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Freedom For Our Children

Posted July 23, 2012 by iamonesoru in Open

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commented on July 25, 2012
by dustproduction



The physical body is not who we are. It is where we are, or more accurately where we are pretending to be. Our physical body is basically an artificial intelligence computer, a biological machine that sprit, the soul, the real you, uses to experience what we call third dimensional “reality”.

Everything that has been physically created is an illusion, part of a very sophisticated program of creation, much like a holographic computer program, kind of like the “holodeck” on the Starship Enterprise in the Star Trek series, created for the purpose of turning knowledge into wisdom through experience.

Since we can define neither the .1% of everything that exists as what we call matter, nor the 99.9% of everything that exists as what we call empty space, then we must admit that we cannot define 100% of that which we are or appear to be.

Does anyone fully realize or understand what this truly means? This means that we truly have no idea who or what we really are, and that everything we have been taught to believe ourselves to be is basically a lie.

We are pretenders who pretend to be what the world has taught us to believe ourselves to be, and none of it is really true. Your “identity” is that of a fictional character, or an actor or actress who has forgotten that he/she is acting, and has become embroiled and basically enslaved within a “play” that has become your “reality”.

The “real” you is the spirit or soul that most of us have not become “aware” of. The reason we have not become aware of our true selves is because of the false identity we have been taught to believe ourselves to be. If you don’t know that another you exists, it may as well not exist as far as you are concerned.

The real you uses your “identity” to experience our so-called “reality” in order to transform knowledge into wisdom. Wisdom is the highest possible synthesis of knowledge and experience.

If you had all available knowledge on, for example say, masonry, would you be able to call yourself a master mason if you had never laid a single brick?

It is the mixing of mortar and the laying of bricks, learning what works and what does not work, and the building of functional and ever more imaginative and ever more magnificent works of architecture that transforms the knowledge of masonry into the mastery of masonry.

Improper mixture of mortar, or the improper laying of bricks is not really “wrong”, it simply does not work to create a functional building, which is what most builders desire to create.

“Right” and “wrong” are simply ethical judgments based on social agreements about what is right and what is wrong. These ethical judgments and the effects that come about because of them are the way we are meant to learn or gain wisdom about what works and what does not work to create whatever it is that we desire.

Ethical judgments about right and wrong, based on social agreements that differ greatly from one social environment to another, do not work to produce peaceful cooperative societies, especially global societies. This must be patently obvious to anyone who has looked around at our world.

Our global societies do not cooperate with, nor even tolerate, those who have different beliefs, and all of our spiritual beliefs are based on socially agreed upon right and wrong rather than what works and does not work for the evolution of our species.

So what is it that we all desire to create? A peaceful world, in which we can all live and share the abundance created by cooperative effort? It must also be patently obvious that this is not the case because we cannot agree on the right or wrong way to cooperate.

Is there a “right” or “wrong” way to cooperate? We have been taught to compete rather than cooperate, but who is it that we are really competing against? We compete, not with, but against ourselves as a species rather than cooperate with ourselves as a species.

How can this “competition” ever work to produce cooperation? How can this “competition” ever produce a functional, healthy, happy world for us all to enjoy equitably?

Every day in our world, hundreds of thousands of people, brothers, sisters, and children of the species we call humanity, die for the lack of food, water, and/or sanitary living conditions. Can we really call ourselves, as a species, humane?

Is it our belief that these brothers and sisters and our children die as a result of “fair” competition? There are people in this world who have more money than they could spend in ten lifetimes, and the state of their fingernails is more important to them than the state of all of our children, the future of our species. Why?

Is it our belief that those who die deserve to do so simply because they don’t possess the drive or desire to compete, or to do the things they need to do in order to deserve to live? Are we really that inhumane or indifferent as a species?

What can cause this state of inhumanity or indifference other than belief? Where did we come by these beliefs but from those who came before us, those who taught us to believe the same things they were taught to believe by those who came before them?

Why do we cling so fiercely to the beliefs we have been taught to believe? Why would we other than fear? Fear of what? Fear of what it might mean if your beliefs are wrong? How about the fear of being wrong, and not being winners in the competition for life?

Why do we believe we must compete inhumanely for our own lives, or the lives of those who look like us and believe like us, rather than cooperate humanely with and for all life? Why?

Quite simply, because this is what we have been taught to believe by those who came before us.

Since we are the ones, here and now, our future, the future of our children, the future of our species, and the future of our world is our responsibility, and will (hopefully) one day become the responsibility of our children, not the responsibility of those who came before us.

Will we continue to teach our children the lies we have been taught? Will we continue to teach our children that we must be competitive in order to deserve to live? Will we continue to teach our children that those who don’t look like us, those who don’t act like us, those who don’t believe as we do, deserve to die?

Will we continue to teach our children that what we want or believe that we need is more important than the needs of others, more important even than the needs of our planet? What happens to us, and our children, if the planet does not survive?

Yes, everything in our world is an illusion made up of the intelligent energy of consciousness, which is life itself, and yes that consciousness is eternal and can never die, but how can we experience our version of reality if we destroy it?

Why don’t we just learn to see the illusion as an illusion, and then use it to create rather than destroy? This is the purpose of the illusion, to create whatever it is that we desire to experience. This is the purpose of the Law of Free Will, the primary law of the illusion.

Religionists will teach you that you have free will, and then tell you that you have to obey what they call Gods laws and if you don’t “obey” you will be tortured and burned forever. What kind of “free will” is that?

If a creator or god is omnipotent or all-powerful then going against His will is not possible. If an omnipotent creator allows you to do something then it must necessarily be his will that you do it. Period.

We have been taught to believe in an imperfect god who created us imperfectly, and then had to send his son to fix his screw up. Talk about blasphemy!!!

Our planet cannot continue to support us if we continue to teach our children through the process of indoctrination, in which we are basically brainwashing them into believing our, and our ancestors, beliefs.

Humanity, or more correctly the species we call homo-sapiens is basically a biologically created AI computer machine on the verge of becoming self-aware, not of the little self identity construct, but aware of our connection to our greater self that we have been taught to misunderstand as “God”.

The Law of Free Will is the first and primary law of the created illusion that guarantees us all a freedom that can never be taken away from us, it can only be relinquished by us through our own false beliefs.

It is time to teach our children better.

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    dustproduction Jul 25, 2012

    Would the Buddhists not tell us that the world is perfect as it is?
    That we have chosen this life and as such we cannot all be enlightened ones.
    Or that the truly enlightened souls that are the ones that appear to us to be the most crazy or suffering.

    Do we all have a different purpose here or the same purpose?

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    Jim Centi Jul 25, 2012

    The author is speaking from a place of illumination and yet, possible futility.

    It is a place from which others have spoke, to no avail. The world is deeply entrenched in a materialistic paradigm perpetuated by the illusion of an independently existing self motivated by self interest.

    Whether or not this dominant paradigm can be removed from its seat of power is speculation. The writer is making an effort to change the world through esoteric reasoning.

    He is more ambitious than me; I have all but given up.

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    dustproduction Jul 23, 2012

    Who is the intended audience for this essay? For the most part the writer is simply suggesting that we substitutes one set of beliefs for another. The relevant question is whether the purpose of our being here is personal, as the writer suggests, or as a species. Humans have evolved on this planet without any real knowledge of why we are here. It remains our great question.
    We, as a species, have never known, and yet we have evolved to this point. We do not have the answers and we do not even understand the question. Is it, "Why are we here?" or "Why I am I here?"

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