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Life Before Life

Posted Feb. 13, 2012 by brennan in Open

commented on March 23, 2012
by parker



I just emailed this letter to someone I met, does anyone care to comment:

My name is Brennan Ball, I was googling and came across your name.To refresh your memory I am one of the boys who speaks. Some of them call me their Prince, Prince Anu. All my past lives I seem to always come back as Anu, one way or the other. I watched your documentary before as a child. I believe you even came to see me one day. I was just emailing you to see how you were doing with your research and all. I re watched the episode of the boy who remembered his past lives, Cameron. I think maybe I remember Cameron's accent from "another place". Only when I heard Cameron, I could not see. I was blind. In this life I could almost not walk. My father Barack and his friends broke my two legs as a baby. Undoubtedly do to him doing drugs. My neighbor Alice Mohering Barnes swears that she is a judge from the "other place" and is t her to punish me for not knowing my story. Her family has become rather annoying from my p.o.v. She thinks someone is going to give her a million dollars to set her free. But as much as she scare/control other people with time in the other place, I seem to scare/control her more.
I think the problem we had the last time when met was whether the thoughts that someone like Cameron was having, were the pure power of the human brain or computer generated similes, quantum physics. When I was growing up with cousins we were allowed to watch music videos, listen to news events, wear clothes, play games that would not exist for 10 more years, some people were even lucky enough to know the day they were going to die. As my teacher told me, " The ability of forsyth was given to the past, so that the children would not be afraid of life.
My Brain works as the antenna and anyone else's brain acts as the receiver. The same picture that I hold in my head will appear in yours! If I think of a sentence you could even relay the sentence back. As a child a few of my 4th grade mates at Kilgour Elm and I would discuss who evolved. The conversation eventually never brought any resolution. They, my mates, would say that they could hear/see the future through my brain. But I could not see my own path or destiny if you will. I beleive I even promised you this letter after watching your film nearly two decades ago. Before you left my grandmother's house, you seemed to have already known what it would say. However at the age of 15 I met my 27 year old self while watching Super 8, a movie that just recently hit theaters. It was awesome. Another time about 6 years ago we all sat in the living room and listened to my cousin Javier. Javier had not even been born. Strange things happen in this world.
I do plan to read some of your books. I will also watch some more of the documentary. The question I have for you is where you born before the first satellites where launched into space? I ask because the old woman down the street told me that she was coming right back after she died, and I would see her as a little girl on the University of Cincinnati Campus, because now they were letting the children choose their family. The little girl no more than four told me the same line that the old woman said she say verbatim. My next question is have you met any older person's who know where their next life will be or any older (65) person who knew their past life before satellites? Thanks for reading!

  • parker Mar 23, 2012

    Life is certainly a reality, that much we know. I'm equally certain I'm not a part of some alleged "collective UNconsciousness", simply because I also know that I am. I see little wonder in searching such dead ideas, regardless of how noble the author may be perceived to be.

    Human life resonates eternal, not because anyone knows how or why, just because it does. Not even Jung could imagine either a beginning or an end to his own thoughts, let alone a beginning or an end to the mind or the source where all thought originated.

    Our eternal resonance is not mythical in nature, it is factual science. Not only is there sufficient intelligence comprised within each single living human tissue cell to create an entire human being, the intelligence therein is sufficient to replicator itself within that human being, and perhaps even more remarkably, it should be obvious to anyone with even a small trickle of blood flowing to their brain, that if sufficient intelligence resides within each cell to replicate the entire human being, intelligence and all, then surely sufficient intelligence resides within that entire construct to do many such minor things as for example, to maintain perfect health. Or to comprehend the origins of intelligence at this sub-conscious level (not UN-concsious as Jung may well have been).

    When we seek truth from the inherent and known intelligence within each of us (even within each of our cells), as opposed myths, whether of scientific, religious, or other man-made origin, we quickly appreciate that what otherwise seems miraculous, is merely one of the many greater things we are all capable of.

    This is how we understand the erroneous concept of past lives. This known cellular intelligence within us does not just hold miraculous creative power to construct and maintain new humans, it holds a non-quantitive capacity to remember the human experience. Thus we have genetic memory of not only physical appearance and characteristics, but mental attributes and experiences as well. "Hypno-visiting" a past life, is merely searching within the very confines of the memories held in our own living cells - not in the dead entities of the past.

  • frequencytuner Mar 22, 2012

    Encoded within each Organism, each molecule, each cell, each atom: encoded within DNA is the ENTIRE history of LIFE. This includes past, present, future, potential and actual realities of all LIFE and Existence. Time and space have no bearing here. Carl Jung wonderfully called it "the Collective Unconscious". It has also been referred to as the Akashic Record. There is ONE LIFE, ONE Organism, one Body and infinite possibilities for it to manifest and correct itself back into Harmony.

  • jmatt4lifehoe Mar 21, 2012

    Parker, I agree with your commentary, thus far. You've expressed thoughts I've been unable to express, far more eloquently. Kudos to you!

  • parker Mar 21, 2012

    In this forum, science and religion seem to operate in classical divide and conquer style, or at least divide to prevent progress. There are no doubt many idiots in this world disguised as religious fanatics, just like there are many idiots disguised as scientists. Sadly, there seem to be few people of a mind to be open to trying to actually comprehend what they believe and why they believe it. Religion for example, is replete with comments offered by those that have faith simply because their "Bible" and or their spiritual leader/priest/pastor says they should. Scientists likewise, hold dear to what their tiny minds can see, touch, weigh, or quantify in some tangibly definable manner, simply because that is the approach sponsored by the established scientific community.

    Expressions of multiple universes or past lives as if they are a tangible reality is evidence of neither scientific, nor religious thinking, and it certainly is not the manner of expression to bring a union of thoughts between two such disoriented factions. If there is even a slight hope for people to be united in thoughts, or in purpose, or in goals and aspirations, or to at least get along, or try to agree, then first we must stop expressing ourselves as scientists, or as religionists, or titled opinionists.

    Surely we are not all such idiots that we cannot express ourselves without attempting to appeal to one titled group over another.

  • KYRANI Mar 21, 2012

    IMO past lives are meaningful but not from an ego point of view. I as Kyrani did not live before because Kyrani as a personal self /body don't survive death. The soul is eternal and it does pass through many lives or can do. (I do have "memories" or at least information of events in past lives but I don't recall any from birth to death and what I have realized is that all of them are associated with training to do the work I am doing in this life).

    Also I believe that simultaneously there are many dimensions in the spirit world but the soul doesn't exists in many at once.

  • slowlygetnthar Mar 20, 2012

    If there are multiple dimensions, we may be living multiple lives simultaneously. Is this what people perceive as past lives?

    Also, there is plenty of evidence to support reincarnation.

  • jmatt4lifehoe Mar 20, 2012

    I was going to make a comment about past lives, but I instead, I copied and pasted the following:


    An old writing: 12-30-2006
    Updated: 09/27/2009

    This is one of those moments and I felt compelled to put it in writing. The topic is REINCARNATION.

    There is no such thing as reincarnation. It is impossible to live several lives. We live but one.

    Each and every human being is like a satellite dish. We can receive and transmit thought waves whether we know it or not, realize it or not. When we think we have lived another life, we actually are sensing the thought waves of the person who actually lived that life. There are one or more people in each state and around the world who think they were someone in a past life – Cleopatra or Einstein or Gandhi or Napoleon or some mysterious unkown person – countless of past life claims. This can not be. They are experiencing the state of acute human mind consciousness that allows perception of these dead people’s thought waves which were emitted when they actually were alive. Each and every one of us, whether we know it or not, leaves behind this mark on eternity. It is these deceased individual’s brain/thought waves that a human may receive during an instance of ideal relaxation and optimum receptive state of mind – totally tuned in. It is not a past life. WE only live one. This is not a dress rehearsal.

    Our thoughts are waves which WE transmit and can be received, perceived by others. Science yet has uncovered but the tip of the iceberg. We are finally coming into an age where humanity as a whole will be able to better grasp and understand the meaning and the ability of the total mind consciousness which science may outline but does not support. These are the same processes known as PRAYER or meditation as understood and believed by religions in general. There is strength in individual prayer/meditation and in particular prayer/meditation en mass. Science and its edicts only can account for so much. Science can register brain wave activity and many other types of waves; therefore, verifying existence of the thought process. It exists. Religion calls it prayer when focused on a goal. At some point science and religion will acknowledge each other and unite for the common good of all mankind. We first have to learn to get along.

    We still have a lot to discover. It is not time yet. But this may be a beginning.

    LIFE Observation/Commentary

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 17, 2012


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