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The Ascension Process

Posted May 15, 2011 by WendyAnn in Open

commented on Jan. 25, 2012
by desertrose



Conscious Human Evolution is the primary focus of enlightened beings on Earth at this time in history and there are millions of us who have placed our focus on the changes and shifts that are happening every moment. Everyone is involved in the Ascension Process, either consciously or unconsciously, however those of us who aware of the changes that are occurring have the opportunity to participate more gracefully and seamlessly. We ascend as we make room for more Light by letting go of denser energies. This is why it is so important to diligently remain focused in the NOW, for at any time the energies that are ready to be released might surface and we must be present to process the old energy and bring in the new. Very often there is only a small window of opportunity to accomplish this and if we do not act, the old energy returns to its source and we may feel even heavier as a result. The process of en-Lightening is so simple that it is very often overlooked; holding more Light makes you lighter and the lighter you are, the easier it is for you to ascend.

For example, when unpleasant memories of previous events in our lives are recalled, we again feel the emotions we experienced at the time. This is the opportunity to change the event to a positive one and fill the space with Light. Imagine that the event occurred differently; after all you only chose one possibility amongst an infinite amount. Declare that the occurrence had a positive outcome, fill it with divine Light. Use the tools and techniques you have learned along the way to send higher vibrating energies to the event and forgive yourself and all others involved. After all, everything that occurs is either to teach us or serve us, so there are no mistakes.

Most importantly, remember that each of us acts perfectly, based on the level at which we vibrate. We all do the best we can with what we have to work with. If you think that someone else can do better, it is only because you have already learned what they have not. Therefore, what happened in the past was the best you could have done at the time, hopefully now you will not find yourself in such a situation again, now that lessons have been learned.

To participate fully in the Ascension Process it is essential to first be happy. Happiness is highly under-rated as being only a simple emotion, but it is much more than that. True happiness is measured by the amount of Light one is receiving, holding and sending, therefore it is essential to let go of anything that is interfering with you being happy all the time. The Ascension Process will only occur when you release lower vibrating energies in the form of problems and complaints, none of which serve you. What does benefit you is Light and the way to receive Light is by always being totally positive; after all, like attracts like. Have the intention to be a bringer of Light and believe that a happy life is your birthright. Expect to see recognizable progress in the journey to the higher realms and if you find that you are unsure how to proceed, ask for help from your Angelic guides, the Archangels and Ascended Masters. They are willing to help, but first you must ask and I assure you, they will come to assist.

The Ascension Process can be a joyous time filled with amazing and fascinating events and connections to other like-minded humans. When you consciously participate in shining your Light so that others will know there is a Light, you are part of one of the greatest events that humanity has known. The New Age is dawning and you are a part of it, embrace it in Peace and Love.

  • desertrose Jan 25, 2012

    Thank you for this "enlightening" entry. It is the foundation for survival especially these days. It was a breath of fresh air for me. I am in total agreement with your statements.

  • Jim Kupczyk Jan 21, 2012

    Beautifully written, thank you for sharing!

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    David and Yvonne Brittain Oct 08, 2011

    Very well written and perfectly reflects our belief in the ascension process. Do keep up the good work spreading the word.
    Love and Laughter from
    David and Yvonne Brittain

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