day and which I thought I had been horribly bad because the adults were sitting around crying instead of the fun I was told to expect - it was my 3rd birthday.
    #3 - The next Hitler - well, kind of like my old compliance role when folks did not know how many problems were averted before they arose because of procedures, processes, good service and good thinking no one would know that a future potential for the person was to be a "next" Hitler if I somehow knew that was a possibility because the root cause of Hilter-ish behavior is known to me so I would provide him or her with the knowledge and skills to ensure he or she never reached the low emotional point and disconnection from true nature that results in someone behaving in those ways. In fact, my passion for spreading the knowledge and skills in my program is fueled by the knowledge that everyone empowered with the knowledge and skills to maintain and sustain the inner calm and serenity that comes with it will never be Hilter-ish or commit other atrocities on others.

    ♡ Jeanine

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    dustproduction Nov 03, 2012

    From the Coast to Coast website: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2006/01/23

    "Appearing in the last hour, Dean Radin, a Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, shared evidence for mind/matter interactions such as the work being done with random number generators. There is a move away from randomness on the generators when major events such as 9-11 are taking place, indicating an effect of global consciousness, he reported. Shermer argued that such experimentation is absurd and doesn't serve a useful purpose. Radin explained some psychic phenomena as quantum communication transfers taking place between humans, while Shermer said that the neurons are not functioning at the subatomic level.

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    LawrenceCarson Nov 02, 2012

    I would use the power to gain entry into the living library of the universe and ask the librarians and authors the following questions:

    1 - What are the elegant principles by which this power should be employed.
    2 - Ask one hell of a lot of questions to the librarians and authors of those books such as:
    a - What is the positive purpose of intended ignorance?
    b - What is the positive purpose of innocent ignorance?

    Ignorance in the hands of confidence is a very dangerous child indeed, thus my last question would be …

    3 - How do I discern “Courage to change the thinks I can, from Patience to accept the things I can’t … from the Wisdom to know “and Honor” the difference?”

  • telephoenician Oct 01, 2012

    Tread lightly.

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