Happy 80th Birthday Edgar Mitchell!

Posted Sept. 15, 2010 by IONS Staff in Open

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commented on Sept. 30, 2010
by SandraHelton



Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Happy 80th Birthday, Edgar!

This week we celebrate the 80th birthday of IONS co-founder and Apollo 14 astronaut,
Dr. Edgar Mitchell. He was the sixth man to walk on the moon and a pioneer in consciousness research. Please join the celebration and share your wishes and birthday greetings with Edgar by posting a comment below.

If you’d like to learn more about the remarkable experience that radically altered Edgar’s worldview and lead to the founding of IONS in 1973, you will want to listen to this free teleseminar with Edgar and IONS President, Marilyn Mandala Schlitz.

We are grateful for the inspiration, insight and years of guidance Edgar has given to the staff, board, members, Community Groups and followers of The Institute of Noetic Sciences. Thank you Edgar! And Happy Birthday!!!

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  • Anonymous Icon

    SandraHelton Sep 30, 2010

    Happy Birthday! With love and gratitude always, Sandra Helton

  • Anonymous Icon

    ommadevaki Sep 28, 2010

    Thank you for the wonderful gift you've given us!! Abundant blessings!

  • Fallensoul Sep 28, 2010

    Happy Birthday. IONS rocks.

  • Anonymous Icon

    kpeil Sep 26, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar! I hope it makes you smile to know that some of us are carrying the torch at Harvard Divinity School.
    May there be many more birthdays!
    Katherine Peil

  • Anonymous Icon

    Mecia Sep 21, 2010

    Happy Birthday Mr. Mitchel from Brasil! I really hope we can enlight the world!
    Thank you!
    Love and blessings

  • Anonymous Icon

    kangwa Sep 20, 2010

    Happy birthday Mr Mitchell, thank you your work and commitment to humankind, wish you all the best,


  • Anonymous Icon

    tiger777 Sep 19, 2010

    Happy Birthday and thank you for so much inspiration and vision!

  • Anonymous Icon

    jring281 Sep 19, 2010

    Thank you for fostering exploration of noetics. You have pioneered far beyond the Moon. Happy Birthday.

  • Anonymous Icon

    SandyU Sep 19, 2010

    Thank you for your leadership and vision in creating IONS which has meant so much to me and to so many others. And, for your service to this country. Many blessings. Happy 80th Birthday -- a great milestone! ♥

  • Anonymous Icon

    eyemacmarilyn Sep 19, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar! I thank you for all you have done and are doing for humanity! Blessings

  • Anonymous Icon

    Connie Sep 19, 2010

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday. Thank you for all you have done for so many.
    Much love, gratitude and best wishes.

  • peacemakertoo Sep 19, 2010

    Happy 80th BDay from The Border Seekers Community Group of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
    Today we'll have our monthly IONS Gathering in Hobbs, New Mexico.
    You'll be in our hearts and minds during our group Meditation.
    Thank you for committing so much energy to The Institute of Noetic Sciences.
    Please know you are loved.
    Neena Wagnon, Group Coordinator
    The Border Seekers Community Group
    Hobbs, New Mexico

  • WestKootenayIonsGroup Sep 19, 2010

    Greetings from Salmo B.C. Canada!!!!
    Dear Edgar, I am wishing you the happiest of birthdays, but you are just getting started!!!. Thank you so much for the steps you took to advance human consciousness and for your courage in advancing our space (inner and outer) exploration. I have always been grateful and impressed by your clear stand in creating IONS, a stellar organizaton. Hope you have many more healthy happy trips around the sun, moon and cosmos

  • Anonymous Icon

    David Cooper Sep 18, 2010

    Wishing you a grand birthday, and a bunch more. For so many of us this wonderful IONS creation of yours has been an integral element of our life journey - thank you.

  • Sandstone Sep 18, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Dr Mitchell. I wish you all the best. Warmest regards, Sandy.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Danielleclearwater Sep 18, 2010

    I never had an idol until I read 'The Way of the Explorer'. Your work has inspired me and affirmed a deep knowing I was born with. Thank you for following your own path, and leading us into a new era. Have a wonderful birthday Mr. Mitchell! With love and admiration, Danielle.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Warmheart Sep 18, 2010

    Happy Birthday Dr. Mitchell. I had the great honor to serve you as a volunteer at an IONS conference a few years ago - that was definitely a high point in my life. To hear you share a moment of Grace - out in space, seeing the Earth - how that impacted you has inspired me to this day. Thank you for finding IONS - thank you for creating space to believe.......Warmly, Janet

  • Anonymous Icon

    annfrost Sep 18, 2010


    Many happy returns as we used to say when I was small. The spiral that started with your epiphany on your return on your Apollo mission continues to this day moving ever outward and touching more and more lives. A wonderful legacy!

  • Anonymous Icon

    celestial Sep 18, 2010


  • helenssd Sep 18, 2010

    Through IONS, you have offered moon quality adventures right here on earth! What a legacy, and what a gift to us all.
    With deepest gratitude, Helen L. Stewart, Ph.D.

  • Tunkah Sep 18, 2010

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. MITCH!!! .... and thanks for having my sister, Cathy, involved as an employee. Advancing the evolution of consciousness through awareness and hard work has GOT to improve the speed and immediacy of a sorely needed breakthrough towards an intentional application of the occurrence you called samahdi that you entered near the end Apollo mission 14 . My dream is that your work can create our ability to actualize this view or state of mind at will. That, in my opinion, would be so wonderful! Keep that intention of good health going to 'B-day 100' and beyond!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    lillywhite Sep 18, 2010

    With deep gratitude for the Being of YOU .Happy blessed birthday

  • Glennis Sep 18, 2010

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Edgar Mitchell! : )
    You are a living example of how ONE Person can CHANGE the WORLD! Yeah!!!
    Thank you for sharing the Inspiration you experienced when you were engulfed by "a sense of universal connectedness... (and that the) cosmos itself was in some way conscious..." THANK YOU for Being YOU! Keep Shining & Sharing your LIGHT and ESSENCE!
    Blessings of Inner Peace, Love, Laughter, and Insight on you today and everyday! Namaste' Glennis Walters Smith

  • Anonymous Icon

    mamesan Sep 18, 2010

    Happy birthday! You inspired us so much even in Japan. Your contributions of the noetic science will change many places in our planet. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday!

  • rodsherwin Sep 18, 2010

    Thanks for stepping beyond the closed boundaries of scientific prejudice to explore our true noetic selves.

  • Anonymous Icon

    particle Sep 18, 2010

    ˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

    namaste....stephen hamper

  • Grace Waters Sep 17, 2010

    Dr Mitchell,

    Immense gratitude to the energy droplet of the Universe who chose to express themselves as the wonder-filled being you are. Your insights are a beautiful part of creating the ascension that is occurring.

    Metanoia, Satori, Samadhi,



  • ankora Sep 17, 2010

    Just last Sunday I listened and watched, with great appreciation, to a presentation on the IONS programs given my Marilyn Schlitz. Although I have been an occassional visitor to the IONS site, I will certainly come more frequently now to participate. Wishing you a very very happy and blessing-filled birthday and year with deep appreciation for the gifts you have brought to the world of consciousness and healing. You and IONS are a blessing!

    Nell Gates

  • Anonymous Icon

    aliasalison Sep 17, 2010

    Happy birthday, Dr Mitchell. May your new personal year be full of joy.

  • Anonymous Icon

    vrominger Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday Greetings!
    It was an honor and a privilege to meet you in Norfolk in 2006 when you presented with Bruce Lipton and Adam Dreamhealer. You are a truly a man for the ages and I am so grateful I was able to hear your presentation on quantum physics--it finally made sense to me! As an elementary school teacher, I have been able to tell my students I shook hands with the sixth man to walk on the moon, and you have inspired me to get more in-depth in my approach to science education.

    I am deeply grateful for all your courage, perseverance and dedication to scientific and spiritual truth illuminated by your work. And may that work continue for many years to come, for the benefit of all mankind now and for future generations. Thank you and I wish you all the best always!

    Victoria Rominger

  • Anonymous Icon

    AngelHeart Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday Mr. Mitchell, May you be filled with peace, joy, happiness and much laughter throughout the year.
    Many Blessings to you with love...

  • Anonymous Icon

    alphasigma10 Sep 17, 2010

    Wishing you Happy Birthday from the earth -all the way to the sky and back!
    You will always be my bright, bright star!
    Thank you for your wonderful work, Sir!
    Many Cheers!

  • Rubens Rodrigues Sep 17, 2010

    Although it is a pity that Michel is no longer with us, it was a blessing he has been one day. Never has the world needed so much more men of that quality.

  • K20 Sep 17, 2010

    I hope to grow younger like you Sir.Happy Birthday.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Susan Cooper Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Dear Edgar,
    Happy Birthday to you.
    And thank you, thank you!

  • lightbeing33 Sep 17, 2010

    Stay way out there Edgar - for another 80?

  • Anonymous Icon

    1sunnyjay Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday and many more! I am so glad you were born, and that you engendered IONS. I find it encouraging to see many different disciplines coming to similar conclusions about spirituality "dovetailing" into and with science, as each learns more and 'belays' the other to go where separately they could, nay would not go.

  • Elizabeth Miller Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to participate in bringing new generations into the IONS community, and to sharing your wisdom and vision in new ways. Wishing you a year of peace, joy and new possibilities.

  • Anonymous Icon

    TWalters Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday Dr. Mitchell, may it be relaxing and full of good times!

  • Anonymous Icon

    JoyofJoy Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday to "The Man in the Moon"............we have been looking up to the moon our whole life. Who knew there would one day
    be men on that moon. Thank you for bringing this moment in our time. A true pioneer and hero!!! God Bless.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Caryl Sep 17, 2010

    Congratulations & Happy 80th Birthday~so glad I found you all!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    dianepasley Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Edgar, Happy Birthday to you! And many more..... :-)

  • Anonymous Icon

    Razer0 Sep 17, 2010

    Hey spaceman

    you're doing well :)

  • Anonymous Icon

    seaweed Sep 17, 2010

    Happy 80th Birthday, Edgar!
    Thanks for being out of this world and into inner space!
    Sherry from Vancouver, BC Canada

  • Anonymous Icon

    BarbaraW Sep 17, 2010

    Happy 80th Birthday, Dr. Mitchell!

    Your contributions to the field of Noetic Sciences and consciousness research are very much appreciated.

    Wishing you many happy returns of the day.


    Barbara in Chicago

  • Anonymous Icon

    bellefolly Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for asking the new questions and inviting us all to join you in exploring their possible answers.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Karla Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday!!! Many happy returns!!!

  • StephanieFoley Sep 17, 2010

    Hap-hap-happy Birthday and thank you for inspiring so many!!!

  • Anonymous Icon

    susanapr Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday Dr. Mitchell, with wishes for many blessings in your future, and in gratitude for your sensitivity, your vision and your courage to honor them. susan

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday to you dear Edgar! Thank you so much for your work that is allowing many of us all across
    the planet to wake up! As you have honored the voice of the ancients I honor you! The star particles
    present in each of us are now bursting forth...Isn't this human ride glorious? (and it is only the beginning)..
    with gratitude and love, Gretchen Dreisbach

  • Stephanie Aho Sep 17, 2010

    Dear Edgar ~ Many happy returns of the day! Wishing you blessings of light , love, and laughter ~ with deepest gratitude, Stephanie

  • Mark2 Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar! Your experiences and insights are an inspiration to the world.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Denise Lewis Premschak Sep 17, 2010

    Blissful Birthday Blessings to a world treasure!
    With great love and respect,

    "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon." Anonymous
    Denise Lewis Premschak CEO

  • Matthew Gilbert Sep 17, 2010

    You are a true pioneer, Edgar, and an inspiration to many. I am honored to be part of your mission and work!

  • Linda Block Sep 17, 2010

    Wishes for a Glorious Birthday! Thank you for your inspiration and dedication to raising our consciousness.
    Many Blessings.

  • Anonymous Icon

    creatorsguide Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Mitchell.

    Thank you for opening your eyes, heart, mind, soul and spirit to the infinite potential that is Creation - and to exploring our role in it.

    Julie Ann Turner

  • Anonymous Icon

    sawyerjw Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Mitchell, and thank you for all your great work.

  • Anonymous Icon

    clarissap102 Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you for illuminating the darkness and inspiring us all to greatness. We are all so blessed to have a soul like yours in our midst!

  • CLSmeed Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Mitchell! You are an inspiration to us all!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Shea Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar! Wishing you every happiness - today and every day! :)

  • rolandg Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday from Germany! Thanks for all your beautiful work. Roland

  • Anonymous Icon

    levitatingcat Sep 17, 2010

    Happy birthday & thank you for showing us the lamp by the light of the tree! From Rick & his cat.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Coe1951 Sep 17, 2010

    Happy Birthday from England Edgar, i hope you have the most fantastic day x x x x x

  • Anonymous Icon

    Merlandre Sep 16, 2010

    Happy birthday Edgar.

  • Anonymous Icon

    gaines Sep 16, 2010

    Edgar, aloha and Happy Birthday from Hawaii...I'm sure you saw the islands from the most wonderful vantage point....you always inspire,

  • Anonymous Icon

    kg92253 Sep 16, 2010

    Happy, happy birthday Edgar! Thank you for the amazing inspiration and wisdom you have brought to us and others around the world in such a short time--in your down to earth way. May your next 80 years be as rewarding for us all, and may you continue to find and receive all the great health, happiness, nourishment and divine spark to continue with your great work. Namaste....Kathy & Thom Gottberg

  • Anonymous Icon

    Iriekrys Sep 16, 2010

    Only eighty candles? I'm thankful for the infinite number stars you've sparked among us all in sharing your life. May you keep having ignition for years and years to come! Sto lat.

  • Anonymous Icon

    laurieann Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for your courage and foresight in starting this wonderful organization. It's so great to connect with all these wonderful people! We are blessed to share this earth with you.

  • Anonymous Icon

    a_silvertreak Sep 16, 2010



  • Anonymous Icon

    greentiger Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar! Would love to sit with you over a cuppa some day to hear some of your stories.Here's to many more,Birthdays and stories.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Hopeforus57 Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. I met Niel Armstrong in Wapakineta Ohio as a child of the American Revolution. Ever since then I have been interested in space, and spiritually all my life I have just had an inner knowing that everything is connected in some way, out there and in here. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, so that we may keep learning about ourselves, our planet, our universe and our noetic connectedness. You have touched the lives of so many! I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!
    Love and many blessings to you
    Michelle Penland

  • meirg Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday dear Edgar! Thank you for your great aweinspiring contribution to a new paradigm, one that puts CONSCIOUSNESS on top!

  • Anonymous Icon

    coachkeith Sep 16, 2010

    Thank you Dr. Mitchell. Your contribution to the collective is beyond modern compare. I had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing Dr. Mitchell speak in London at the "The Field" conference a few year ago. The world and man's destiny is forever in debt. Although I believe he would say it is/was his pleasure to serve.

    Rev Dr Keith Furrow

  • Anonymous Icon

    EarthNimbus Sep 16, 2010

    Thank you for coming to the planet. All of humanity is better because you are here and it's ripple effect is felt throughout the multi-verse.

  • Anonymous Icon

    varda Sep 16, 2010

    Dear Edgar
    It's a wonderful occasion to express my admiration to what you have achived, once I have seen you on t.v. interview 12 years ago, your words mooved me , I felt you were touching the expirience I have knwon since my early youth, to hear it from you was , and still a great inspiration.
    Happy birthday to you! and bless your inner light that touched so many people.
    Varda Genossar
    Herzliya, Israel

  • Anonymous Icon

    MindofRebecca Sep 16, 2010

    Happy, happy birthday, dear Edgar. Hope it is a grand one.
    Rebecca Tait (MindofRebecca)

  • starlightstarbright Sep 16, 2010

    A very Happy Birthday, Dr. Mitchell! Though we just met briefly at a conference in Rangeley, Maine several years ago, you will always hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you for your incredible contributions to the human family, and thank you for touching my life with your insight, kindness, and magic.

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

    There! That's 80 thank yous!!! We love you, Dr. Mitchell!

    with much joy,

    Terrie St. Clair (starlightstarbright)

  • pjjwings Sep 16, 2010

    May your spirit soar high on this your 8th decade. Kudos for all your hard work and for all you share with us. Blessings and light, 4P

  • Anonymous Icon

    energizespirit Sep 16, 2010

    Happy birthday, Edgar. I am honored to almost share a birthday with you (mines today 16th). What an amazing life you have lead. Thank you for all your hard work with IONS and your incredible commitment to the deeper meaning of life on this planet.

    Love and Blessings,
    Nancy Rohrman
    Norco, California

  • Anonymous Icon

    RuthKenney Sep 16, 2010

    Happy birthday, Edgar! Your work with IONS has enriched my life and given it a greater depth of meaning. I owe much to the Institute and to my friends at SacIONS for helping create a community I can count on.

    Ruth Kenney

  • Richard Lubrich Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday Captain

    . . . prayin' all's well w/ you & yours

    - Accolades on every achievement that you've made in the issuing years that've passed . . .

    Respectfully Submitted, richard w lubrich jr [joanne says Happy Birthday as well]

  • Adrianarainho Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Edgar! Thank you for making human beings believe in themselves and makes us realize that we can go beyond ourselves!
    May this year bring you wonderful changes in your health, abundance and love!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Fran Sep 16, 2010

    Happy, happy day today and every day! Thank you for all you've done and continue to do for humanity!

    Fran Theis

  • Angela Murphy Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Edgar! It's been such an honor and pleasure to support the vision you had 38 years ago. IONS is a great place to work and sharing the research and educational materials to help make a difference in the world is a joy! Thank you for all that you've done.
    Angela Murphy

  • Anonymous Icon

    sliberman Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for your inspiring service to mankind!

    Sergio Liberman
    Austin, TX

  • Anonymous Icon

    RichardLee Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday:)

  • Anonymous Icon

    Iridiumorb Sep 16, 2010

    Happy 80th! So grateful you co-founded IONS.

  • Anonymous Icon

    SueStClair Sep 16, 2010

    Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  • Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo Sep 16, 2010

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Edgar!

    We are inspired, and encouraged, by your work and your wisdom. Thank you!

    Donald & Cheryl Lynne Rubbo
    Rubbo Art of Energy

  • Anonymous Icon

    Sueperb33 Sep 16, 2010

    Happy 80th trip around the sun, Edgar!
    Your life has been one of amazing physical and metaphysical adventures - may you continue to enjoy them in many realms with the companionship and support of many co-travelers. Thank you for "birthing" IONS and for being an inspiring pioneer! I have been a noetic scientist all of my life, just never knew what to call it! Thank you for creating a community for us - It is in my consciousness for us to meet someday!!
    Susan Werb
    Math Teacher
    G-STAR School of the Arts
    WPB, FL

  • Rusty Shores Sep 16, 2010

    Very happy birthday Edgar! Your contributions to the exploration of both outer and inner space have been a blessing for our world. Hope you enjoy your special day.

  • Semiscient Sep 16, 2010

    Wishing you a very happy birthday, Dr. Mitchell. Was honoured to have met you when volunteering at the IRVA conference back in 2001.
    Not recognizing you as the plenary speaker, I stopped you at the door on the night of the gala reception, asking you for your ticket.
    I still get a chuckle out of that memory. All the best in the coming years!

  • sherart Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar. Thank you so much for bringing us IONS and opening up our world to the possibilities of the impossible. I believe the consciousness of all of us is soaring because of your courage and imagination.
    Sherrie Looper

  • Anonymous Icon

    ANaturalJourney Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Edgar. Your courage, wisdom, and ancient knowledge are providing us, in this life, with the understandings and unfolding of many precious noetic principles that have been for too long forgotten. We are grateful to you and those who have served alongside you in binging IONS into the mainstream. Thank you for your life and, may your dreams continue to be fulfilled ... beyond your wildest imagination.

    Suzanne Haik-Hynes

  • Anonymous Icon

    conchgal Sep 16, 2010

    Wow! I renewed my membership just in time to wish you a Happy Birthday, Mr. Mitchell! Thank you for all your work on consciousness and raising ours.

  • Anonymous Icon

    crzrwoman2001 Sep 16, 2010


  • Zions Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Mirth Day Edgar!

    May it explode with genuine love and happiness out of the sheer magnitude of gratitude expressed by all for everything that you have accomplished to continue the upward mobility of understanding consciousness!! And, may it soon be seen and acknowledged by all that consciousness is indeed a spiritually scientific proposition!


  • Anonymous Icon

    kerryneeds Sep 16, 2010

    Dear Edgar

    Happy Birthday! Your work and vision has truly changed our world. What started off as one transpersonal moment became a global catalyst for a shift in consciousness, and for that I thank you with all my heart. It must not have been easy, but I'm sure you are so proud of what you have created. IONS inspired me to start my own work, Whole Science, and I am grateful that this knowledge is becoming ever more consumed by the masses.
    Enjoy your special day!

  • Canadian Sep 16, 2010

    It was such a great pleasure to meet you and others from hubquarters when you
    had the annual conference in Vancouver Canada and to be part of the hosting IONS group.
    We all thank you for what you have accomplished that has helped so many.....and I wish
    you many more happy years on your journey.

    Janet Taylor
    Spiritual Emergence Service (retired)

  • Anonymous Icon

    ziggerott Sep 16, 2010

    hope your birthday is a breath of fresh air .....here's to another ;)p

  • Heidi Fuller Sep 16, 2010

    Dear Edgar,
    You continue to envision and lead the world toward its highest potential. Even today, your courage and relentless pursuit of scientific exploration of consciousness inspires us all. I am grateful to know you. Heidi Fuller

  • Anonymous Icon

    Tamra Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday ...We love you.
    Happy Birthday and may all your dreams come true
    When you blow out the candles, one light stays aglow.
    It's the Love Light in your eyes where're you go.

    Enjoy the day!

  • Anonymous Icon

    cmcdill Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday to a fellow Virgo... thank you for not being afraid to follow your heart... many blessings... Christine

  • Gabriella Kortsch Sep 16, 2010

    Wishing you an 80th filled with the desire for yet even more adventure ... even if only in the mind, which according to some, is the greatest adventure of all. Happy Day!

    Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.

  • Anonymous Icon

    mstree Sep 16, 2010

    Happy birthday blessings, Edgar ~ and thank you!

  • energytransformer Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Edgar. This is my 18th year of being an IONS member and I thank you for following through on those visions you had seeing this wonderful planet "floating" in black space and forming IONS. We are all on a path of transformation into something yet to be defined and it is with your help and the work of IONS that we evolve our consciousness.


    Al Jacobus
    President, SacIONS

  • Anonymous Icon

    donchild Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, and many many thanks for taking us along with you on your journey, and the exploration of consciousness. You have facilitated such a coherent community that it almost feels like I'm wishing happy birthday to "us," the community of noetic explorers.


  • Charles Gohmann Sep 16, 2010

    Hello Edgar - our very best to you on your 80th birthday!
    Blessings to you from Costa Rica,

  • Anonymous Icon

    tgejason Sep 16, 2010

    I thank you for you to have reached the point where u are because u have created a new path for the future of humanity Thank u, Happy Birthday!

  • Anonymous Icon

    karendianeknowles Sep 16, 2010

    Dear Edgar,
    The earth and all her inhabitants owes you a huge thank you and Happy Birthday!!
    Hugs from one of those grateful inhabitants,
    Karen Knowles

  • Anonymous Icon

    Zerobird Sep 16, 2010

    Warm wishes for your birthday Edgar!

    You are a true inspiration. I have just started to read your latest book, The Way Of The Explorer... I always had a longing to travel out in space too - lucky lucky you! Next time around I'll go there too, be sure... ;)

    Light & Love

  • Anonymous Icon

    sparkleplenty Sep 16, 2010

    Dear Edgar, I am wishing you the happiest of birthdays. Thank you so much for the steps you took to advance human consciousness and for your courage in advancing our space exploration. I have always been grateful and impressed by your clear stand in creating IONS, a stellar organizaton. Hope you have many more healthy happy trips around the sun.
    Jan Masters

  • Anonymous Icon

    sunlight Sep 16, 2010

    Such a honor to have an opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday dear Edgar.

    My best wishes for your birthday and deep appreciation for your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Much,much love to You:))

  • Anonymous Icon

    Bhamesh S. BAGRATEE Sep 16, 2010

    A Very Happy Birthday dear Edgar
    You've been a Pioneer... and I appreciate all what you have done for us. You have laid such a foundation which is so deep-rooted and deep. I wholeheartedly Thank You for everything you have done for all of us.
    You've aid in This Shift... a gift for humanity..
    Wish you all the very best... a healthy and life full of abundance :)

    Lots of Love, Light, Gratitude and Abundance
    Bhamesh S. Bagratee (Deeshal)

  • Jun Akutsu Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday, Edgar!

    Meeting you at the IONS Conference in Tucson last year was one of highlights of my life. I brag to everyone, "I shook hand with a guy who walked on the moon!" ;) IONS has completely changed and transformed my life. How IONS has contributed and will continue contributing to the major Global Shift in consciousness, I'm sure, is much bigger than your little trip to the moon. Thank you so much for all your work and inspiration. Look forward to seeing you next year.

    Virgo rocks!

    Love and Blessings,

  • Anonymous Icon

    shaman Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar,

    Thank you for touching my life and the lives of countless others in ways you may never have imagined. True pioneering spirit honorably displayed. You make me proud to be an Earther.

    With gratitude,

    Bruce Cunningham

  • Anonymous Icon

    Jodaho Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday - may all your dreams come true...

  • Anonymous Icon

    kellygumm Sep 16, 2010

    Dear Edgar,

    Happy Birthday to you!! Thank you for contributing to the collective consciousness and collective karma of a world that so desperately needs to recognize it. I truly appreciate all that you do for the health and education community through your work and your legacy will live on infinitely because of your recognition of the need for change.


    Kelly Lawrence

  • Marilyn Schlitz, PhD Sep 16, 2010

    Dear Edgar,
    As you move into your 80th year, please know how much love and appreciation the staff and members of IONS have for you...as a leader, scientist, visionary, friend, and beloved colleague. You gave birth to a beautiful organization and now we can celebrate your own birth and all your many remarkable contributions to the world. You have created quite a legacy and we honor you!
    Much love and best birthday wishes!

  • KelliSwan Sep 16, 2010

    Happy Birthday Edgar!! And THANK YOU for such inspiring work! What a wonderful gift to all that is! :-)

  • Anonymous Icon

    AnaLuck Sep 16, 2010


    Dear Edgar,
    Many warm wishes on your 80th Birthday. You have given us such a wonderful legacy and window to the future. Thank you!

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