Origins and Attributes of Mind

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Consider. Would knowing the origins of mind, explain it's attributes? Or would knowing it's attributes explain it's origin? Scientists are confounded by it's attributes, offering only veiled speculation as to its workings, while studiously ignoring the issue of it's origins. Religionists, or at least many of them, proclaim a faith in it being fashioned after it's Creator, and yet an even greater faith in why this supposed all-knowing, omni-everything Creator, fashioned such an inferior creation - it was apparently, His will. Atheists and other alleged non-religionist spiritualists, including but certainly not limited to evolutionists, postulate that the mind, just magically happened itself into existence like everything it encounters, thus apparently no otherwise rational explanation of it's attributes is needed - these also just happened.

So, do we remain with the scientists' in their self-defined ignorance? (- okay, current lack of scientific explanation sounds better.) Or do remain faithful that we don't know anything simply because we were created that way? (- okay, I'm not saying we're stupid, just that, well, we don't know very much and we don't even know how much we don't know, but at least that was His will.) Or maybe we just accept that because the existing shit just happened, then obviously more shit will continue to just happen, thus there is absolutely no need or perceived benefit in knowing how or why - it will just happen anyway.

I suspect there may be practical and very viable reasons for stepping away from this categorized thinking. Noetic sciences have opened avenues that enable us to easily prove both origins and attributes of mind, we simply need to open ours.

  • parker Mar 22, 2012

    Greetings Jim Centi:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The answers to your questions lie in your acceptance of what you know, not in determining what others know. YOU are the work that provides the greatest reference of your own origins and attributes. You know your thoughts. You dialogue with your own conscience continually, thus you do not need ask for references of the origins or attributes of what you already know. If articulating it remains yet a challenge, then the fullness of the value and of the joy of sharing what you know also remains for you to be realized.

    I did not mean to pose a question as to whether or not we could determine the origins or attributes of our minds, rather I was intending to suggest that a curiosity arises when we consider that we KNOW these many things, yet find it nearly humanly impossible to get along well enough to articulate agreement about so few of them.

    Whether as brothers and sisters of the human family, or as friends on this planet, surely we must encourage our mutual growth beyond our self-labelled scientific and religious communities, and allow ourselves to accept all that we know, and enjoy it.

  • parker Mar 22, 2012

    Greetings frequencytuner:

    Thank you for sharing your ascertains. The implied conclusion of your sequence of (de facto) facts, appears premised on a belief that Science and Religion have been, or indeed are working and agreeing harmoniously with one another regards knowledge, wisdom and understanding, yet evidence is scarcely found to support even slight agreements between the two, let alone such universal congruity.

    Do you suggest that the origins or attributes of mind may be found in this Eternal Truth? If so, then did not those attributes also originate in a mind prior to being found in ours, or have they simply evolved prior to being found in ours?

    Are you suggesting that if we are to accept truth, that we must first determine whether that truth is of an eternal origin or nature, or temporal, or of some other less than eternal origin or nature?

    Perhaps if we could agree on what is truth first, then we could determine both its origins, and its nature, and whether or not that was relevant to the origins or attributes of our own minds. But I am left in a seemingly endless loop, which reminds me of the child-like question of whether the chicken or the egg came first, while ignoring the obvious reality that both a chicken and a rooster were an absolute prerequisite for the first egg to have hatched.

    These are things we KNOW, and they are true, thus what we KNOW is indeed truth, whether eternal or not. Therefore perhaps we should seek what we KNOW, and determine if that what we know we KNOW, can help us to determine and define he origins and attributes of our minds.

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    Jim Centi Mar 22, 2012


    What I should have said in my last comment is that I am aware of the attributes of mind as reflected in the IONS work related to psi. I am not aware of any sources that deal with the origins of mind. Please provide references to that work.......Jim

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    Jim Centi Mar 22, 2012


    “Noetic sciences have opened avenues that enable us to easily prove both origins and attributes of mind, we simply need to open ours.”

    That’s a pretty bold statement. How about some references?.....Jim

  • frequencytuner Mar 22, 2012

    'Science' is 'Knowledge' of 'God', 'Religion' is 'Wisdom' of 'God'. Through "Their' 'Marriage' 'Gives Birth' to 'Understanding' of 'God'. The emphasis on capitalized words means you can substitute any word you choose in any language, past or present.

    This is the Eternal Truth.

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