Teach Me Everything you know...then I'd be as ignorant as you

Posted Jan. 4, 2012 by DyckDyck in Open

commented on Jan. 17, 2012
by ProtectiveAngel



Anyone out there who longs for what's real (& isn't sure what real is)... not simply for information, not for opinions, not staying within the 'known', nor within the unknown (which is the known also). I keep checking back every few months in hopes of finding signs of intelligent life... maybe even a slightly heightened state of life... one that isn't so interested, like a mating male bird, in showing its feathers. .... in hopes of finding an org I can put my support behind. (I'm not putting myself above anyone...cuz I'm not what I'd call intelligent life either. But, I genuinely want to explore uncharted waters with similarly motivated people.)

Looking at the Discussions, the offerings of Workshops, Seminars, Retreats... I am finding little else (a few exceptions) than what people think they 'know' and want to bestow on others for some money. How ridiculous this seems to me in an ostensibly learned society that claims high ground as search for truth. Why are there no gatherings to explore, to develop important questions, to take on the impediments to learning... examining the caged beast, reality, spiritual-science connection, God, consciousness, affection, humor...

Perhaps it is not known how to seek the truth, how to be tentative, how to inquire actually. Perhaps it is not know how to lay aside one's subjective self, to peek at one's conditioning or bias... to see without colored glasses. Has anyone considered that teaching may be more for the teacher to learn than the student... or that teaching without hierarchy may engage or stimulate one's curiosity, but not against a backdrop of image and authority.

Someone will undoubtedly dissect this post to point out my contradictions, inconsistencies, mistaken premises, etc.... & become my perfect example.

  • ProtectiveAngel Jan 17, 2012

    I really like your post. A lot of thought. So correct.

  • DyckDyck Jan 05, 2012

    Tho it may sound flippant, I respect what I am reading coming from my brothers and sisters of earth. Regarding discussion or behaviors, what I say or do is my truth and it is exactly what it needs to be at my point in life. Tho we seem to be in different places & suffering from our myriad of diverse experiences, I want to understand in my bones that you are me, and I am you, and we are seeing the face of God in one another, even if we don't recognize it yet.

    Although Fallensoul surely has different intention, the illustration is a perfect example of Not himself doing what is 'advised'. I do not condemn this in myself or others... only notice it is not so easy to live the change, if that is my intention. Personally, I think I'm learning that I'm not even intelligent enough to know what change I should want, nor am I able to figure out for myself how to have it. Maybe I simply need to learn (& I don't know how) to step out of my cage (it is a strong sense I'm caged).

    Bubbles, is so very prolific in her writing all over this forum. I sense she has a lot to express and I hope what is most important to her is not devalued or neglected solely due to the sheer volume of expression... as this is simply human nature and would not be personal at all if that did occur.

  • Fallensoul Jan 04, 2012

    Be the change DyckDyck, rather than criticizing the sorry state of the world. Do something practical!

    The problem is not with the outside, its the unclear consciousness with which we see the world. Gold is gold even in this dirty place. Seek and ye shall find intelligence life all around you. But if you focus on the dirt then what can be done?

    It almost appears as if you're hoping for the Absolute truth to come knocking on your door and solve all your problems. It's not going to happen. Besides that, frustration is the proof that one is not that Absolute Truth.

    Unless we become sincere active seekers rather than armchair philosophers with poor vision, we will remain frustrated.

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