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Healing with the Mind and Hands

Posted June 2, 2011 by Josh22 in Open

commented on June 3, 2011
by PonsAnimus



I am looking to become an osteopath and have a question related to Noetic Science in which i am keen to find the answers to.

My question is a general one and prehaps too general: "what infomation or research is there that will help me gain a greater understanding about healing with the mind and with the hands? And are there any tests that accompany this research?"

I have only just started reading about Noetic Science and prehaps i need to carry on reading.

Although i am not an osteopath, various talks with my local Osteopath (who is a buddist) has made believe that there is indeed an linear relationship between healing with the mind and hands. My osteopath told me that he asks his patients to think about the healing process that is taking place, and that the two minds focusing on a common goal helps this process.

Is there any infomation that or research that would further help me to understand more about this topic?

  • PonsAnimus Jun 03, 2011

    Hi Josh22 !
    As an osteopath it is not really required to be someone able to work with "lay on hands energy". Osteopathy is a disciplin were you have to know the anatomy in detail !! - In this disciplin you use your hands for diagnoses to find e.g. muscles not working in the right order and you have to know which region/area correspondes to which muscels and spine area. Then you go by and release blockades of bones and muscles etc, which in many cases sorts the problems of inner organs at the same time. It can't hurt to have the lay on hand ability, but really FIRST is to gather a LOT of knowledge about the physical body to be successfull. It is a profession where you can gather a whole lot of info about the energetic interactions as well tho. That is ment for the far future of your studies. Believe me, you won't be successfull, if you think that osteopathy is all about the "magic touch" ;). Unfortunately I can only point you to german osteopath sites :(, which would not be of that much use.
    On the other hand I am working in that business chiropratic/osteopathy for more than 20 years, so if you have a question, shoot :p.
    After you will have learned the basics, you will for sure start to add some energetic features...there is one funny thing i noticed. The second i concentrate on a living being my hands turn warm and tend to feel real hot the longer I use it. This is something really usual, but when i start to concentrate in/on material things, like glass, metal, stone etc etc, my hands get cold, really cold. If i go on for too long i feel a cold stream within the whole body, which is a really funny phenomenon. I would love to know if there are others facing this interesting thing, too. Anyway the latter leads us away from topic. Enjoy your studies !

  • charliet Jun 03, 2011

    Check out The Energy Healing Experiments by Gary E Schwartz Phd. and also look into the numerous books by Deepak Chopra. Both of these authors can be found here on IONS in teleseminars and interviews. Gary Schwartz has many very informative books as does Deepak Chopra, Both are respected and trusted in their fields.
    Good luck.


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