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I have found that LOVE is the biggest catalyst for change in my life. It has been the impetus for my arrival at: new perspectives, odd adventures, personal growth, regional relocations, and has tied my heart to many people far flung across the globe that I may never even see again. Love makes these people present in my heart and close every day. It is through loving others that I have been transformed and shaped into this being today. I believe the love inside me determines the value of my soul at the end of this life and the transition into what's next. I believe it is the glue that binds souls to one another across lifetimes.

So, how has love transformed you? your thinking? your spirit?

  • moretocome May 17, 2012

    @ slowlygetnthar - Wonderful thread and message.

    @ Jim - I like your distinctions between the two kinds of love.

    Here's my "two cents" :-)

    UNCONDITIONAL Love is seeing everyone through 'human eyes' and loving them WITHOUT CONDITIONS. You realize that all of your Brothers and Sisters are an extension of yourself. Everyone is connected to you in the deepest sense. You love EVERYONE regardless of their personality (i.e. ego-self). In addition, when you are “wronged” by someone, you are able to FORGIVE that person’s faults and shortcomings and love them anyway.

    There is also ABSOLUTE Love. This is INTRINSIC LOVE. Absolute Love is seeing everyone through the 'eyes of God'. Absolute Love sees everyone and everything as Itself – the Presence of the ONE (i.e. God, Source, Consciousness, whatever label you like). “You” love EVERYONE and EVERYTHING because “you” no longer see personality, “you” see ONLY GOD IN VARIOUS FORMS. God is loving Itself so there can be NO JUDGMENT whatsoever. In addition, you have no need to FORGIVE anyone because, in Truth, there is nothing to be FORGIVEN. This is living in the state of Absolute Love.

    “Love is a state of being, and in that state, the ‘me’, with its identifications, anxieties, and possessions, is absent.” -J Krishnamurti

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    Jim Centi Apr 30, 2012

    I believe there are two kinds of love; sacred and profane.

    Sacred love is a state of mind; it is lighted hearted, reflective of childlike innocence and spreads in all directions.

    Profane love is directional, it selects targets; it is nothing more than disguised selfishness.

    I try to maintain the sacred love, but on occasion drift to the profane. Profane love seems to be associated with this weird thing I do called thinking.

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