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What is the Original Origin of "Ideas?"

Posted Nov. 2, 2011 by LawrenceCarson in Open

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commented on Jan. 27, 2015
by Imagination



Pre-awareness Thought Induction

Theory: “Ideas Preceding “Cognitive Thoughts.”
( Ideas + Consciousness = Thoughts )

Have you ever noticed when you are actively engaged in a vibrant communication that ideas just seem to instantly and effortless flow into your mind and in a flash leave your tongue? It’s like when you say something totally unique for the very first time … and then become aware (think about) of the idea … for the very first time … “AFTER” the words left your mouth.

Ideas seem to be birthed in some sub- or super-conscious realm … and then seemingly “out of nowhere” … show up under our lamps of awareness at the exact same time when we speak them. What is up with that? Is someone else inductively thinking in my head? :-)

If anyone knows of any research being done on this I would be "Totally Grateful" to learn where I can go to uncover where these ideas are first sired.

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    Imagination Jan 27, 2015

    There is a Hindu idea that all ideas already exist in the (symbolic/real) ether; humans simply tap into them. X-ref: conscious mind, subconscious mind, superconscious mind, spiritual metaphysics, new thought.

    I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us- everything that exists - proves that there are infinite laws behind it. There can be no denying this fact. It is mathematical in its precision.

    - Thomas A. Edison


    There is nothing new under the sun.

    (Old saying)


    Law of Attraction



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    jackhawk Nov 10, 2011

    Mystics,shamans,oracles,medicine men, religions , synchronicity, coincidence ,epiphanies.knowledge.

    What do all of the above have in common?
    IMHO--There is only one perennial quest.
    It is for direct contact with the Consciousness of the Cosmos. [C of C ]
    MYSTICISM. There is only one source.
    Our history is of varying degrees of success in this quest
    There may be only this ONE source of knowledge regardless of education.
    The sea of information and meaning in and of C of C.

  • Saoirse Nov 06, 2011

    Aw, Come on -- throw the ball TO me, not AT me ;-) Just kidding! I'll try to catch it in any case. I think you'd first have to come up with some more concrete ideas on specifically what it is and how we access it. I can imagine a lot of cool things -- all the fiction that was ever written begins with, "What if...?" What if, long before our history began, there was a civilization of elves and little creatures called hobbits? What if a little girl fell down a rabbit hole? What if a little orphan boy found out he had special powers? If it's just about asking what if," it's just a story. It doesn't even have to make sense. You can just make it up as you go along.

    A lot of science also begins with "what if..." But, before you could get to the point of actually designing studies, you have to move beyond that, or at least, narrow it down to a more specific "what if". So, I think you'd begin by pulling together the existing evidence that leads you to believe such a library exists. You'd use that to come up with some theories on the nature of it. And then you'd make predictions based on those theories, and that's the point where you can begin figuring out how to test the theories. Trying to design a study without that groundwork wouldn't amount to anything more than making up a story.

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    LawrenceCarson Nov 06, 2011

    At Saoirse:

    But "what if" .. ideas (not yet thought up consciously or subconsciously yet by the human) are actually trans-induced from some cosmic library ... some Jungian arch-field ... some where out there where "spookey things" occur ? Hmm. How could our experimental scientists devise a repeatable experiment to detect this? I am just wondering.

  • Saoirse Nov 03, 2011

    I think there's a lot going on in our brains all the time that we're not consciously attending to. Imagine trying to go about our business if we were constantly aware of regulating our heartbeat, breathing, and body temperature. We're also constantly monitoring our environment, and half the time we're not paying much attention to our thoughts. So, I think it's natural that we should suddenly become aware of such things when they're called to our attention. Sometimes the thoughts that come out without conscious effort are useful. Sometimes not -- such as those times when someone blurts something out in anger and then says, "I didn't mean that!" Obviously they thought it, but they surprised themselves when they blurted it out.

    Last spring I was walking with a friend and we were carrying on a conversation when I suddenly shot my left arm out to prevent him from moving forward. Not until after I'd stopped him did I look down and realize why I'd done it. His next step would landed on a Northern Pacific rattlesnake, who was lying very still on the trail, hoping we wouldn't notice him. While I was consciously attending to our conversation, part of my brain was still monitoring the environment. The fact that I stopped my friend before consciously registering the presence of the snake illustrates why our brains evolved to operate in this way -- it's a survival mechanism. In the time it took for me to consciously notice the snake and call my friend's attention to him, my friend would already have stepped on him.

  • Youngbear Roth, RYT/CYT Nov 03, 2011

    Pre-awareness - Humanity is an expression of, a result of, and a cause of the whole of creation; we are not at the center of creation - rather we are creation as every element and quality and all organisms are creation.

    Cognitive ideation/thinking - Ego plays an essential role in the creative process as it plays an essential role in the evolution of human consciousness. The ego conceives of thought-forms (most obvious during vibrant communication) because ego desires to survive.

    Closing the circle - Survival is a major aspect of creation.

    "Research being done... -" See research work in Eastern philosophy and Western psychoanalysis. Essentially, you would have to follow a paper trail that leads back approximately eight thousand years to the Indus Valley civilizations and then work your way to the present to trace our conscious work with the manipulation of thought-form subtle energy and ideation in the evolution of transformative psychological and spiritual modalities.

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