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by charliet



When you realize that your eyes only allow you to "see" a tiny sliver of what's "really going on" you begin to wonder which world is the real world and the nature of reality itself crumbles while the rest of the world looks on, oblivious.

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  • charliet Nov 27, 2011

    To quote Max Ehrmann - " and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding, as it should" - All realities are real, the one that we are in now and the glimpses of the ones in our minds. A much wiser power than you and I has put all in motion and you are where you are supposed to be, accept and enjoy, do not disregard your wondering's or insights, listen to others and learn what you can from them, do not accept all as much will be false, if it fits and makes sense then it is probably so, we all learn at our own pace, as it should be. Good luck in your search, keep reading and posting, this is part of how we learn.

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