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Posted May 11, 2011 by WendyAnn in Open

commented on May 17, 2011
by DyckDyck



We are reluctant to acknowledge the validity of new ideas unless they receive the blessing of science. This, in essence, diminishes our intuitive powers and natural wisdom to having little significance. By doing so, we are declaring ourselves scarcely capable of knowing something unless it has been studied and proven to be true by scientifically trained people. Modern science has only been around for a very short time in the recorded history of mankind, so why is it now the ultimate source of truth for all our ideas and beliefs? How did people survive, some in societies more advanced than our own, without science? Are we so insecure about ourselves that we have turned over all our ability to create wisdom and truth to a small community of people whose job it is to validate our existence? I find Quantum Physics fascinating, so I don’t wish to criticize scientists, but they are not divine. They are using scientific process to prove theories that don’t need proof for anyone who has faith in life and belief in their Higher Self. In all fairness, however, I must praise scientists with the highest regard, for leading the way to the enhancement of our lives through the development and refinement of technology. Without them we would be living in a world of physical struggle. On the other hand, if we had instead relied on our knowing, we might even be much farther along.

It is important to remember that even those things confirmed by science, are only true within the boundaries of their system of scientific method. Suppose there is one person who believes that time is not time; that you can step out of time and not participate. Perhaps one day I am late for work and decide not to look at the clock, but rather measure time the way I want; in other words, slow time down so that I am not late. I get to work on time because I stepped out of time and then back into it. Then is time really time? Does it really function the way we believe it does? Try it some time, its fun.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages in the Water, states that you can look at a cloud and choose to erase it from the sky. If you do, is that cloud still there for someone else? It works, but you must believe you can do it. I like to look at clouds and see the shapes they take, so I am not inclined to try to erase them. If George Lucas can conceive of the powers of the Jedi, then how can they not exist if the thought itself is what creates the reality? Since there are people who have claimed to erase clouds and alter time, then what is REALLY true? Is anything absolutely true or is truth only what a majority of us decide to call reality?

Have we been dying all along because someone, a long time ago, decided to persuade people they had to die as a means of instilling fear in them? What if the reason that Jesus was crucified was because he knew that we do not have to die; that we can walk on water; heal ourselves and one another? Perhaps the only way they could prevent us from finding out our true potential was to put a stop to his message being spread and then claim that his achievements were a result of his divinity rather than his true humanness? If the general population realized they also had the same potential, there would be no way to control them, now would there?

The Jedi learned the path to immortality. If we can conceive of such a thing, then why can’t it be a reality? Are we any more real than the characters in works of fiction? Do they exist in other dimensions, as surely as we do in our beloved Third Dimension? Perhaps there was a time when humans lived at a different vibration, one of peace and harmony. If we can envision it, then it must be possible. What if it still exists and that is what we call a parallel reality? When you look in a wooded area do you see beings? Not with your eyes, but with your senses? Are those beings there now, looking back at you? Is all art the reality of another dimension?

Don’t worry, I’m just trying to encourage you to think outside your box, as they say, and to demonstrate how you can experience reality in a different way; for we know not what else we can achieve if we are willing to dare to dream. We need some REALLY new ideas and beliefs; ideas of the magnitude of the earth being round instead of flat were in their time. Think how happy you would be if you discovered something entirely new. I choose not to set my sights any lower. We live in a world where technology is developing and evolving every second. There are software programmers writing code and hackers breaking those programs, so that the programmers are then faced with creating even more advanced software to fight the hackers and on and on. Each idea is a stepping stone to the next level.

Our belief systems, unlike technology, have barely altered in thousands of years. We call them traditions and think they are so quaint and precious, but our values must also evolve or they become irrelevant to the vibration of the life we are living. This is the reason that significant numbers of people are losing interest in organized religion and why others are having to struggle to hold on to their old ways, even to fight wars over them.

Belief systems extend to all areas of our lives; our choice of life partners, how we treat other people, how we raise children, how we are connected to ourselves and others, our view of our relationship to the universe and our concept of divinity. If you don’t take the time to determine what you truly believe, blindly accepting the conventions of the society in which you live, you will be rendered less powerful and suffer the same fate as the rest of those who semi-consciously pass through life. Living according to your beliefs will make you happy. It’s that simple!
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  • DyckDyck May 17, 2011

    Wendy Ann, I note the copyright symbol at the end of your post and examines how it has affect.

  • Theoldman May 15, 2011

    ...PART - "B" - The oral traditions of indigenous cultures carry what some call "spirit or medicine" teachings which to this day still carry within them the knowledge of these common(super) abilities of humanity. When you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture that has these teachings, and you have arrived there for wisdom and understanding, as a result of one of these special "events" happening in your life, you begin to understand the meaning of - "the calling". These ancient practices and teachings will strip away your persona through arduous ritual and take you right to the door of death. Once you volunteer to go through that door, a choice you made long before you even arrived in this place in your life - you can never turn back. This is the step after the leap of faith - or as I like to call it - the leap of fate. The new world is actually a very old world where massive megalithic blocks were moved through the use of harmonics and awareness of a cosmic grid that holds the fabric of creation within it. The true challenge is not just seeing and using these abilities but to walk in the day to day life keeping them quiet and within until "called" for from your environment. The true natural abilities that we have can terrify people whose hope has been sequestered to the mundane limits of present science, philosophy and religion or spirituality. Each step is a heart beat and every breath a prayer - that our world awakens to who we truly are! - Blessings Eamonn

  • Theoldman May 15, 2011

    PART - "A" of a TWO PART RESPONSE TO THIS SUBJECT - Belief is a symptom of not knowing and faith is the medicine we take to appease the uneasiness. I pondered your postings about technology and our own evolution. I am caught between agreeing with some of what you have said but I feel it is all backwards. I see humanity as having de-evolved as a result of some very serious event about 12,000 years ago. I see our present technology as a "ghost" of our own true abilities. The internet or the web as it is called is a poor replacement for our ability of telepathy. Mind you in a world where many have not made the "choice" about life, I do not think I would like to listen in on all the fear and darkness that surrounds us. I see humanity as an individual species and not a species of individuals, much like an aspen forest; one organism. Throughout the years of my life I have experienced events outside of our present physics, and as a result I went around the world to seek people who had knowledge and understanding of these events. The journey to find these answers only made more questions arise and the frequency of these events increase. The ability to step of a 1000 yard sheer cliff with another person and ending up 1/4 of a mile away, or the realization you and your traveling partner have just passed through a few miles of rock in an ancient cave and exited before the other three groups in your party - even through they left 30 minutes before you. Walking out of a pool after being knocked unconscious for a number of minutes, knowing you should not be alive but somehow are, or seeing your body shift into another form at the moment your life is being threatened, that is so terrifying to your attacker, that they run away. Some people get teachings and then they undergo the test - others get the test first and seek the teachings with that test. No matter which way it occurs in life, it is experience that is our teacher. Knowing it is real removes belief systems and why it is vital to have "the witness" or another participant, at the time these events occur, so we can hold onto our sanity when our known world physics falls away. Humans have the ability to shift known reality between both energetic and materialistic states through the intention or focus of our conscious will to live. ...continues in PART -B

  • YARAru May 14, 2011

    I absolutely agree with you.


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    taramomo May 14, 2011


    Your post is absolutely fascinating. I, too, believe that our minds have not kept up with the evolution of technology. It seems as though somewhere along the line we stopped recognizing the spiritual parts of our being. Some of us do not acknowledge what we are truly capable of. I always say that we will only allow science to prove what our consciousness already believes is possible. This is why I can completely agree with your statement that "we are reluctant to acknowledge the validity of new ideas unless they receive the blessing of science." Science is wonderful at analyzing the physical realm, but what about the spiritual? What about the supernatural part of life? Some scientists are not so good at analyzing or even accepting that. Thanks for the post. You're right; we need to begin experiencing reality in a different way.

    Warm regards,


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    Jim Centi May 12, 2011

    Hi guys, WendyAnn's post is a good one.

    If you have trouble reading long posts, such as this, copy and paste them to Word and then increase the size of the font until it is easy to read.
    I have a file "Large Print" that I use only for this purpose.....Jim

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