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I comprehend and practice an aspect of what is typically referred to as Remote Viewing. I've spent time with active and former intelligence operatives from US and France, and have also studied available non-government commercial versions of Remote Viewing and Influencing, hereinafter "RV".

This innate capacity to view things, or to do things that may appear as an "extended human capacity", or as a "noetic" experience, is latent in each and every one of us. It requires no special or unique mind power, and in fact, the initial learning curve required to do this is often accomplished faster and seemingly easier by people with lower than average IQ's. Everyone that is willing, can do it. My apologies to the physicists and other PhD's, who by entrained thinking, may find this difficult.

There is first required a basic acceptance of certain things. When we successfully RV, we do in fact appear to be able to bridge what is perceived as time, distance, and space, And this makes the phenomenon seem very mystical and almost magical.

But there is no magic. Time is not relative as science would deceive you into believing. Time is but the result of a lack of awareness; akin to, or because of, a lack of knowledge. Or more appropriately, a lack of awareness of the knowledge that is time, which is of the knowledge of all that is.

Time was, and is, expressed by its creator with the knowledge, and of the knowledge, for us to perceive in our temporal form. Man was, and is, expressed by its creator with the knowledge, and of the knowledge. Time is of the knowledge. Man is of the knowledge, thus knowledge is relative, to both man and time. Knowledge is relative and knowledge is the key to creation. Man and time are subjective expressions of knowledge, thus only knowledge is relative.

You must look beyond time and beyond man to find knowledge, as knowledge is expressed. When you perceive the expression, you find relative knowledge, and you surpass time and you surpass that man which you are; because you have found the essence of creation.

Thoughts are organized patterns of energy; formatted knowledge if you will, that when expressed, remains as it was expressed, within the creation of all things. All things including man are an expression of the original knowledge, hence all thoughts which are among those things, are inter-connected as an expression of that same knowledge, and this inter-connectivity is omni-directional.

This connectivity of all thoughts is what enables us to RV any of them, at any time, from any place. These thoughts are not "remote", or from different "times", they are merely being perceived by us at an opportune time as the extensions of our own thoughts, which they are.

  • KYRANI Apr 13, 2012

    @ parker
    Thanks! I thought to ask you but I didn't think you were involved. I don't know why I am banned, not that it matters but I am curious about it, that's all.

  • parker Apr 13, 2012

    I am not involved with, nor am I at all familiar with www.remoteviewing.com/discussion-forums, and have no thoughts on why you would be banned from their site.

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    are you involved with www.remoteviewing.com/discussion-forums? As soon as I landed on there.. in 10seconds they claimed that my IP address was banned. What's their problem and how would they know me?

  • parker Apr 10, 2012

    Jim Centi:
    Distinguishing between an actual event and an imaginary one in Remote Viewing is similar to doing it during a normal state of being. If you and I are having a conversation and we share vivid details of a new and exciting idea, we each formulate a "vision" within the theater of our respective minds. This type of "event" has not yet been actualized outside of either of our minds, yet we each are able to express a vision of it.

    Because we are each unique individuals, our visions will also be uniquely individual and distinct. However, if what we were discussing was an event that actualized outside of our minds, then our visions would be very similar, if not nearly identical. Thus when Remote Viewing, if you notice multiple variations of an expressed thought or vision, it is easily deduced that such is because the event has so far probably only been manifested within the confines of the various minds involved.

    But more importantly, you do not need to RV as if it were some big secret. If you are not sure whether or not you are perceiving thoughts of details pertaining to a real, or an imagined event, just ask. You are always free to ask the originator of the thoughts, and at the sub-conscious level, you will most often receive a direct response.

    When a specific target or individual is selected for remote viewing, this indeed does mean that the person’s daydreams, dreams, thoughts, wishful thinking or fantasies MAY BE accessible. And yes, this opens up a new dimension to the concept of privacy, and in practical terms, a potential means to establish a more intimate, truthful connection or relationship between individuals and a deeper appreciation of our interconnectedness.

    Sometimes there are what seems like blocks or barriers when Remote Viewing. It is very difficult for example, to RV the thoughts of an individual, if your intent is not honorable, or if you are trying to be secretive, or to learn things that the other party wishes to remain secreted, or if that person would be hostile to your being aware of his thoughts. Difficult, but not necessarily impossible, so this opens the door to the whole issue of good or bad intentions, etc., which can have a significant effect.

  • KYRANI Apr 10, 2012

    Even more incredible was that I later recollected, having read through my dreams log 2 months later, that about ten years earlier I had a dream of a tree falling on my house in the tropics. At that time I had only contemplated building a house in the tropics. In the dream someone said “a tree will fall on your house” and I answered them saying, “it might fall on my house but it won’t do any damage”. And remarkably the tree that fell had fallen in such a way that there was absolutely no damage to the house. It had even twisted as it fell so that the top of it, which was bent, ended up sticking up away from the roof.
    I might say here too that it is possible that since I accepted the idea of a tree falling on my house in the tropics, that this probability became a certainty and that is what opened the door for the culprits that went and damaged the tree in such a way as to cause it to fall on my house.
    I should also add that as all this had happened I decided to ask the universe to blow it off the roof too, because the tree lopper couldn’t push it off. It was about three years later that strong wind blew and it slid down and fell neatly alongside the house!
    So Jim’s vision there about the probabilities is very significant. And we can choose those probabilities as best suit.

  • KYRANI Apr 10, 2012

    The tree and its “information giving” got more urgent, it was like “get out, go, go, go, go away from here!” Baffled but still curious I left and went back to the car which was like 2-3 meters away under the house. I turned the engine on and began to back my car out onto the driveway when I heard an almighty crash coming from where I was, a characteristic sound that trees make when they fall. I got out and ran back and saw that the tree had fallen. I realized that if I had not moved off that area when I did, if I had not taken note of the warning information from the tree I would have been seriously injured or killed. The ground was soggy, the sort of clayey wet ground that make your shoes get stuck if you try to move quickly. And now that I think back to that incident I have a vague recollection of images of the tree fallen in my mind but I had dismissed them, I had not focused on them at the time.
    The third occasion was a bit different. Some people had damaged a tree that was on the very border of my property, near the back but not actually on my property. The tree lopper didn’t want to cut it. I could see that if the tree fell in the direction it was leaning, and it was leaning close to 30 degrees off the vertical, then it would fall on my house. I asked the universe for help. Within 24hours I had an intuition to go out the back where the tree was leaning. I did so. I was directed to look at the one sole tree that was growing about half a meter from the house. I looked at it. Then the idea came to my mind that the leaning tree could fall on this tree and it would take the brunt of its fall so that it would then fall more gently on my roof. I looked at the possibility & reasoned that this tree was only a little more than 0.5 meter across. It was near the center of the house, which means some distance from the leaning tree. And that it was still only a small fraction of the length of the house. That section of my house was eight meters in length, so 0.5 in 8m! Then I had another intuition that kind of said “you asked for help, now what are you doing?” I realized that I was trying to use reason. So I gave up reasoning. When I did I saw in my mind the leaning tree falling on the sole tree, which broke its fall and the tree landing more gently on the roof. And then I had a strong urge to lift my arms up and make what seemed like symbols or corners of symbols for a few minutes. And that was it. About one week later in the early evening I heard a strong creak outside and the image of the tree falling on the other tree came to mind. I and my dogs still ran away down the walkway to another part; my house is three separate building connected by walkways. There was another mighty crash and I went back as soon as it was over and went out with the torch to have a look. I have to say I was surprised to find that the mental image was there in this life/real life, just as I saw it in mind!

  • KYRANI Apr 10, 2012

    I would like to say something here with regard to future events. I have seen what Jim is saying in my life.
    “Likewise the perception of events yet to occur, appears to be randomly related to an unknown number of probabilities related to the occurrence of the event.”
    And while past and present events are already happening and viewing is easy, it is the future ones that I find interesting. I have foreseen many but not always and indeed not mostly with visual images. I had several regarding trees on my property and they were all different. The probabilities are related to the occurrence of the event and remarkable as it might sound on one occasion I was “instructed to choose the probable outcome and make it a certainty. On another two occasions the trees “gave me information”. They didn’t talk to me as in the normal sense of conversation, whether verbal or mentally perceived. But they or someone/ something conveyed information to me. I have had innumerable occasions of these sorts of connections, but these happened on two separate occasions with trees.
    Firstly I had what I could only describe as “a funny feeling”, almost a suspicion of the tree along the side of the driveway where I parked my car. I got a tree lopper in and cut down all the trees that I felt were close enough to the car. And here I made a grave mistake because I let reason over ride my intuition. Then about a week later, it was very windy on that day, I had an intuition telling me to get into the car and go for a drive and I resisted it. I was preoccupied with what I was doing and didn’t want to go out driving. This intuition said something could happen to my car but I went outside had a look around, saw nothing that I felt suspicious in the area immediately around my car and went back inside. Within 15mins I heard an almighty crash and when I went out I found a tree, that was a considerable distance away, but unfortunately tall and that I had not taken into my calculations, flattened half my car, from front to back.
    The next occasion was a tree that was standing in front of me when I was out in the yard. I had seen something on the ground and got out of my car and went to have a look at it. The ground was very wet and soggy and I first had the distinct ‘feeling’ to get out of the road. And I thought “what road”? I ignored it and then the tree that was in front of me and leaning slightly seemed to be “giving me information” that there was danger and I should urgently get out of the road. I was taken aback. I had a look around because I thought that there might have been someone around. No one was there and I could not feel a human presence associated with me in any way in or around my yard.

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    Jim Centi Apr 09, 2012


    If my interpretation of what you have said is correct, there is no technique to distinguish between a sensory input event [an event that is occurring, has occurred or will occur in material world] and what is occurring within someone’s imagination or theater of the mind.

    When a specific target or individual is selected for remote viewing, does this mean that the person’s daydreams, dreams, thoughts, wishful thinking or fantasies are accessible? If so, this opens up a new dimension to the concept of privacy. I’m not taking the position that this would be improper; it could be viewed as means to establish a more intimate, truthful connection or relationship between individuals and a deeper appreciation of our interconnectedness.

    It could also represent an expansion of what we have conceptualized as the self, but perhaps I am reading too much into this.

  • parker Apr 09, 2012

    Jim Centi:
    I should have also mentioned that if a group of people fabricate an event, say for example the military, and then another group of people repeatedly express details of that event, like the media for example, then a Remote Viewer will easily pick up details of this non-existent event even from great distances, since so very many people have all created the similar energy patterned thoughts, and expressed those thoughts. In such instances, it is difficult for a Remote Viewer to know whether he is perceiving truth or fiction, as either may be thought and expressed with equal voracity.

    A Remote Viewer may also use this same ability to perceive thoughts, as a means to communicate directly with his inner self. This is how we learn of the knowledge that the inner self knows, and how we can learn to accept that knowledge and allow it to influence us and our manifestations at a conscious level.

    Also the ability to express thoughts, enables the Remote Viewer to Influence the thoughts of others. When you accept that knowledge surpasses time, distance and space, then you will know that you can express your thoughts (energy patterns) at any time and in any place where they may be perceived by any person, whether a specific or random target, and whether local or long distance, just like you can perceive the other person's (or persons') thoughts.

    The results are not always absolute, since perception is subjective, meaning that what you express, is not always perceived by others exactly as you expressed it. Likewise your perception of other people's expressions is equally subjective. These and other factors may account for what skeptics would call "errors", or proof that Remote Viewing may not work. My response is simply that I have yet to meet anyone that can always express themselves perfectly to another, and always perfectly comprehend everything said or written to them by another - you've heard of misunderstandings, mis-communications, arguments? These can happen at the Remote Viewing level of expression as well.

  • parker Apr 09, 2012

    Jim Centi:

    I would conclude that the "linear temporal realm" could perhaps be more accurately described as "what we perceive as a linear temporal realm".

    My experience with Remote Viewing suggests that in the temporal "now", we can perceive events that happened in the temporal past almost as easily as events that are relatively current, since the moment of a current event, is already the past. Likewise the perception of events yet to occur, appears to be randomly related to an unknown number of probabilities related to the occurrence of the event.

    For example, it is reasonably easy to "view", or to experience a perception of a car crash that has already happened at a far distant location, whether a moment ago, or several years ago seems to make little difference to the detail of the perception. What does make a difference, is the number of people that actually witnessed the event in (perceived) real time, and also how vividly any of them "visualized" their experience of the event.

    Some people are more "visual", while others think more logically. If all the witnesses of an event are visual thinkers, then Remote Viewing the event will also be a more visual perception of it. If they are all logical thinkers, then the Remote Viewing experience may be more of a perception of the logical sequence of the details of that event, than a visualization. In either case, what is perceived by the Remote Viewer, is his interpretation of the original witness' expressed thoughts of the event, as they were expressed at, or after the time of the event.

    Thoughts are not always absolutes regarding an event. For example, a witness, or witnesses, may have all had a similar experience 2 years ago, yet for some reason one or more of them decided to invent an embellished version of that event. If they are very enthusiastic about expressing these embellished versions of the experience, then a Remote Viewer may often perceive this stronger false expression, rather than the factual one. Again, the Remote Viewer is only capable of perceiving whatever it is that others have expressed about an event, the Remote Viewer does not directly "experience" the actual event.

    The "theater of the mind" or the imagination as we perceive it, is very powerful, and often a Remote Viewer will be able to perceive in great detail, what ever is being "thought" and then "expressed" or visualized, within another's imagination. The "imagination" is also a specifically patterned construct of original energy, that enables a type of free will self-created self-expression, or "movie" if you will, made of specific patterns of that same original energy that it (the imagination) is made of.

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    Jim Centi Apr 09, 2012

    In my first sentence, interrupted should be interpreted.

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    Jim Centi Apr 09, 2012

    Your description of remote viewing could be interrupted as a form of telepathy extending beyond the linear temporal realm.

    I was under the impression that remote viewing enabled one to perceive events within or outside of the linear temporal realm which may or may not exist as thought forms. If the event was not viewed by another being, could this mean RV may be accessing the imagination of others? If so, could this explain errors?

  • parker Apr 09, 2012

    To remote view at will, requires an understanding of "things". All things are of one thing, yet all things are not that one thing, rather they are various expressions of it. For example, we know that "mass", virtually regardless of what the substance is, has a root component of energy, nothing more, nothing less - just energy in motion.

    The energy obviously preceded the mass, because the mass in its various forms, is comprised of it, not the other way round. The perceived mass of everything that is, is speculatively perceived as having its beginning as a concentration of energy. All things are specific patterns of organized energy.

    Thoughts and beliefs are constructs of this same energy. They are specific patterns of organized energy. Consciousness is also a specifically patterned construct of this same energy. Temporal time is a constructed expression of this same energy. Space, or distance is also a specifically patterned constructed expression of this same energy.

    In the strictest sense, the energy that is expressed in patterns as all things, could be labelled intelligence, and this intelligence, simply expresses itself through myriad forms of organized energy patterns. If the original energy is not intelligence, then the energy itself is sufficiently intelligent to express itself as all things.

    Thoughts, like the mass and the energy patterns they are, do not deteriorate. Once expressed they remain as they were expressed expressed and may be perceived at any subsequent (temporal) time. This is well proven in the "hundredth monkey syndrome" where once 100 monkeys in one location learn to do a specific thing, then suddenly monkeys all over the planet can do that same thing.

    This also explains why when you secretly write a coded word or number on a paper, insert it in an envelope and lock it in a safe, that a "Remote Viewer" can "perceive" what you have written. The remote viewer does not travel inside the safe and peek in the envelope, he simply relaxes his conscious mind to where he is able to perceive your thoughts that you have expressed regarding that coded word or number. Likewise, a remote viewer can perceive thoughts that originated years ago the same way. Often he may be able to perceive probable future thoughts just as easily.

  • KYRANI Apr 09, 2012

    Hi parker

    I agree with what you have written on this thread. My experience is that the mental realm or The Mind, however we are to call it, is an infinite potentiality that contains knowledge/ information, which we all use. It is a common platform. It is the roots of the material existence. Time and space, distance are part and parcel of the material or manifestation of the selection of information in the mind. We have access to whatever is in the mind. There are some limitations. An individual has the ability to maintain certain information that they have chosen private, ie excluded from others. However if that information is an infringement, even in intent of another, then that other has the ability to see, without inhibition, all of that information.

    Remote viewing is an unprompted ability. It is an aspect of intuition. Akin to it is what I would call insightful perception. People in relationship have a closer connection in the mind. There is an entanglement and the closer the relationship the greater the entanglement. If you take two people who are related, under certain conditions, you can have them carry out a mental conversation while they are far apart from each other.

    I have had many occasions of remote viewing but I have not been able to do it just for the fun of it. I have been able to do it, and with spectacular results that shocked me at times, but only when I have felt a strong need to do that. Some years ago I had mentally gone into the houses of people, who were hassling me and were trying to frighten me and distress me, and I frighten them so badly, one guy actually ran out of his front door and ran away. I would be interested to hear from you the skills involved in doing this anytime, ie when there is no need of it.

  • parker Apr 08, 2012

    If anyone desires to learn remote viewing techniques, I am willing to help. First I will share an explanation of "what" remote viewing actually is, because it seems to be essential that we know what we are going to be doing before we will be able to recognize our ability to do it. Second I will share the necessary techniques to enable anyone that is willing, to experience what is perceived as remote viewing. Several hundred people have already successfully done this.

    This is not about learning to do parlor tricks. This is a learned recognition of inherent skills that anyone is capable of, because everyone possesses the innate, or natural ability to do it. In fact, most people already do it to some little degree, they just do not yet recognize what they are doing. Once recognized, these latent skills or abilities can be used to beneficially influence and enhance life experiences for the individuals and their collective communities.

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