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The whole elenin end of world impending doom....

Posted Aug. 8, 2011 by gasman1984 in Open

commented on Nov. 22, 2011



hi, im lee an i am new to the site. i first became interested in noetic science, as i beleive many newcomers to it have, when i read the lost symbol. my dad always had a keen interest in quantum physics and thoughts creating and the whole wider universe thing, but since he passed away 18months ago i havn't had too much to do with it, though latley i have been.

anyway, thats just a brief introduction from myself, back to the heading. if thoughts create, and there was an astroid/dwarf star heading for earth, then do you think that if, and this is hypothetical, the whole world could come together to unite in thoughts, then we could just use the power of our thoughts to avert disaster?

i beleive everything happens for a reason, and really see somthing happening soon, be it a natural disaster, or the awakeing of our true potential, maybe the two go hand in hand? after all, there are no coincidences. why is it that, with thousands of years of mankind, only the last '5 minutes' we have technology, that can detect dangers in space, and we have technology to get that info out to the entire world, and with the internet comes a platform to unite our minds to avert disaster?

anyway, i would love to hear someones thoughts on this, as i said i am new to the site and i am amazed as to why noetic science is not the only science!


  • KYRANI Nov 22, 2011

    I can see a great apocalypse coming soon, most probably next year. Many people associate apocalypse with natural disasters, but actually it means the uncovering of something, the revealing of something. It will be the revealing of many things in the world that at present are being kept from the public for all manner of reason, some economic, some theological etc. The disaster that I see is the decline and fall and end of evil people who collectively have been influential in the world to date.

  • ProtectiveAngel Oct 25, 2011

    Hi Lee,
    I believe first of all you need to realize where this power comes from. There may be different beliefs. Mine is that our powers really come from God. In my earlier stages of growth I could feel that power coming through the palms of my hands. Much like a blessed man in church would hold his hand in the air to praise God. In these days I can feel this power without useing my hands. In some Indian tribes, the feathers are used as power antenna to receive power.
    So when your asking for the doomsday to stop, you would be asking for Gods power and you apply the power God gives you to get the job done.
    Work on getting your power connection with God. Get it stronger. If God tells you to do something like go help your brother or that guy across the street is in trouble. Go see why God has led you there. LIKE YOU SAID and it's so true. Everything has a reason, go find it.

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