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After a particularly traumatic event, three decades ago, I had all kinds of nightmares about it. During the first six months, afterward, I awoke screaming and crying several times per week. Gradually, this occurred less frequently, but afterward, the dreams became less agitating and just plain sad, as though I were very deeply grieving over the event. These sad dreams went on for decades, and I would awake from them in profoundly depressed states, taking days to shake them off.

During these decades, I have travelled a lot, lived many different places, fully experienced life and many adventures. Internally, I have always been processing this event, via my dreams, and an occasional conversation with an old friend. It occupies only a tiny portion of my thoughts per day.

Just in the last few years, the dreams have changed. They are not wrenchingly painful, not sad, not full of anguish, anymore. They indicate that I am still processing the event, but in a different way. From my newer dreams, I am learning that it is okay to remember the event, but it is as if my relationship to it has changed. My understanding of it has changed. I no longer experience anguish, but am in a hopeful state that thorough healing may occur.

Have you had similar experiences? I think we process daily "head noise," life's catastrophe's, and deeper subconscious connections and emotions ( Jungian psychoanalysts concur...) via our dreams. Have your dreams helped you heal?

  • slowlygetnthar Jun 06, 2012

    Hi Stiggy,
    Here's the Edgar Cayce foundation's page about the Akashic Records: http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/spiritualGrowth.aspx?id=2078
    If you scroll down to the part about Edgar Cayce's comments regarding accessing them, it is really interesting.

    What drives me bonkers is having a very vivid dream and then, losing the end of it~when I wake up, I just can't recall it or something startles me out of sleep and the subtleties of an important dream are lost.

    I can't help but wonder, with all the quantum physics and talk of multi-dimensional realities, if we are accessing other dimensions via our dream states.

    Also, I have often lived near airports. As a kid, my window, in Yuma, Arizona, looked out on the blue lights of a military runway. It was a very calming view.

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    Stiggy7 Jun 04, 2012

    Slowlygetnthar. I like that analogy of Wind Chimes. It is like that at times. Good one. And the point about the texture in dreams is also very pertenant. I can sometimes tell if "that was one" by the way I feel for days afterwards. It keeps coming and going but it's there for a while. For instance the feeling of dread from the 9/11 dream. So undescribable before but afterwards so easy. The way the world felt that day I already knew but if you had asked me to describeit before that day, no chance. And every dream i've had that has come true has had some aspect pertaining to the event about it.
    That Akashic field thing sounds interesting. I might have to dig around in that. I don't know what that actually is but it sounds like something I'm going to recognise. Because of the way you describe it, it sounds like my "atmosherelike thing that surrounds the whole planet" idea. I also get that thing you get with enchanterd music but with me it's conversations. I NEVER remember them but in some dreams I have full on discussions. But NEVER can I remeber what they were about or with whom. It's deeply bloody irritating.
    Oshkosh IS INDEED Mecca. I can only dream of that though. A lot of money required to get there. But I am jealous of your proximty to flying machines. LOL!!! We have Duxford Aerospace Museum. I've touched the SR-71. It was akin to shaking George Best's hand. Only comparison I have. LOL!!! Yes I did shake his hand. For real. Not a Dream. Although I did pinch myself afterwards. I was awake. Cheers Mate.

  • slowlygetnthar Jun 02, 2012

    I do constantly get snippets of info via dreams and also, just daily "inklings" that are like hearing the wind chimes on the back porch softly ring from a barely perceptible breeze. When the big dreams come, the reason they are so memorable is that they do not have the same texture as other dreams. They are more vivid. Sometimes, they will recur a few times.

    I have wondered if the dream texture feels different because my conscious mind is simply sensing that the brain is picking up the information "out there" (akashic field?) at large, accessing my wider context. The average dreams are not connecting to that "outer realm," but are more like my brain burning off the refuse of my daily musings and activities in the world.

    The other thing that frustrates me to no end is hearing enchanting music, in dreams, waking up, and being completely unable to remember it. Argh!!!

    Oshkosh is Mecca! It's also well-organized & the museum is way cool! There's also that airplane graveyard in Mojave...but I only know about/visit these things because I have hung out with pilots and plane buffs and now visit museums and air shows when I travel! Warbirds are really beautiful, though, and I live near slurry bombers which fly too much in the summer, here.

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    Stiggy7 Jun 01, 2012

    Slowlygetnthar. WOW!!! It was always my TRUE DREAM to go to The Oshkosh Airshow. Two WEEKS long and by all accounts you're likely to see some extremely rare birds. My goodness. It's good to connect with another random Aviation head. Very glad to have met you, Mate.
    Now your experience is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. For you it may have been the occasional strongly remembered one that sticks with you. Now try to imagine that this happens all the time. Because that is what I get. Little pieces of imagery that are incredibly strong but also incredibly brief but sometimes capturing a startling amount of information. Sometimes when you realise you've had one it's usually so powerful and wakes you with such force that you forget the context and eventually like a dream does it fade's from your grasp of recollection. I HATE it whan that happen's too. It is like the data is still there but has sort of encoded itself in a way I cannot retrieve. And annoyingly sometimes during the day you get a teeny bit of recall but not enough to get it all. It's SO frustrating when that happens. I get quite cross. But your story there does capture what it is I'm talking about. Exactly that. I see things that haven't happened yet. And sometimes actual conversation. In fact the specificity is scary. Like the 9/11 dream showed. They are all like what you describe. Nice one.
    Well, I'm thrilled to meet another Flying fan and maybe we meet up on You Tube or something. I put my vids of the day up on there yesterday. Amazing day. Anyway. Pop back tomorrow.

  • slowlygetnthar May 31, 2012

    Your story just reminded me of Hamilton, Ontario and the annual airshow there~worth the trip, if you are ever there. And don't miss the aviation museum (EAA) at Oshkosh, WI...

    Anyway, curiously, your dream reminds me of another dream I had of flying over this group of buildings. I had the dream in late winter or so, as I was planning a research trip to East Africa to visit some inner city slums for the summer. The only place I had planned to live was in the city I would be visiting, where I would do my research. Still, this dream was of the countryside and this strange group of buildings and then, of me standing on a hillside talking with some people I did not know. The dream recurred twice, then, I forgot about it.

    In East Africa, it turned out, my city rental place fell through. A friend in the US knew of another place I could stay, but it was in the countryside, and I would have to take transportation into the city every day, but I went to live there. One day, on the way back from the city, travelling with a neighbor, we got off the bus home at a location I did not ever alight at before. From there, I was on a hillside overlooking the area where we lived. From the hill, I could see that this was the place I had seen in my dream a few months before the trip. It dawned on me that my neighbor and his brother were most likely the people in the dream!

    So, sometimes, the rules bend and we catch glimpses of our other locations in time.

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    Stiggy7 May 31, 2012

    Slowlygetnthar. Yeah. Perspectives certainly change. Had mine changed last Monday when I went for a flight in a DeHavilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk. It explains a few recent dreams about airports and anonymous country roads I'd had. A few of them. All with that REAL feel. Very strange. I visited The Duxford Aircraft Museum last month and had similar dreams about that too. Or thought I did. This is a good demonstration to show how tricky they are to nail down because I thought those dreams were about THAT visit but they continued to occur after that day. Also, there was a specific image that corresponded with the first visit to that area, which is JUST country roads, but it was slightly "wrong" but fitted the dreams. Well, We went a bit further than Duxford this time and went to Essex where we went down the EXACT country road I remember that image of. So there you go, it's like you think it's one thing and it turns out to be something else and that something else is always so unexpected and "out of left field". This flight wasn't even thought about till about ten days ago, by the way. Very unexpected treat. So prediction of specific things is next to impossible.The accuracy is there but never in context, you know. I get those ALL the time. Asleep or awake. Dosen't seem to matter. Just odd little "flashes" when I am not seeing my experience. but later what I "saw" I see in the real world. Not "something that "Corresponds" to what I saw" but "the EXACT IMAGE" of what I saw. Big difference. As I say, I wish I could interface my mind with a screen that could show what I see exactly how it comes to me, you would understand more clearly why it is so difficult to express in the written word. Because it requires the readers imagination to flesh it out. For me it's like it's on video tape. I can watch it whenever I like. Anyway, I'll pop back in tomorrow. Night.

  • slowlygetnthar May 29, 2012

    The only thing we seem to be able to change about some things is our perspective. I have a bad time to trying to reconcile massively heinous atrocities. I just cannot equilibriate them.

    I recently had a similar experience to yours, very unexpectedly. Karmapa's Dream flag hangs in my house. It is the one of the blue waves of Buddha's compassion, enlightenment, vision coming into the yellow earth. Intellectually, I have long understood this flag, but just a few weeks ago, while simply removing my shoes at the end of the day, I was in a sort of zone of "imagining" a balanced worldly existence for the planet and what a relief it would be for compassion to overtake humanity. I just happened to look up at Karmapa's Dream flag, and it was as if it were in 3-D super hologram form, because I suddenly internalized it on a very different level, at the moment, than I had ever comprehended it before. I have no words for this experience, other than I connected with something much deeper and larger than myself. It brought me a great sense of peace and I had to smile. It renewed my hope for humanity.

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    Stiggy7 May 29, 2012

    I read a book by a man called Darryl Reanney. It was called "The Death of Forever". It's the only thing I read that spoke to me on that kind of level. It made a tremendous amount of sense. It's how I came up with my life motif. Which is this; I am a 13.7 Billion year old (at least) Resonating, Participating, Experiencing and Observing Element of a Universe in the Very Act of KNOWING ITSELF . As I read it it was as if I already KNEW what he was saying. Like, he didn't say anything I didn't already KNOW. But I can't say HOW I KNEW. The fact that I only read it because I was bored and there was nothing else to do or to read is also something I've marvelled at. I mean, of all the things to find on the shelf in the first place. I think there are some things that will always defy explanation but I do sometimes wish I knew why I am shown things that I can't change. It bothers me.

  • slowlygetnthar May 24, 2012

    Well, I had a guy show up first, in a dream, and then, crossed paths with him while travelling in Africa about two years later. We did not talk or anything, but he was like a signpost for me that things were the way they were meant to be...He was some sort of guide, but those were the only times I saw him ~in that form.

    I do meditate, and think it does attune me to whatever is out there and in here, or at least seems to do so.

    It's funny you would be talking about beings inhabiting the levels of atmosphere above us. After re-reading Jacques Valle's book, then reading Evan-Wentz's book on faerie faith, lately contemplating all the visitations in the bible/Koran/Kebar Nagast/Mahabarata and other sacred texts, I no longer think of air as empty but a veritable soup of all of these invisible (from this reality) entities with multiple purposes. Wasn't it Hildegard of Bingen who drew the picture of layer upon layer, into infinity, of angels in heaven?

    Even though the popular notion is they all come from the skies, I do believe they are here with us all the time, but in a slightly different dimension and able to traverse dimensions. I am trying to get more comfortable with this notion that these visitations are normal and have been occurring forever.

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    Stiggy7 May 24, 2012

    Actually though. I do notice this about Jim's dream. It was positive and aided his continued existance. It had a very personal connection and I have a sort of theory. If you'll bear with me. You see, when I had my near death experience after my car accident in 1977, I was...well to be honest I suppose I was "Met" by the Man I described. Now, I didn't recognise him. I had no "Oh, it must be God or maybe Jesus or an Angel". It really was just a really tall, bald headed man. He smiled at me but I don't remember any conversation as such. He took my hand and we walked away together into "WHITE". Now I always wondered where that guy actually came "from". Now, I know nothing about Transendental Meditation and literally can't comment on that. I honestly have no idea. But I wonder if it really is a Dimentional thing. I have this idea that if there was a Camera capable of seeing it, I envisage it like an atmosphere that surrounds the entire planet. Like the atmosphere does but it is the planets "MIND". And that our brains are some how like radio antennae that allow a connection to this atmosphere, if you like, of ideas. I mean I always wonder how ideas come about. Are they something that is formed "in the mind" or are they programs that are already there and it's a certain person with the correct antennae to recieve that idea, that information, and to subsequently put it to the appropriate use. I mean some people come up with the most amazing ideas and abilities that I have to wonder what that is. I've never stopped wondering exactly what is doing the "living"? Is it DNA that is in some way a massive inconcieveable entity and it knows "What it is doing"?I think that it is so big that while a living material entity, it's too alarming in it's enormity.So you CAN'T know what it is. But I think If Trancendental Meditation and getting yourself almost killed are ways of connecting with what ever it is that is Doing the real "living" then I can only suggest there are "BEINGS" that can and absolutely do reside there. and are there to watch over Souls and to tend them. That is to say, us. Hope that came across OK. I'll pop in to see what you think tomorrow. Night Chaps.

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    Jim Centi May 24, 2012


    He only appeared to me the one time that I described and I have never really considered categorizing him until you asked the question.

    If spirit guides can appear in a lucid dream, carry on a conversation and inform of future events, I would be open to considering him a spirit guide.

  • slowlygetnthar May 24, 2012

    Stiggy, I don't think that it is inappropriate to write about this precognitive sort of dreaming. In a sense, these dreams are healing, because they are like signposts that we are on the path that we are meant to travel, for some reason. The amount of detail you picked up is pretty amazing, though.

    With the precognitive dreams, I often find they have a different "texture" than my average dreams. In a few cases, I have had recurrent precognitive dreams, usually about somewhat insignificant events, though, nothing as major as 9/11

    Jim's story is really cool. Jim, do you think this fellow was a spirit guide?

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    Stiggy7 May 24, 2012

    So I went back to where I'd been in the troop. As I stood silently the guy to my right tapped me on the arm and I looked at him and he made an expression as if to say," don't worry him. he's busy". And we all carried on walking. Throughout all of this there was a "Feeling". It permeated the whole dream and was present the whole time. I didn't get it at first but became aware of it as the dream progressed. It was a sense of utter dread. Of Helplessness. As if hope was just not there. Complete fear. And a sense of unfathomable loss. Soul wrenching sorrow.
    Anyway, suddenly the scene changes completely and I am now alone but on a roof of a very tall building. It has a pyramid on it. I am lookig at what is clearly a cityscape. Skyscraper's.It's a glorious day. Clear blue sky with not a cloud in sight. Beautiful. My attention is suddenly drawn to a sound. It's the sound of a jet. I look up and to the left to see what looks like an Airliner coming right at me. It gets closer and closer but instead of hitting me it "misses" and as it passes turns from an airliner into what is clearly an F/A-18 Hornet jet fighter. It banks to the right and flys out over an expanse of water, over what looks like a Naval Vessel of some type and off into the distance. That was when I woke up.
    Now, as I said, I had done a tremendous amount of living after that nights dream. I eventually essentially forgot about it. Until three days after the event had occured. Of Course, I'm talking about New York City on the 11 September of 2001. What reminded me of the dream was an interview of a FDNY Firefighter describing his sense of loss because "All Firefighter's are like one big Family". As he said those words I remembered that Man in the heavy working gear and the White Helmet telling me to fuck off for not being "part of the Family". And this guy being interrviewed was wearing the Helmet.
    When I think of that dream and compare that to that days event's I KNOW they were the same event. The imagery, the emotion, the fear, the deastation, the cloud, the jet liners, the fighter aircraft, the cityscape, the Troop of blokes in heavy work gear and helmets (Firefighter's). That was definitly a Premonition.
    Sorry if this is a little off subject, Jim, but to answer the question have my dreams healed me? I would say "not healed, exactly. But have definitely had and impact on my view of this existance. Hope I wasn't wrong to do this. Just need to get it out there. Cheers Mate.

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    Stiggy7 May 24, 2012

    Sorry about that. Basically, everywhere was devastated. As we moved along, making our way through this mess, our attention was drawn to a sight off to our right and we all stopped to look. What we saw was a massive grey mushroom like cloud rising up into the sky and as we watched this suddenly an Airliner emerged from it and as it came out of the cloud the tail seemed to snag on something and the whole machine ended up resting with its nose on the ground but it's tail in the air. In the dream I remember thinking to myself "strange how that thing stayed in one piece after such an incident". Suddenly, out of the rear of the wings and out of the backs of the engines of tyhis now clearly crashed but oddly still intact airliner streams out what I can only describe as mashed up meat. As if some cattle or something had gone through a grinder . Now this is such a vivid image even now it shakes me up. I can't understand the image at this stage.( But later it's so significant.) Anyway. we all look at each other and start to move on again through all this damage. Everything is coated with what looks like snow and we are walking through this stuff wondering why everything is covered in snow. Strongly remember that thought process within the dream. At this stage I get a bit irritated an decide to ask the bloke in the white Helmet, who was clearly "In Charge", ( how I know this in the dream is'nt clear but I "know" he's the Boss). So I walk up to him and tap him on the shoulder. Well When he turned round to face me I was struck by how much he looked like Ray Winstone, the Actor. Anyway I asked him what was happening and he asked me "Are you part of the Family". I didn't know the answer and replied "No. I don't think so. And he replied, direct quote. I'll never forget it for sheer strength of feeling. He's said "Well, FUCK OFF THEN." As you can Imagine I was really shocked at that (word count)

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    Stiggy7 May 24, 2012

    I'm a bit reluctant to try this but I'll give it go. Reluctant only because of what people may feel about it. But here goes.
    I had gone to bed this night like any other. Nothing special. Day ended. I went to bed. Don't know the precise date. I'm not in the habit of taking dreams seriously at this time, or now even, for that matter. But I do remember things that were going on and I remember it being around late May early June 2001. I gained some worthwhile employment as a Stagecrew Member for the Carling Rock Festival at Reading in August of that year but got that in early July. It was before these things occured that I had the dream I'm about to relay. I distinctly remember occasionally thinking about the dream in moments of peace and quiet as you sometimes do with dreams but it was no big thing. It was a little disturbing but not unusual or special. It was at best, a really vivid and horrible dream. BUT that was ALL it was. So here it is.
    The dream came into focus as "WE" were slowly making our way along what looked like a badly damaged shopping centre walkway, the sort of wide Mall type entrance way. But something had clearly happened to it. The "WE" consists of "ME" and at least six other blokes. All wearing heavy protective work gear. Incloding helmets. At the time that was clear to me but not necessarily "noticed" in terms of sticking out. (Later that was REALLY significant). The place was seriously damaged and there was debris everywhere. Masonry, glass, broken framing, walls pushed over. ( just remembered the word count) T B C

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    Jim Centi May 23, 2012

    This is a prophetic lucid dream that changed the course of my life; it occurred in the summer of 1976.

    I had been meditating for a while and decided to go on a week retreat sponsored by Transcendental Meditation [TM].

    Our week consisted of three vegan meals a day and an hour lecture in the evening. The rest of the time was spent in our cabins doing what was referred to as rounding. Rounding consisted of twenty minutes of yoga postures and twenty minutes of meditation for about two hours.

    After returning home I took another week vacation and continued the rounding in my apartment. After a few days I had a prophetic lucid dream.

    I was sitting under a tree in a meadow with a man with a white beard and white robe who resembled a guru. We talked for while and he asked what I wanted and I said that I would like to quit working. He told me that within five years, I would no longer need to work. He also said that within a few days, a traumatic event would occur, but that everything would work out fine.

    Within a few days, during a routine physical exam, a tumor was discovered on my thyroid gland and surgery was scheduled; everything did work out fine.

    Within five years, I was presented with an opportunity to quit working and retire modestly. Following my very early retirement, I continued meditating and pursued a self imposed study program of esoteric literature and mystical states of consciousness.

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