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2012: And the Stories Grow

Posted May 6, 2012 by Thedeafening in Open

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commented on May 30, 2012
by Thedeafening



Thought I watch some CBS, when a special program came abroad. Each of the guests proposed their view of the appocolpse, and howd they survive it. Now I thought I was done with worrying about this bonanza but I can't help but listen to the warnings these people have. What I don't understand is why anybody talking about the end of the world has a different cause and effect. And since I've seen little evidence on this subject I grow tired of waiting for the right answer. What do y'all think about the supposed end of days?

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    Thedeafening May 30, 2012

    At this moment in time I can put aside the Mayan calendar problem. Some new leaked my way that an archeologist has found an even older Mayan calendar that is part of a celestial calendar. It does not have an end date. So now you see that we get worked op over complete crap sometimes. So are all of these weird stories part of mass hysteria, government intervention trying to get money, "Illuminati" or is it all just coincidences occurring withing these few years.

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    Thedeafening May 30, 2012

    Slowlygetnthar, yep that is a good thread and perhaps ill find something to talk about.
    Skatemartha, I personally blame media and journalists about exploiting simple events and turning them into turmoil. The same is done in the science and spiritual news world too. For those living in America at this time, it is even worse. I have found the best way to gain information is to do research yourself. Or access people who's job is to give you undisclosed news, my favorite is Anonymous. I believe the more we think we are going to all die, the more problems arise and a likely outcome may come to presence. So if we think we all survive, well then we might have a chance.

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    Thedeafening May 30, 2012

    Jim Centi, yes i have felt this way before about an apocalypse. But there are far too many different stories to believe any which of them are of truthful value. As for me, I still hold a small fear of death as it would be. But in short I would always rather prevent an apocalypse than witness it happen, not ready to see death and destruction.

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    skatemartha May 18, 2012

    I'm glad you brought this topic to the table since I have recently been considering television and the media and networks and the ways that people are being influenced by them. It is my belief that television can be a powerful tool for the purpose of moving world thinking and feeling toward that of love over fear, however, I feel that, overall it is currently being used as a tool to spread fear. When I watch television, I feel bad, so I choose not to watch television. When my friends watch television (particularly the news), they feel bad. When my friends feel bad as the result of listening to the fear-based messages of the media, they come into my space and act as a conduit between the negative messages I am trying to avoid and me (through no fault of their own, as I believe this is an unconscious act since most people don't live conscious lives).
    My dilemma is that I want to know judgementless world-news. I want to be aware but I don't want to allow myself to be influenced by fear-driven messages because I don't feel that I (or we) can be an effective tool for change when in fear.
    With that said, my thought about the 'end of time' is that all beginnings have ends and that this is the natural cycle of life and is nothing to fear as our energy goes on and on regardless. My frustration lies in the networks exploiting natural cycles to create fear among people, which can and does eclipse the love we need to feel to make positive changes here.
    If anyone has any thoughts about how to put an end to this negativity on an individual or global level, I would like to hear them.
    Thanks! (first time poster)

  • moretocome May 17, 2012

    @ Gretchen - Bravo! I concur. :-)

  • Gretchen Dreisbach May 11, 2012

    Fear is an illusion. LOVE IS ALL THAT IS! It is not the end of the world it, is only the end of duality and of the lower frequencies, which are being purged and dissipated with the new Light!

    Please, look closely...doesn't the Light look different somehow? Perhaps more brilliant?
    The Shift is already happening. The Golden Age has begun. The New Earth will be about abundance on ALL levels!

    Shadow feeds off of Light and it is grasping at anything and everything as it realizes that it is now losing its power hold...


    It is a choice whether to blast shadow with your LOVE and LIGHT or whether to feed it and give it more power.


  • slowlygetnthar May 11, 2012

    Thedeafening & Jim, Not too long ago, someone posted a thread entitled, "Can we think our way out of extinction?" or something along those lines. It might be worth revisting comments posted there. It was along a similar line.

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    dustproduction May 10, 2012

    Indeed, for some it ended yesterday

  • slowlygetnthar May 09, 2012

    It's a cop out to do nothing today because the world is supposed to end tomorrow or whenever.

    If it ends, our energies continue, so what's the biggie?

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    Jim Centi May 06, 2012

    About a year ago, I was very much absorbed by the end of days scenarios; world economic collapse leading to wide spread riots and killing for food, solar blasts that destroy power grids - causing the same results -, pandemic viruses that end all life and planet X, causing pole shifts that destroy ninety percent or all of the population.

    That was my fear based mindset for about two months. Then I had somewhat of an awakening. I realized that as individuals, physical death is inevitable. Does it really matter if we die as an individual, due to some accident or suffer and die because of an unexpected illness; or if our species is to be reduced in size or even become extinct?

    One of the thoughts I had was considering the greed, selfishness, aggressiveness and violence we express as a species, perhaps a planetary cleansing would not be such a terrible thing.

    About this time I returned to my long held awareness that that although we may experience physical death, some aspect of our self survives, so I am no longer burdened by the fear based mindset that seems to have captured so much of the population.

    I have entered the state of mind that allows me to let go of the imagined future, live each week as though it may be my last and enjoy perhaps the most important aspect of life, a peaceful and pleasant state of mind.

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