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Am curious if anyone wishes to dialogue on the following topics, if so, we could start appropriate new titled threads:

1 - Photo-reading - ability to read (and teach others) at speed of mental photography, about 1.2 seconds per normal page, with average 80% or more retention

2 - remote and distance and hands on physical and spiritual healing experience and techniques

3 - remote influencing/manifestation experience and techniques

4 - real-world economic and political problem solving ideas concepts

  • parker Apr 10, 2012


    Thanks for sharing the info on the books, I have not read these particular ones, but will. I agree that remote healing works well, and is a desirable and safe practice. Like anything that we can employ with our free will, we must recognize that there may always be temptation for a few to mis-use or abuse the practice.

    It sounds like you have experienced some very positive results with your remote healing and I would suggest that as you increase your faith in the ability you obviously have, the results will increase exponentially. There are some articles on this topic you may find helpful at this link: http://www.naturalgod.com/IsraeliteLight.html , under the sub-heading Natural Faith Healing Parts 1 thru 4

  • slowlygetnthar Apr 06, 2012

    Have you read the books on remote viewing, by Lyn Buchanan and Joseph McMoneagle? These and others in this genre may be helpful for reading about experiences and techniques (Lyn also has a website and offers training) that can supplement those practiced by other remote healers.

    I have had many experiences regarding remote healing and think it can be helpful, though I cannot claim that I have had gigantic results. Basically, when I have done this, I try to go into a deep state of meditation, focus on whomever needs the healing, and visualize either transmitting energy to the place that needs healing via my virtual hands, or surrounding the envisioned person with healing light and penetrating healing energy. I have also tried doing the same practice and visualizing filtering pain away from the injury, when pain is the problem. I have also sent calming energy to two mentally ill friends who have agitated states when they are in their illnesses. My work has all be small scale and with friends, but it seems to have helped. At any rate, I don't think sending healing and positive energy into the world can hurt...so I think it is a safe practice.

    Eventually, science may find that thoughts travel faster than light.

    With remote influencing, if there is no ill-intent, then it can be a good practice. There is a dark and tempting side to it, though, so it can be used for manipulating negative outcomes/damaging targets. My advice is to stay away from any of it if the intent is not positive.

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    YogiSinzapatos Apr 04, 2012

    #4 i feel that Larry K Masons no pom system could solve virtually all economic and political problems. http://nopom.info/ Reading this one page won't be enough to fully understand.i therefore highly recommend reading / listening to the "Invisible Hand" book to get the both the details and the big picture of how this system could work and be implemented.

    i intend to somehow adapt the system to use for an intentional community i am planning: http://www.moving-overseas-guide.com/2012-awakening.html

    Peace & Love

  • KYRANI Mar 26, 2012

    From my experience, I have understood that remote influencing (if we should call it that) has to do with ESP. It can be negative or it can be positive. In either case ideas are presented or as in the case of the aboriginal trekkers are perceived in the mind. The mind however is not the brain and /or made out of brain activity. the mind is a very subtle form, with consciousness being the most subtle. The Mind is a universal platform upon which or by which we all interact and participate in this life at least. When something has happened or someone has passed a certain place or touched something, the information is contained in the mind and it is possible to perceive that information, particularly when you come into contact with the place or objects touched.

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    Chezha Mar 25, 2012

    Absolutely yes to topics 1, 2 & 3. Tho

    I think an investigation into remote influencing (and manifestation and healing) is the ultimate question of mankind ~ what is this instrument of mind that we have capable of doing, what is it made of / tuned into ~radio waves, elecro-magnet force, electricity...? How do trekkers /Aboriginals know what is ahead of them so accurately.
    What does research into the brain say about this ~ is it something to do with the pineal gland.
    Thanks for introducing the ideas.

  • ProtectiveAngel Mar 24, 2012

    Let's see what you have for #2.

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