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Lucid Dreaming on NDE's

Posted March 16, 2012 by Thedeafening in Open

commented on March 18, 2012
by charliet



Some new studies found at the University at California have shown that when people try to think and dream about floating out of ones body, they in fact do. Followed by the tunnel and the light, and some have even met family members at the end. They conclude that near death experiences and Lucid dreaming are one in the same. But this all raises a lot of questions about the subject,

1. It was thought that DMT was only released as such when you were actually dying.
2. People who have had no brain activity still have had these experiences.
3. Wouldn't being able to control when we leave our bodies by either meditation or "forced dreaming" be the essence of mind over matter.

  • charliet Mar 18, 2012

    Did a quick scan of the two sites you gave, looks like it is not UCLA but some other guys trying to make a quick buck or two as UCLA has no record of these people.
    Also the story states that the subjects were asked to recreate the biblical vision using these guys method for visualization. Very bogus.

    My apologies to UCLA, I wondered why you would publish this nonsensical research, I know that the Angel Study group there does very good work.

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    Thedeafening Mar 18, 2012



    Sorry about that.

  • slowlygetnthar Mar 17, 2012

    Can you please give the references at Univ. of California that you are specifically referencing?

    Good questions Charliet!

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    Thedeafening Mar 17, 2012

    I agree, most of their works sounds faulty, and they were pretty quick in saying that the experiments may have implements for those who belive in life after life. If they had given thought into other things rather than be closed minded they would understand possibilities on how the mind works. For instance if those people were truly out of their bodies, then they should have reported veriticle observations when they got back. If the scientists involved want to learn somthing then they need to become part of the aware program and we then could see a brake through in concious studies.

  • charliet Mar 16, 2012

    Have the U of C experimenters explain this. How do you dream if you have no brain activity? How do you remember events (accurately) if you have no brain activity. The last event has been documented numerous times.

    Almost sounds to me as if they experienced an induced hallucination without much thought towards all the other documented studies and related studies in this area. But that's just my opinion.

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