What is Noetic Science?

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commented on Jan. 24, 2013
by Jeanine Broderick



This is an opportunity to express opinions on what these words mean both individually and collectively.

  • Jeanine Broderick Jan 24, 2013

    How about "Exploring Beyond the Physical Dimension"?

    I did not know what it meant when I stumbled upon your site but I knew it resonated deeply with me and felt very refreshing to see scientists who were open to exploring where most fear to tread.

    ♡ Jeanine

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    gloriamundi88 Dec 21, 2012

    The work of IONs is very important. However, there is a new kind of thinking, and doing which is in its very infancy. Here, one refers to the evolving project of Multi-Dimensional Science


  • Fallensoul Aug 25, 2012

    To slowlygetnthar: For the same reasons IONS tolerates you and I on the forums. We can learn from everyone and from what I read dusty has some very valid points.

  • slowlygetnthar Jul 10, 2012

    To IONS: why would IONS allow someone like dustproduction on the discussion boards?

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    dustproduction Jul 10, 2012

    Staying on topic....
    So, in other words, you've read none of it.

  • slowlygetnthar Jul 10, 2012

    There's dp on attack mode, again. Why engage with such a being of little mind and appendages?

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    dustproduction Jul 09, 2012

    The question to you Ms Slow is which of it have you read?

  • slowlygetnthar Jul 08, 2012

    IONS research is posted on the website on which this discussion board exists.

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    dustproduction Jul 08, 2012

    No examples? Do you read the research?

  • slowlygetnthar Jul 08, 2012

    IONS work is ground-breaking and important. I am grateful to Edgar Mitchell for founding IONS.

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    dustproduction Jul 06, 2012

    RE: Your work is ground-breaking and very important.

    Which work? Can you provide and example?

  • slowlygetnthar Jul 05, 2012

    Matthew, I would like to see the work of IONS more widely known. Because Dan Brown mentioned IONS in his book, some folks have become curious. Still, the public discussion of things IONS investigates is stilted, very spotty, and usually extremely polarized. I don't expect to see IONS proselytizing on info-mercials, but I hope to see your research presented at more kinds of conferences and more in the public dialogue. Your work is ground-breaking and very important.

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    dustproduction Jul 05, 2012

    In several of the other discussions regarding the fields of science, such as, science and spirituality, science being unfairly bashed, and the acceptance of PSI by science, one finds evidence that the various disciplines of science are not well understood by many, be not all, of the commenters. Thus the generic use of the term science is often used.
    This is also evidenced here when the question that is raised is about what the "Noetic Sciences" are. There are no comments about the Markov Chain, PSI games, Psychophysiology of Spiritual Transmission, research into noetic states of consciousness including nondual awareness, intuition, and presentiment. And this causes one to wonder how often commenters access the rest of the website here. The IONS 's research is rarely quoted many of the frequent commenters of these discussions. I would suggest that this brings down the level of the discourse and is unlikely to attract more serious commenters.
    Should some of these threads and discussions be more academic, more informative and perhaps less of a place to express belief?

  • Matthew Gilbert Apr 18, 2012

    HI all,

    Thanks for this thoughtful discussion. Noetic sciences does mean different things to different people, which is no surprise but doesn't make our job of "branding" any easier! We've decided to start playing with taglines as a way to better capture and ground the essence of what we do. If there are any you'd like to share based on your understanding of our work, please pass them along (mgilbert@noetic.org).


  • parker Apr 07, 2012

    Agreed - vague verbosity is boring and unproductive. Yet consider another's vague or ethereal offering may be a sincere attempt to stimulate thoughts or ideas promoting healthy questions from the readers? Or it may be a hopeful attempt by the writer to find answers he or she is not quite capable of expressing yet. The intent of the venue seems to be providing each of us with every opportunity to offer our own comments and to ask our own questions specific to any topic we desire.

    I agree it is refreshing to be able to share meaningful communications about these many things in plain language. And sometimes it is beneficial to entertain constructive criticism, which we can always hope will help enhance everyone's experience at this site.

    Jim Centi:
    The site certainly does offer much more than these discussions threads, and your recommendation to engage in a broader investigation of the available information, will hopefully be appreciated by all of the serious participants in the positive spirit I'm sure it was intended.

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    Jim Centi Apr 06, 2012


    This website is much more than discussions. If you look to the banner, you will find the library, research, education etc. If you explore some of the material contained there, you can bring it into discussions in whatever protocol you choose......Jim

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 06, 2012

    Critical theorists often complain and work to deconstruct/destroy things, without a clue or effort to construct or improve on anything.
    If you don't like the website the way it is, then, contribute constructing thoughts that may serve to initiate conversations you would like to read/hear/participate in.

    People don't have to have Phd's in Rhetoric to participate here. Ethereal, vague or not, discussions are meaningful. Reading others' thoughts encourages me to ponder more...and I think that must be better than no Noetic Science discussion at all..

  • jmatt4lifehoe Apr 05, 2012

    I guess Noetic Science, "The Website", is not everything that I thought it would be, but at least it is a place to comment about ideas, thoughts, not in the mainstream of popular science and religion. My dis-illusion with any subject matter is when the discussions are concentrically ambiguous in expression. Sometimes people think and say a lot of big words, yet their verbosity only establishes vague, etherial ideas.

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    dustproduction Apr 01, 2012

    "Richard L. Amoroso, director of the Noetic Advanced Studies Institute, proposed a theory of noetics called Noetic Field Theory which centers on the idea that there exists an additional causal principle of purposefulness not found in ordinary matter but in fundamental cosmological principles of consciousness. He has suggested that thought and spirit are not, in fact, intangible, but are "Bose or photon-like" based aspects of the Unified Field,[3][4] meaning essentially that the mind can be quantified by formulae which describe quantum materials such as light. Amoroso claims that his noetic model is the first theory of any kind to explain qualia in physical terms.[5][6] In 2010, NASI partnered with Steriwave Quantum Computers, a limited liability British company, to develop a quantum computer prototype[7] based on "conscious quantum computing."[8]"

    ^ Amoroso, Richard. An Introduction to Noetic Field Theory: The Quantization of Mind. Noetic Journal V.2 No.1, Jan 1999. p 33.
    ^ Amoroso, Richard. The Parameters of Temporal Correspondence in a Continuous State Conscious Universe, Reprint: R. Buccheri & M. Saniga (eds.). Studies on the Structure of Time: from Physics to Psycho(patho)logy, 2000, Kluwer Academic: Dordrect. p. 236.
    ^ Amoroso, Richard L. (ed.) Complementarity of Mind and Body: Realizing the Dream of Descartes, Einstein & Eccles (2010), New York: Nova Science Publishers.
    ^ Amoroso, Richard. The physical basis of qualia: Overcoming the 1st person–3rd person barrier. Noetic Journal Vol 4 No 3, July, 2003.
    ^ US Patent No. 12,928/592 filed 15 December 2010
    ^ Universal Quantum Computing Design Funded

  • parker Apr 01, 2012

    It would appear from the administrators of this site, that Noetic Science is meant to be an attempt to analyze the human potential, purposed with learning how, if at all, we may beneficially enhance our individual and collective experience of that potential.

    It would further appear that the word "noetic" is coined to describe a latent ability (or abilities) within each of us, to do things or to understand things, that for some obscure yet widely held reason, may yet without benefit of this "science", only be exercised by some few among us.

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 01, 2012

    In addition to what Kyrani has said, I think Noetic Science is also an exploration of "ways of knowing."

  • KYRANI Mar 31, 2012

    I consider noetic science to be the science of the mind, which means thoughts, intelligence but most importantly consciousness and energy. I believe there is a close relationship between consciousness and energy, if they are not actually the same thing. It out to be a branch of physics. I don't see it as having anything to do with psychology.

    @ Jim Your new avatar is a great improvement, if I may say so. And hopefully your avatar may help usher in the new era of an enlightened science with the new paradigm which makes consciousness primary and matter secondary.

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    Jim Centi Mar 30, 2012

    In case anyone is curious, my new avatar symbolizes the scientific paradigm shift that is gestating in the belly of humanity; with a bit of luck it could be born and appear to the general public someday……Jim

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    Jim Centi Mar 29, 2012


    I will offer my opinion of Noetic Science within the context of IONS.

    I see the science lab as the focal point of IONS. The purpose of that lab is to conduct experiments which invalidate the materialistic paradigm which has dominated science for over three hundred years. If or when this is accomplished a scientific paradigm shift will occur which will alter humanities perception relative to the nature of reality and the nature of self.

    In addition to conducting experiments, it is networked with groups of likeminded scientists all over the world that serve the same or similar purpose.

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