Noetic Science mentioned on "Ancient Aliens"

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by ProtectiveAngel



Most recent show of Ancient Aliens mentioned the PSI helmet. I'm not sure of their ideas. A caution from God may be found in the Bible, Jeremiah 23:25-39, so make sure of your messages. My belief is with God. That is the source that gives the power. Since my studies for finding myself, I've become more at peace with everything, including these gifts or talents.

What other shows does everyone watch to find world knowledge about ourselves and special powers? It's like studying ancient history. Decoded, Ancient Aliens, Legend Quest, and Jesse Ventura. Tie together the shows' information. The same information appears on more than one show.

  • ProtectiveAngel Oct 29, 2011

    Thank you for your caution about these shows. Sometimes it's the read between the lines parts of these shows that are just as important. As for the oxygen, maybe the problem could be the same as no trees on a mountain. Breathing would be OK, just thin.

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    EthanT Oct 29, 2011

    Saoirse, that no oxygen thing gave me a good laugh. Thanks I needed that, lol.

  • Saoirse Oct 28, 2011

    You have to be careful with that show. I watch it pretty often, because it's fun to see a lot of the archaeological sites they talk about. But at the same time, I find it really frustrating to watch because so much of the information is just plain wrong. I'm not talking about the theory itself, or their interpretation of the facts, but what they list as "facts" about archaeological sites is frequently just not true. For example there's a site they claim was destroyed by a nuclear weapon. They base this claim on three "facts." 1. There are still dangerously high radiation levels there. There are not. The radiation levels are normal -- just as they are at Hiroshima. Even if the city had been destroyed by a nuke, it wouldn't still be radioactive. And of course, teams of archaeologists have been working on the site for many years, quite safely. 2. There is no sign of the population with the exception of a few individuals who died in the streets and were left unburied in the panic, which means most of them were vaporized. This is also not true. Occasionally something happens -- like the ash at Pompeii or the mud flow at Herculaneum that preserves a city and its inhabitants as they were in their last moments, but this is rare. In most cases from antiquity, you're lucky to find a couple of intact burials. In this case they were lucky and they did find a few sets of remains -- all within grave sites, not lying face down in the streets. 3. Some of the rock has been vitrified. I can't speak to this one, other than to say that there are plenty of forms of natural glass, but I don't know enough about this particular claim to speak to it.

    On a recent episode about ancient electricity, I have to say I was laughing pretty hard. The claim was that the Egyptians couldn't have used torches or lamps for light while building and painting in the pyramids, because there's no oxygen in the pyramids, so there could be no flame. The host even verified this for himself, when someone turned the lights out during a tour. He flicked his cigarette lighter and -- he announces dramatically -- It DIDN'T WORK! He was apparently missing the real miracle -- that just like the ancient Egyptians, he and his tour group were breathing quite comfortably despite the "fact" that there was no oxygen!

    It's definitely an amusing show, but it's intended for entertainment, so I'd be cautious about taking it as any more than that.

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