Fundamentalist belief systems

Posted June 19, 2011 by Fallensoul in Open

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commented on July 13, 2011
by MaryChilo



Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: Personally, I think it’s just what Wiseman said it is. I think it’s a tendency for people to see what they want to believe, to believe what they want to believe, to only notice evidence that fits their dogmatic point of view or their belief system. He himself is a perfect example of that. He accuses people who are interested in psychic phenomena and do research in an open-minded way of being fooled or of self-deception, but in fact this is the kind of thinking he’s engaged in. Basically, Wiseman is a dogmatic materialist. People who are materialists aren’t people who don’t believe anything; they’re people who have a really strong belief that the mind is nothing but the brain, that the free will doesn’t really exist and we are just robots. He tries to prove that in this book. I think it’s as simple as that. He’s dogmatically committed to that point of view. He firmly believes it. Therefore, the evidence must be flawed. People must be either deceiving themselves or deceiving others. So I think we have to see that we’re dealing here with a fundamentalist belief system of people who pretend to be scientific but are not.


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    MaryChilo Jul 13, 2011

    Thank you for saying it soooo welllll. :0) Fearful thinkers are ALWAYS identified as the ones (bless their hearts) looking for someone else to "save" them and the Controllers (religious, governmental, and medical) are ALWAYS using the opportunty to manipulate the Fearful thinkers soooo the Controllers can STAY IN POWER. Deviation from the Controllers' way of living or mode of dictating is declared a "SIN" a danger to your well being, or "criminal" behavior. It's ALL about POWER and often about the money (or whatever medium of exchange being used historically). That's been the history of our planet up 'til now. Still some volunteers insist on moving to the "fear" side ... probably out of pure ignorance or brain washed "self doubt". The difference NOW is communication media like my computer that can access your comments AND let me research information I might not have available otherwise, and my cel phone that can access other people far away that have ideas to share, and my TV that can report what's going on (welllll ... sort of). :0))) Also, the stigma the Controllers historically attached to those who have the psychic ability to "change things" (ie witchcraft, faith healers, etc) is abating and being more closely examined and learned by the masses because the "fear" of being put to death has been removed. The bottom line is: Be self disciplined in your practice of life and thinking thoughts that support you REGARDLESS of what others think and do. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF! THAT mental practice keeps your own energy vortex spinning and your own life meaningful ... in spite of the fundamentalist fear mongering. "Fear" mongers are soooo often victims of their own fear, also, and FEAR makes people a little crazy. So ... keep learning HOW to control your own beliefs. Doesnt MATTER what anyone else believes. The Law of Attraction will demonstrate for you just what YOU need to change because IF your beliefs are making you unhappy, sick, poor, or afraid .... CHANGE YOUR THINKING and the outter manifestation follows by changing. SIMPLE tactic ... though admittedly NOT easy UNTIL you practice it often enough. HOW? Well .... THAT'S your life time assignment. Love ya all ....

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    Oldernwiser Jul 08, 2011

    I see Fundamentalism as a refuge for those who are fearful--afraid of the new. Any discoveries that challenge their beliefs threatens them. Fundamentalism is an either/or stance, rather than an exciting opportunity to synthesize what is true. To paraphrase Shakespeare, "a God by any other name is still God." Yet, even a hint of God's being other than (or more than) what was learned as a child must be suppressed--suppressed because it is evil. So much energy wasted, so much potential unrealized. . . . Oh well, Galileo's excommunication eventually was seen as wrong.


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    EthanT Jun 28, 2011

    Big fan of Rupert! Good video, thanks for sharing ;-)

  • Fallensoul Jun 26, 2011

    Yes but at what rate. They keep making you double count and when they count their crooked work then 1+1=5 and its accepted.

    As an aside, Skeptiko is a great website, there are many more great interviews.

    This one did a nice job of giving a picture of the gross biast that exists in the scientific establishment and in our media and our fellow ION'ers should take due note how very good science is being tossed aside. Shameful. Sad. Unfortunate.

    p.s Hardcore skeptics don't exist just as much as Santa Claus exists. Where is your evidence that they do? ;)

  • charliet Jun 20, 2011

    Hi Fallensoul

    Yes, very good, I must admit that I listened to the audio though, I was too tired to read.
    I must agree with Wiseman when he states that many times the the findings are changed to fit the belief, this is where we have to be diligent and ensure that nothing is misconstrued or manipulated to fit what we want, then we are decieving ourselves and others. I do believe in investigating the H E double L out of everything, it is too easy to deceive yourself if you are not carefull.
    I still pity the skeptic who has a closed mind, they miss so much of the wonder of it all. I suppose they do have their place, by being skeptical they keep those of us who experiment and investigate on our toes and push us to look at everything from every possible angle, and that is good, from our painstaking work comes truth.
    Try not to pay too much attention to skeptics, they can be a vexation to the soul.


  • Fallensoul Jun 19, 2011

    This is a must-read interview!

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