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Access to the InterGel

Posted Jan. 25, 2012 by Intergel in Open

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commented on Feb. 14, 2012



Also called Entanglement, consider it to be an InterNet which encompasses past and present, physical and ethereal with a connectivity that can be accessed to use the force there. Some call this force “God”. Others accept its existence without being able to name it. Can we learn to develop out natural ability to access this force beyond the suspicion that it is indeed there? What would we use it for, if we did?
Access to the InterGel: Considering the brain to be one’s transmitter/receiver is easy, but not necessarily accurate. If plants can also access the InterGel, where might one find the brain of a lily?
Receiver examples, or downloads, are sight, gut-feeling, intuition. These are impossible to influence as received, only in interpretation. At a hundred metres, too far to see the eyeballs of the target person, one knows when one has been seen in return, even if one may pretend this is not the case. The signal of acknowledgement of having been seen is too strong to suppress. Also the powerful feeling of being watched… a message on the InterGel.
Sender Access, or uploads: It seems that signals of query or intent need purity, or honesty. Not just moral honesty, but intention uncluttered by human deviousness. It would be nice to think that the power can only be used by good intentions and frightening to suppose there is no obvious reason why this might not be so. Prayer in desperation can be honest, but is often tainted by ego manipulation.
Some people are trained to purify their connectivity and can do so at will, e.g. some philosophers, religious persons, mediums. Some people in special segments of the autistic spectrum are incapable of distorting the output of their transmitters in an impure fashion, but presumably some are much more well-tuned than the broad majority who style themselves as ‘normal’. It would be of significant interest to observe the abilities of ‘autistic’ people in this regard. Or to test ‘mediums’ and the ‘fey’ with respect to their position in the autistic arc. Has much research of this aspect been done?

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    BECHAMEL Feb 14, 2012


    Well on the flip side, it is a pity someone couldnt "just know" BEFORE there is anyone to locate in such condotion. If there was a psi tip hotline, could you imagine the number of leads to sort? I still think people could get the idea to attempt to discredit a person this way. Not merely the remainder of issues, which are not absent.

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 14, 2012

    Thanks for the Ervin Laszlo suggestion. Will look for it.

    Bechamel, yes, there is that famous case in California of the woman who "just knew" where the body of a missing woman RN was located. When she led police there, they booked her as the suspect. Pretty scary. The real perps were apprehended, but only after much trouble to the innocent psychic woman.

    I would worry about something like that or even wasting valuable time on erroneous clues that don't pan out.

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    BECHAMEL Feb 13, 2012

    Somewhere on the boards was a remark about a person with a vision of a missing person ignored, by police. However the information was accessed, a word on this.

    People do not go to crime investigators with hunches and visions, maybe for fear of being implicated, labeled, ignored being the least of it. And there is more. There are risks. Lets say people start profiling eachother and a bunch of people just do not like a particular individual for various reasons. Juries rely on hunches, come to hard fought decisions and have made mistakes. People get put to death due to them and an oops, sorry later on will not bring them back. So yes, intuition and knowing are potentially important. Just need to be tempered. Which can be difficult.

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    Intergel Feb 13, 2012

    Thanks, Slowlygetnthar, better put than I have it.
    Very pertinent to my query, I have just come across this from Ervin Laszlo's 'Science and the Akashic Field' - " At this crucial juncture in the evolution of human civilization it would be of particular importance to cultivate our long-neglected faculty for accessing the in-formation conserved in the A-field. We would not only develop closer ties to each other and to nature, we might also gain insights into ways to cope with the problems of our technologically evolved but largely rudderless civilization..." Obviously, his A-Field is that source of information that tells the plant seed, or the quarks, or the black-holes how to get their acts together. I strongly recommend this book to everyone!

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 12, 2012

    When you ask: Can we learn to develop out natural ability to access this force beyond the suspicion that it is indeed there? What would we use it for, if we did?

    I am a little curious why there is the assumption, there, that we are not accessing it already? Much of the info in these IONS discussion boards would suggest that we are utilizing it in various fruitful ways--healing, unity, love & connectivity.

    You also ask: If plants can also access the InterGel, where might one find the brain of a lily?

    I think of Stuart Hammeroff's idea that we are electromagetic signatures in the universe, which the universe recognizes as unique to us, individually. It seems that signature is stored in us, and when we die, it leaves the body, at death, as consciousness continues--perhaps associated with that signature--adhering to it.

    Why wouldn't a plant have the same electromagnetic signature? If so, it stands to reason that it has consciousness associated with that signature, but does it necessarily have to have a brain to have consciousness? I am thinking that, perhaps, since the signature/identity is stored electromagnetically, that this is stored in the plant, throughout the whole plant, like DNA dictates cell structure, for the whole. Is the seed the brain? It contains all the info necessary to receive the sun, rain, and knows when it is time to sprout. After that, via growth, maybe that "knowing" is transferred throughout the plant?

    The bottom line is that we do not know how plants perceive their own existence, but it does not mean they don't have consciousness and their entire structure cannot contain consciousness. There is that book about the Secret Life of Plants, in which research indicates plants do have consciousness.

    Rather than assign notions of purity, the word "uncluttered" seemed to more accurately describe effective connection with the Big Force/G*d/All that Is/Tao/the unnamed. The less cluttered intention is when offered as prayer/spell/incantation/mantra, the more potent.Positive and negative intentions have been used to harness it and work *magic* in this world, for good or evil, with or without ego.

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    Intergel Feb 10, 2012

    Jim Centi,
    Thanks for that. Take care.
    While it is fascinating that Science is in the process of nibbling away at proving Theories of Everything, and more strength to their elbow, I feel that us mortals with the conviction that there is a huge power at our fingertips would like to find out ways of improving such gifts of ability that we may have. My next step is to find out how.

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    Jim Centi Feb 09, 2012


    I’ve done a bit more exploring; the term “nonlocal consciousness” is another phrase for the search engine.....Jim

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    Jim Centi Feb 09, 2012

    If you place the word “intention” into the search engine on this site, you’ll find several sources which address what I believe you are looking for.

    Rupert Sheldrake has done a lot of research on the “being watched” thing. Plugging his name in the search engine will also lead you several sources. Best wishes…..Jim

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    Intergel Feb 09, 2012

    Dear IONS team - does nobody there have any answers about the questions posed? Any thoughts for guidance to those of us groping in the dark? Is there any merit in these suggestions? Shall I start a thread to pose questions directly to the team? Shall definitely do so if it would get some attention. Thank you all for all the interesting Noetic thoughts.

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