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Free Book: Quantum Physics - Consciousness for IONS members

Posted June 6, 2011 by wbilly3814 in Open

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commented on June 9, 2011
by wbilly3814



Free book: Eight Years, Four Months - the Relationship between Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Near Death Experiences, and our Eternal Nature, dr w j bray

write to wbilly3814@yahoo.com with 'Eight Years Four Months' in subject line, please specify pdf, epub, or kindle

if you love or hate it, you can look it up on amazon and write a review.

This book is written by a Physicist, who has worked for over 20 years in Neuro-Science Research developing those MRI, PET, CAT, NMR, etc technologies for Neuro-Science Research and Development applications for the Pharmaceutical Industry, with an intimate and vast knowledge of Quantum Physics, Neuro-Chemistry and Neuro-Science as a whole.

I have had multiple (about thirty, lasting several hours each) medically documented (in a clinical setting) Near Death Experiences myself, as a result of a seizure condition similar to what is referred to as Prolonged QT Syndrome, where the respiration and heart stop for any period of time and ‘Paradoxically’ restart again, not an esoteric phenomenon, a Medically Characterized Syndrome.

I have grown very aggravated over recent years by those who have published books regarding Near Death Experiences, among other things, attempting to relate to Quantum Physics – a thing which upon reading it is absolutely clear they have absolutely no concept of what so ever. Even their attempts to explain Multiple Dimensions, Temporal Phenomenon, and so on are so far from any and all things known and acceptable within the formal definitions of Quantum Physics, or any hard science for that matter, it is embarrassing to even see them say it.

I have therefore written a book which will teach you Quantum Physics, from the formal and acceptable definitions of the founders of Quantum Physics, in language you will understand, in math simple enough for a 7th grader, and relate that information to the Near Death Experience (from someone who has actually been there), Multiple Universes, exactly what Time really is, Consciousness, what ‘our’ role as conscious beings is, and so on, with proof from the accepted Peer Reviewed Scientific Literature in Quantum Physics and Theory, without dogma or gibberish which plague the book shelves and the web sites. Real answers, not fantasy work, from a real Physicist, a real Neuro-Science Research Chemist.

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    wbilly3814 Jun 09, 2011

    i need you email address to send.

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    qualitys Jun 07, 2011

    I am trying hard to understand quantum physics as it relates us to the universe. A book like this is much needed.


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