The Number 7

Posted Nov. 17, 2011 by frequencytuner in Open

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commented on Dec. 31, 2011
by Renaissance



I invite all on this site to brainstorm and discuss the number 7. I will begin.

In the human birth cycle, Tibetans believe that the "soul" is incarnated into the baby on the 49th day after conception. This corresponds to the biological development of the brain, specifically the Pineal Gland, as well as the heart and it's major arteries and the brain and spinal column which happens during the 7th week after conception. What makes this interesting is the occult correspondences with the biblical creation story in Genesis.

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    Renaissance Dec 31, 2011

    The number 7 is not a number of completion but a number of wisdom. From the 7 we progress to the 8 where we use the wisdom we have gained in the material and physical world. From this we progress to the 9 - the number of completion and inclusion, the number that encompasses everyone and all things. It is the number of forgiveness and of letting go. In this way we progress to the 1 and begin a new cycle of 9 years all over again - a fresh start. I love the language of numbers! www.annabelcastro.com

  • Jim Kupczyk Nov 26, 2011

    was it a coincidence you posted on 11/17/11 ? I have limited experience in numerology, but feel blessed to have been born on 7/17/67 :D

  • KYRANI Nov 19, 2011

    In the Pagan traditions there is also a significance There is the four cardinal directions, up and down and the centre point.

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