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I would like to start an open discussion of this topic. There is very little real research being done, I don't consider ghost hunters to be researchers. Some mention has been made in books and articles but I find that these all lack true research techniques and never report any worthy
results. The use of mis-tuned radios, old magnetic tape recorders or the background being filled with white noise all beg for skeptics to jump in, and so they should. These techniques and others are contaminating the results.
I have experimented with EVP recording and have found some astonishing results. There is truly communication going on. It is not radio stations or making a noise something it is not. Intelligent answers are given to questions, future events and names are given, these have all come true by the way, and sometimes conversations that have nothing to do with you are heard. Some recordings are noisy, some are extremely clear. Something is truly there, intelligent and eager to communicate.
Here is a bit of background on me, I am over 60, normal, male, have always been intuitive and curious. I believe in not taking anything at face value until I have researched the H E double L out of it. I have been an Electronics Technician sine 1968 and spent 18 years as a Professional Audio Engineer. I use Sony and Panasonic digital recorders to do my recording. Audio editing is kept to a minimum as this can skew the results. All systems are PC based. Recordings are done with normal room noises.
Have any of you done research or tried to record EVP's? I would like to hear from others on their results and techniques and pass along any information that I have found. If your a skeptic then please then please present your lack of findings and the methods you used to try to record an EVP. When I first started trying to capture an EVP I got nothing, then a true class A (very strong and clear) came through. What a shock. Called me by name too.

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    Rowan1125 May 28, 2014

    I keep seeingreferring to asking your guardian angels to protect you. How do I do that?

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    Rowan1125 May 28, 2014

    I found this thread when I became terrified and typed in EVP after hearing a man commenting in a loud clear voice about me as i slept. I will back up and tell you that I live alone in a second floor apartment. My doctor suggested I turn my webcam on as I slept to see if I might have sleep apnea. Thats how I got the first recording. The voice said very clearly, "THe clock won, she's up" followed by a creepy whispered, "Why?" followed about 8 seconds later by the mans voice again saying "she's up." I was terrified and felt violated. I turned the computer webcam off for a couple of weeks, but after a couple of weeks started recording again. I got a garbled EVP, and only understood a few words. Then after about 3-4more weeks got another super clear EVP of a man's voice responding directly to something I said. I said aloud after my alarm went off, "Well I made it through to Friday." A couple of seconds after that a mans voice which was louder and clearer than my own voice said, "What another workday?" Scared me but a little exciting too.

  • charliet Feb 23, 2013

    Hi Unbelievable

    Short answer - yes.

    Good luck.

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    unbelievable Feb 23, 2013

    Thank you Charliet for your help, you have been great. I am going away tomorrow for 3 weeks, i need to get away. I want to move somewhere else, i can't deal with this house anymore, I can't sleep without getting disturbed at 3 am every morning. I am not recording anymore, my husband is starting to believe me now. We were sitting on the sofa and i reached for the blanket, i told him i was feeling cold, all of a sudden the fan heater switched on by itself. He was quite shocked. I need you to know one more thing though. Can poltergeist comment on everything you do or give you remarks on things that you are currently doing?

  • charliet Feb 22, 2013

    Hi Unbelievable

    I do suggest you back away. The calls for help won't go unanswered, all will be okay. You are not ready for this at all. What you have told me points to a poltergeist which in most cases (if not all) is generated by people, situations and emotions. This phenomena will pass with time.

    I suggest you listen to the audio interview of Loyd Auerbach by Dean Radin, it is available here on IONS. Type Loyd Auerbach into the search window on the top right of the home page, this will give you some insight I think.

    Seek guidance through your church if you need to. I am not an expert nor a professional, I am only stating what I think you should do through what you have told me.

    Good luck.

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    unbelievable Feb 22, 2013

    Charliet i am 53 years old forgot to add that in.

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    unbelievable Feb 22, 2013

    Hi Charliet, let me explain how this all started. About 3 years ago we rented this house, it;s over 100 years old, victorian house. The very same night we experienced some strange things, pipes bursting, lights flickering, appliances switching on by themselves cabinets opening, doors slamming when there was no wind at all. We thought ok, it's an old house. But then the voices started, Our names were being called out but it wasn't us .The i saw apparitions of people walking down the hallway, My daughter saw 3 children playing in her room. I told my husband and he didn't believe me, my daughter and i were very annoyed at him for not believing us. That's when i started taking pictures around the house, just for evidence, i got alot of orbs, he told me it was just dust, i thought, yeah maybe it is. The i decided to see if i could catch them using my webcam, i never expected to hear the angry voices and the swearing. i think i exposed something and it's keeping the other spirits from moving on. I got a woman calling for help and two men. It's so heartbreaking. I am a born again christian, i pray everyday and i do attend church. my husband doesn't do any of that and he is a very negative person. I don't want to record but i wouldn't have heard the cry's for help if i didn't.

  • charliet Feb 22, 2013

    Hi Unbelievable

    Give me some background here: What made you want to try EVP communication? What research did you do before you began recording?
    What was the source and authors of the research? What is your approximate age and what is your spiritual back ground, grounding?

    Physical action, (the cat), is manifest through an impressionable (ungrounded) person, either you or someone else with you. In other words you are or were not in control.

    Always ask for your guardians to be with you before you start a recording session.

    Spirits can be any where they want, they don't have to be physically with you, you may be taping into the akashic field.

    To help them or move them along ask for the help of your guides, guardians and angels (GGA) to help their GGA's to assist the spirit, you can only be the messenger, think of yourself as a switchboard operator.

    I get the impression that you may need to back away from this as you are not ready yet, these communications are not for entertainment or to be trifled with. Do the research, gather the true information and strengthen your understanding, search yourself - what are you looking for?

    Take care

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    unbelievable Feb 22, 2013

    Thank you so much Charliet for your quick response, i got recordings of spirits crying out "Help me" last night i heard a man's voice crying out help me and i wasn't even recording. During world war 2 a flat got bombed a few doors down from my house and 21 people died, can their spirits pass through to my place?
    I am also getting alot of orbs which i recorded and things moving around. I have become stronger spiritually but how do i get these spirits to move on. I have also been physically attacked and it threw my cat against the glass door, that was scary. We don't have mediums here on the island of Malta or anyone who deals with these matters. Thanks for you advice.

  • charliet Feb 21, 2013

    Hi Unbelievable

    EVP researchers have been getting these types of messages since research has begun.

    As I have stated , do not dabble if you are not grounded and strong in your own faith. Remember that these tough talking entities can not harm you, they like to get into your mind if they can, that is their only power. Calling in a Priest may have helped if you believed in what they were doing and accepted their ability, but you sound like you haven't fully accepted this method.

    The power lies with you, you are the one to reject these attacks and to tell the entity where to go, do not accept them, do not allow them. If you cannot believe and know that you are the one in control then you should not be dabbling.

    Good luck.

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    unbelievable Feb 21, 2013

    Hi everyone just found this page. I had over 587 evp recordings, which i have deleted most of them, i still have about 10 left. On August 5th 2012, i decided to use my webcam hooked up to my bedroom door, i kept seeing lights flickering around in the room, i got a couple of them, what i didn't expect was a voice of an angry man telling me, "Hate you,, hate you, get out." I went white as a ghost, i viewed the other recordings and i captured alot of swearing and bad language. Since then i have been brave enough to record at least once a day. It seems to comment everything i do and leave remarks. Since then i had a priest to do a blessing. i don't know if it worked or not i still here my name being called. It has been an unbelievable experience and very upsetting at times.

  • charliet Oct 05, 2012


    Nice to see someone else working with EVP.

    I prefer to not use any type of noise generation, I find the Ghostbox detracts from the real communications, at least for me. Try weening yourself off of these devices so that your true medium abilities can be developed, this does take time, be very patient, it is usually years.

    It is good that you are getting interaction, asking verifiable questions is the way to go while you are learning. Contrary to any claims, you cannot 'will' a human voice to give an answer to a question on a recording device, it is real.

    I do wish that more study was being done on this, the contacts made by people like you indicate that this is not a parlor trick, something is happening here and all of the skeptics answers to it are unfounded and totally wrong.

    Good luck with your communications.

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    angelsheri Oct 04, 2012

    Hi Charliet

    I am an after-death communication researcher who recently had two evp experiences this past summer. Recently, I have been working with what is known as the "Ghostbox" a digital radio that scans through the FM channels. It is a controversial technique but I have gotten some positive and interesting results. I am in a group where we are testing out ways of validating the experiences. For instance, I asked what my name was and my middle name. I have EVP clips from using audio recording software with my name being called and my middle name being stated after my request What is my middle name as clear as day. There is no way to confuse this with wishful thinking. SJ

  • A I Jul 10, 2012

    Here is an idea you may try and if it works woudl be really graet.
    I am an audio engineer and have a studio.
    I used to study parapsycholgoy, but, eh, I got what i needed verified so headed elsewhere.
    But try this. SInce your experienced with sound, try this.
    Get a recorder. When you record the main signal, have a delay on the incoming signal and run it, on a few millisecond delay, you mght have to get a more advanced gismo and but so have it wired in a way, when it records the signal, it plays back the recordd signal delay so you can hear it as soon as it records and palys back as it records. I do it with instrments, but it'd be useful as if it works you can get vitraully real time interaction.
    To get it to record and paly back the incomign signal as it records, have to get soemthign more advanced that most recorders but might be worth the try since yourinto evp's.
    Per evp's and such things, i know certain people attract more activity than others. Iahve a yard guy who takes pics and often ges ghosts in his photos..........he had been sacred to bring it up cause hes afrai dof what peopel woudl think.
    Odd as I consouled and had lots of friends who had abiltiies adn the sad truth is that alot hid e theri abilties cause peopel alienate tehm or are scared or call them crazy, so often id hear stuff peoepl kept to themselves for years....sad actually...but with myself I can relate.
    I met so many peopel with psychic abiltiies that were injured by society an then you see others who misuse them. they are normal and part of us, so it's odd hwo they are seen culturally.
    Hoep if you liek the idea it works.
    Love tht show psychic kids, as ehh, nice to see peoepl out there helpign kids who have such gifts as it can be overwhelming without suppot hen your young. Odd my yard fellah took it well. Alot of peoepla re scared he dealt with it maturely and positively.
    But enjoy and be safe.

  • charliet Jun 10, 2012

    Hi slowlygetnthar

    No, I don't publish or list any of my findings and experiments. For me its a personal journey shared with a few close friends and relatives who are also sensitives or gifted in some way, it does run in our family and likes do attract.

    Phenomena can occur from the use of the Ouija board the same as it can occur from the practice of seances, etc. But it is manifest by the ones using the methods, it is quite complicated actually and somewhat difficult to explain without sounding like you are contradicting yourself. Bottom line - don't dabble if you don't fully understand.

    True that many scientific and logical findings / truths come from undisciplined investigators, I just never saw anything in that show that gave me confidence in their claims that they were disciplined and knowledgable investigators.

    Some may question my opinions and say that I seem to think that I know it all, this is fair, who is an expert on any of these subjects? I certainly am not.
    My opinions have been formed over a lifetime of observation and involvement in "paranormal activity", for lack of a better word. By lifetime I mean from childhood on. I follow my intuition and reasoning, coincidences and synchronisity are common in my life. If something that I say helps someone to progress that is good, if you disagree - don't discard my words, keep them, someday they may help you on your path, I have been helped many times by those I disagreed with, sometimes they were right, other times they helped me to see things differently.

  • slowlygetnthar Jun 09, 2012

    Hi Charliet,
    For me, the jury is still out with regard to Ouija boards. I have heard too many varied accounts of both charlatans and some genuine phenomena occurring concurrent with the use of the boards. I don't mess with them, though, so I really don't know.

    Also, I do beg to differ and would argue that there was some genuine investigation going on by the Paranormal State team, plus, they did research the history of places. They did seem to leap to conclusions, sometimes, but the show was severely edited (chopped up), making for a complete lack of continuity in many instances. So, it is unclear how they reached some of their conclusions and exactly what all they did to work with the people occupying the troubling locations. Still, I think theirs is a first attempt to arrive at some techniques to investigate reported phenomena. It's these grassroots attempts at establishing investigative methodology that eventually leads to the development of bonafide scientific disciplines. Psychology is a good example of a discipline that folks take seriously now, but that started out under circumstances where practicioners were originally considered quacks.

    I appreciate your perspective and approach regarding evil and not letting it in. I agree completely with this. Is there somewhere online we can read about your experiments/experiences?

  • charliet Jun 08, 2012

    Hi slowlygetnthar

    The Ouija is nothing more than a parlor game, that's where it got its start. I can control the Ouija with other people participating very easily, I can also control pendulums easily.

    The Ouija's answers are the product of the mind or minds of the users. People who say that entities came from the Ouija are actually manifesting a product of their mind or minds. Poltergeists are actually the product of a living person, moving objects and all. New agers tend to believe the old parlor entertainment board as do the curious and uninformed.

    The show Paranormal State was a good entertainment show but nothing more, there was no real research taking place and again you can make yourself and others believe pretty much anything you want to.

    EVP is different because one cannot control it, no one can cause audio to be imprinted on a digital recorder unless they produce a sound wave, we can't record thoughts and digital devices are not affected by RF or magnetic wave fluctuation. Audio that is captured has intelligence and its own path or train of thought many times. Also I have experienced direct communication that is the same as having a conversation with a person who is present.

    As you become more aware you will realize that there is no devil, there are no evil beings, all is present in you. If you allow negative energy to manifest in you it will, you can also remove it if you desire. You are in control. I do not fear evil, if you will, for I do not allow it to enter my thoughts or actions, I am in control. I have stated before that if you are not stable and grounded do not pursue EVP or mediumship.

    We are all at the place and level that we should be, your path will lead you.

  • slowlygetnthar Jun 08, 2012

    I wanted to ask you about the difference between contacting other entities via EVP vs. Ouija board. Commonly, contacting spirits via the Ouija board is discouraged, because there have been many negative entities brought into folks' homes via Ouija that they, then, have trouble getting out of their homes. Is EVP safer than spirit contact via a Ouija board?

    I recall watching a program, Paranormal State, where a woman became obsessive about using EVP's after the death of her sister. She brought a great deal of activity into her home and the team evaluated her as a "haunted person." They discouraged her from continuing the use of EVP's because it also seemed to be leading her into obsession rather than healing.

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    dustproduction Jun 08, 2012


  • charliet Jun 06, 2012

    Type in Loyd Auerbach in the search bar at the top of the page, there is an audio seminar there and some info. Interesting listen and his books are good, talks of reincarnation and he is a true ghost hunter.

  • slowlygetnthar Jun 06, 2012

    Have you read or seen anything on the case of reincarnation of the Irish woman who died, leaving 5 or more kids, in Ireland, and then, she, in this life, kept worrying about what happened to those children? She finally had enough info to try to locate the place ~Malahide? and found one of her sons. Hers is just one documented case for reincarnation, but there are many others. Here's a link to one story about this family: http://gaizy.hubpages.com/hub/Life-after-death-The-Mary-Sutton-reincarnation-Mystery-Files

    Anyway, if it isn't reincarnation, it is something compelling, unless we accept that we live multiple existences across dimensions simultaneously. While I can comprehend that somewhat, my brain still finds thinking of life as a linear span between years easier to navigate.

    It seems like it must be possible to connect with others psychically, as in the case where you see through someone else's eyes. Often, psychics who do murder profiling, etc.,...can often see the events through the victim's eyes or even the killer's. There is also that amazing case of the Rosemarie Kerr, who was able to guide the Daigle family looking for their missing brother, in Slidell, Louisiana. The link to this: http://weeklywire.com/ww/11-24-97/gambit_covs.html

    Hope we get more answers to all these mysteries, over time.

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    Stiggy7 Jun 04, 2012

    Dustproduction. I agree with the skeptics on the point you put up about past lives not being possible in the way it's understood to work by those involved for that very reason although perhaps what they see is not their life but that of someone else. One of the worse dreams I've had that I believe was a certain event I "SAW" through someone who was living through that experience. A bit difficult to explain but I have a really bad "Memory" of someone's death. It wasn't my death. I would describe it but it's a bit much. I think about that guy a lot. When the event occured I knew what it was and I knew what had happened. Just hope they found him. I was so sad afterwards. I know I witnessed his last moments.So my point is, is that I am sure I "SEE" through the experiencing eyes of someone else. I think thats whats happening. It really is the only way to explain it. I "know" I've had these experiences but they are not "mine". I would never claim that. I think I'd know if it was about me on some level or other. So that would be my view on that. Thanks. I like what you post but sometimes it takes a day or so to get back to specific things. I think the Genetic Memory angle deserves a lot of looking at. I quite like a particular Professor called Leonard Susskind and he is saying things that make a tremendous amount of sense. I've still a little way to go before I completely feel comfortable with the theory he proposes but his Projection Theory certainly covers a lot of the issues I'm concerned with. I think he is a great thinker. Anyway. Take it steady. Cheers.

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    dustproduction Jun 03, 2012

    For these discussion to be meaningful they must point to the best factual knowledge available. Anything less is to promote misinformation, distortions, and untruths. This is not to say that there is no room for personal understanding or interpretations of complicated topics.
    Within this discussion the following comment was made, "I also like the fact that no one really knows the function of cat whiskers or why a flock of birds will suddenly turn all together, in a completely different direction."
    Clearly, that are references that the comment has overlooked, and an example is provided below in the discussion. Another example is BIODS. "As with most artificial life simulations, Boids is an example of emergent behavior; that is, the complexity of Boids arises from the interaction of individual agents (the boids, in this case) adhering to a set of simple rules. The rules applied in the simplest Boids world are as follows:
    separation: steer to avoid crowding local flockmates
    alignment: steer towards the average heading of local flockmates
    cohesion: steer to move toward the average position (center of mass) of local flockmates."

    So it is incorrect to say, "no one knows." In fact, a great deal is known about birds flocking, it is just not widely known by everyone.

    The point being: how can this discussion serve a higher purpose, such as promoting informing and educating others. If these discussions merely serve as a forum for personal chatting and social exchanges but they conform to the policy of IONS, which states the following.
    "The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) welcomes comments from visitors about the contents of our website or in response to the various postings in our blogs, discussions areas, and Noetic Now articles. Our goal is to promote thoughtful and interesting dialogue on a wide range of topics relevant to research on and explorations of consciousness, healing, and personal/collective transformation."

    Personal and collective transformation CAN and must include the sharing of academic base information, knowledge oriented discussion and a role for the skeptic in us all.

  • slowlygetnthar Jun 02, 2012

    Hey Stiggy,
    I have seen the "Altered States" film, but not the other one, yet. Will look for it.

    I like what you have said about EVERYTHING IS ONLY INFORMATION. This is a new way to see things, for me. Will have to chew on it awhile.

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    Stiggy7 May 31, 2012

    Slowlygetnthar. I do think that when you look at it, it's plain to see, EVERYTHING is ONLY information. Something is telling me this is the key to unlocking some important truth. Presumably that information is retrieveable. Actually, this reminds me of a film called "Altered States", starring William Hurt. Also another film called "Dreamscape", starring Christopher Walken. I'll let you hunt them down and watch them if you can and won't spoil the enjoyment of them. They are great CONCEPT films. Great Actors too. It really could be something along those lines. Night.

  • slowlygetnthar May 29, 2012

    Charliet, Thank-you for going through the trouble of locating the book title and info for finding it. Very cool.

    Wow! Stiggy! I don't doubt you remembered something! That's pretty scary though, that it has stayed with you on such a profound level.

    A few years back, I was raising baby finches that had fallen from nests too high to reach. They were reared with my cat around and never freaked out in his presence. One afternoon, in Atlanta, they were in their cage, suspended from a high hook on the back porch. A neighbor's cat came onto the porch, passing beneath the cage, and they went into !ALERT! chirping hysteria. This was fascinating to me. They'd been with me a few months, at that point, and had not been around other cats. They "knew" that this was a predator, even though the cat was in no way menacing them. I thought this might be an example of genetic memory. (They later lived at a bird sanctuary where they learned to be part of a flock, and then, were released into the wild...Zoe and Opie are out there somewhere!).

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    dustproduction May 29, 2012

    I learn so much here:


    "Some parapsychologists [and here Wikipedia ask "who?" and requests a reference] have postulated that specific experience is encoded in genes, and proposed this as an explanation for past life regression. However, most parapsychologists generally dismiss this, on grounds that in those cases where past life regression has been considered, the subjects have no genetic link with the people whose lives they are considered to have regressed to; and that the idea is unsound as a mechanism for explaining how events could be recalled from past lives of people at points in those lives after they had children. Parapsychologists generally agree with the biological view that genetic traits are dispositional — i.e. that they merely encode a disposition to react in certain ways to environmental stimuli, and not actual memory or experience.[6][7][8]"

    ^ Robert F. Almeder (1992). Death and Personal Survival: The Evidence for Life After Death. Rowman & Littlefield. pp. 28–29. ISBN 0-8226-3016-8.
    ^ Susan J. Blackmore (1999). The Meme Machine. Oxford University Press. pp. 60. ISBN 019286212X.
    ^ John Donnelly (1994). Language, Metaphysics, and Death. Fordham Univ Press. pp. 356. ISBN 0-8232-1562-8.

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    Stiggy7 May 29, 2012

    Slowlygetnthar. I just read your comment about "Genetic Memory". I once visited the Natural History Musum in Bristol and while I was in there I was looking at some exhibit or other and I turned to look at something else and something "happened". I experienced what I can really only describe as an "Ancient Memory". As I turned I looked straight into the eyes of a big Tiger that was being exhibited. The sense of fear that ran through me was SO out of place. Like, It wasn't "MY" fear. But I really felt it, quite irrationally, I might add, on such a peculiar level that it sticks with me to this day. This was about 30 years ago and I remember it so vividly. It was MY memory of something that was sparked but not "ME NOW". It was a very fatal feeling. I wondered if I'd "remembered a Genetic Memory". I mean, presumably the ancestor survived or else the memory could not be stored within my DNA make-up. But it did make me wonder if memory/information/data/knowledge can be stored in that way. Also I was watching something on TV about DNA being a message transmitted from somewhere distant and unknown. Our DNA is a Transmitted alien message of some sort. A bit mad but still, if nothing else, food for thought. And I love to think. I like this site because it's populated with open, inquisitive minds all heading for, it seems to me, the same place. I'll pop in again soon. Take it steady.

  • charliet May 29, 2012

    Hi slowlygetnthar

    Found the info I wanted. The book on the brain capacity and other interesting insights is by "R Craig Hogan Phd." and is titled "Your Eternal Self." You can purchase it or read it at www.ebook.youreternalself.com Chapter 1 contains the information about the brain capacity with inserts from Dean Radin. The whole book is a very good read, it is a compilation of research from various sources, all identified of course.

    Deepak Chopra talks about cell intelligence, the akashic field and other related findings in his book "Life After Death - The burden of proof." Again a very good read.

    Have fun reading.

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    dustproduction May 28, 2012

    re: cat's whiskers

    Perhaps whiskers in general to prove a point.

    Rats, mice, and other rodents are nocturnal, so they have not developed the
    complex visual processing capabilities of primates, cats, and many other
    animals, such as found in the studies by Hubel and Wiesel. But evolution has
    favored them with a similarly complex ability to analyze 3D properties,
    including integrating bilateral sensory information, with their whiskers. The
    neocortical terminus of much of this information is in minicolumns, especially
    in, but not confined to, L4 pyramidal cells, an area frequently referred to as

    Petersen’s overview of the system, Figure 1, is supplemented by Appendix 1F and Simon’s
    photomicrograph of the correspondence of the map of the whiskers to the map of the
    somatosensory cortex as in Petersen’s Figure 1, below.


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    dustproduction May 28, 2012

    re: ".. the fact that no one really knows the function of cat whiskers or why a flock of birds will suddenly turn all together,"

    Swarm behaviour, or swarming, is a collective behaviour exhibited by animals of similar size which aggregate together, perhaps milling about the same spot or perhaps moving en masse or migrating in some direction. As a term, swarming is applied particularly to insects, but can also be applied to any other animal that exhibits swarm behaviour. The term flocking is usually used to refer specifically to swarm behaviour in birds, herding to refer to swarm behaviour in quadrupeds, shoaling or schooling to refer to swarm behaviour in fish. Phytoplankton also gather in huge swarms called blooms, although these organisms are algae and are not self propelled the way animals are. By extension, the term swarm is applied also to inanimate entities which exhibit parallel behaviours, as in a robot swarm, an earthquake swarm, or a swarm of stars.

    The simplest mathematical models of animal swarms generally represent individual animals as following three rules:
    Move in the same direction as your neighbours
    Remain close to your neighbours
    Avoid collisions with your neighbours


    Also see "flocking"

    Flocking behavior is the behavior exhibited when a group of birds, called a flock, are foraging or in flight. There are parallels with the shoaling behavior of fish, the swarming behavior of insects, and herd behavior of land animals.
    Computer simulations and mathematical models which have been developed to emulate the flocking behaviors of birds can generally be applied also to the "flocking" behavior of other species. As a result, the term "flocking" is sometimes applied, in computer science, to species other than birds.
    Basic models of flocking behavior are controlled by three simple rules:
    Separation - avoid crowding neighbors (short range repulsion)
    Alignment - steer towards average heading of neighbors
    Cohesion - steer towards average position of neighbors (long range attraction)
    With these three simple rules, the flock moves in an extremely realistic way, creating complex motion and interaction that would be extremely hard to create otherwise.

  • slowlygetnthar May 28, 2012

    Hmmm. . . interesting stuff.

    I also like the fact that no one really knows the function of cat whiskers or why a flock of birds will suddenly turn all together, in a completely different direction. Scientists have studied this bird phenomena and cannot see or detect any physical or auditory signal that tells the flock what to do and when.

  • charliet May 28, 2012

    Hi slowlygetnthar

    Skips my mind as to who it was that said that, I have read it a couple of times in different books etc., could have been Chopra or Radin, Targ, Schwartz, not sure. I will check and get back to you later.

    On the DNA, maybe, we don't know all there is to know about DNA. Also our cells are said to store more than just the function of the cell, again, not sure where I read that. I guess you could maybe compare that to instinct, but where is the instinct stored??

    Give me some time and I'll find the info on the brain and information storage.

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    dustproduction May 27, 2012




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    dustproduction May 27, 2012



  • slowlygetnthar May 27, 2012

    I had not read that the brain could not hold all the info we need in a lifetime. Where did you see this? I would like to read it as well. This is pretty eye-opening, but not really surprizing.

    Aside from Akashic field, I am also thinking about genetic memory. If our DNA can recall ancestors starving, and therefore, activates certain processes when it senses our bodies experiencing similar conditions, then, it seems we may also store other info in our DNA~more on the knowledge level. What do you think? Is this too far-fetched?

  • charliet May 24, 2012

    Hi Stiggy7

    There have been experiments done showing that the brain is both a transmitter and a receiver. Also there have been experiments done showing that the heart and the brain communicate and the brain is the transceiver (both transmitter and receiver). Not sure of all of the data as to frequencies etc.

    Also interestingly enough there have been studies done to show that the brain cannot possibly hold all of the information we aquire and also need to function. That there must be some outside source like the akashic field.

    I think you'll be able to research and find lots of info to guide you on your quest . Search the IONS site for starters.

    Good luck.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Stiggy7 May 24, 2012

    Slowlygetnthar and Charliet.
    Hello Chaps. First Slowlygetnthar. I hear what your saying but to be fair to this thing I think at the very least having some knowledge of the Physical aspects of the object in question is a good basis for logical and accurate inquiry into something that could well be crying out to be unlocked. If it turns out that it dosen't like it I'm sure I'll be denied the ability to study it one way or another. But I do hear you. I have a certain loathing for the likes of James Randi and Chris French and Richard Wiseman. All of which would like me to believe that I made it all up unwittingly in my head. None of them will even talk to me. I think the Time aspects to it is something they can't deal with on an emotional level and resist the hell out of it. I mean, you'd think these guys had heard of lewis Carroll, who said " It's a poor kind of memory that omly works backwards". Arrogant sods.
    And Charliet, This EVP sounds a bit Dangerous and I'll be leaving it well alone. But I will keep reading your posts. Am I right in saying through this equipment you have you can connect with "Something". Because I have that "Brain Antennae" idea that I'm throwing around. It would not be inconcieveable. I shall be watching with interest. I'm sure somewhere there is a Brain Frequency that operates on extremely subtle levels. Maybe It'll be found by researchers like you. Any way, Night Guys.

  • charliet May 24, 2012

    Hi slowlygetnthar

    Sounds like you picked up a residual haunting as they are called, I hate that word "haunting". Simply, energy that repeats itself, it has no intelligence associated with it so can't interact with you. I have experienced these as have many other people. EVP has intelligence associated with it, Q and A is normally what I do in a session with astounding results at times.

    As you begin to fall asleep your mind quiets and you actually become more aware of your surroundings, (a fall back to the animal instinct of fight or flight for survival), you were picking up the energy field and hearing it.

    I find white noise to be distracting to me and do not use it or any other noise other than normal, ambient, background sounds, nature in other words. EVP is very interesting, mind boggling, and gets your mind in gear, things begin to make sense.

  • slowlygetnthar May 24, 2012

    Hi Stiggy! The more I read about the brain, and listen to experts talk about it, the more I am convinced no one knows what it really is or does!

    Have you read much quantum physics?

    Charliet, you pegged it~~my speed with EVP's. Still, I am fascinated by them.

    This is all reminding me of something I do want to relate. When I used to live in an old Victorian, and would keep my white noise machine on, I often heard the sounds made in a dining room, just as I was relaxing and drifting off to sleep. It would startle me, and I would lift my head to listen closely, but the sounds would no longer be audible. They would recur as I relaxed towards sleep. This happened hundreds of times when I lived in that place. It ceased when I moved from there.

    I later found out that my bedroom had once been the dining room when the house was originally built. Thus, I heard wooden chairs moving on wooden floors, the clinking of dishes and silverware, and the murmur of conversation.

    These sounds did not channel through the white noise machine. I do think, though, that the white noise hum allowed my brain to sync into some frequency where I could hear the sounds recorded on the environment from when the space was used as a dining room.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Stiggy7 May 23, 2012

    slowlygetnthar and Charliet. Thanks Guys. Actually started to look a little closer at Neuroanatomy. I think if I'm really going to get a grasp of and get an answer to this I very much need to understand exactly what a brain actually is. I realise I'm no academic and it won't be easy and it'll take a long time but I can't leave it alone. It gets me down that I can't just have a straight easy answer. I could understand something like that revealing itself to maybe someone who could make use of it or appreciate it's reality in ways it requires but why show me. I can't do ANYTHING. Even figure it out. What chance have I got to stop something as awful as a 9/11 or a Shuttle Crash or a Tsunami or a Landslide or an Earthquake. WHO do I call. Imagine the phone call........."Yes, Ok Mr Barry, we'll stop our Multi billion dollar Space Mission because you dreamed it was going to crash. Ok we'll do that now, Mate. Thanks. Bye." Unlikely, don't you think? I wish I had the confidence to say I'll get there but whose to say what that even means. Still. I'll let you know what I discover. If anything. Cheer's guys.

  • Anonymous Icon

    dustproduction May 23, 2012

    How do we get around the fact that until the brains developed language did it become widely know that minds exit? Only after the brains developed a protagonist capable of bearing witness did consciousness begin. This is a necessary problem to address if we are to understand whether there is a soul or spirit, how it emerges, and how it interacts within a neurobiological framework.

  • charliet May 22, 2012


    You'd probably get a "mime" and all you would hear is someone trying to get out of an illusionary box. LOL

  • slowlygetnthar May 22, 2012

    I think I am too gullible to try it. With my luck, I'd get Harpo Marx...

  • charliet May 22, 2012


    Really no short answer here. Not all of the contacts are my normal ones, many are new, some give names, some don't, most want to chat or pass on something, long stories here, won't get into them.

    My GGA contacts have been pretty much from day one, I know their voices now. At first I was not sure who they were and asked for some type of proof. I received a contact from my departed brother, or so the claim was. Skeptical as always, as I am, I asked for some type of proof that this voice was that of my brother. What I received stopped me in my tracks. Relayed to me were things that I had forgotten, I was a child of 5 and 6 at the time. The only person living who knows these things is me, until they were retold to me they had totally left my mind, they weren't even a childhood memory as some may proclaim they were. The memories needed to be kicked started so to speak and welled into full recall within seconds of being heard.

    From there the information was passed, insights given, future events told and then passed into existence to provide proof to the skeptical "me". It took some time to trust and I was always devising tests. I now accept what I receive.

    Not everyone should work with EVP. My experience has shown me that if you are ready for the contacts they will come, if not, they don't or are spirits who like to triffle and play pranks on the experimenter. You must be grounded, strong willed, informed and logical, one should not play with this.

  • slowlygetnthar May 22, 2012

    How do you make sure that what you connect with, via EVP, is your guardians/guides/angels?

    Stiggy, I am not surprized that event lead to your "shift." It's like you walked through a doorway.

  • charliet May 19, 2012

    Hi stiggy7

    My point of suggesting EVP to you was to help you maybe understand your feelings and more about the event and its consequences. Not everyone should try EVP, you need to be grounded and stable with a strong will and a logistical mind.

    True EVP contact is with your guides, gaurdians and angels or whatever you wish to call them, they can help you understand and answer your questions, give you direction and guidance, they will never bring harm.

    Hopefully you will find what you need by what ever method comes to you. Because you have begun the search to know I believe the method to find the answers you seek will come to you, just believe that they will.

    Take care.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Stiggy7 May 19, 2012

    Slowlygetnthar. Thanks for that, Mate. It occurs to me that I have in fact made a mistake in talking about an O.O.B.E. when what I meant was N.D.E. Apologies to ALL for that slight error. Well, I say Slight. It makes a bit of difference to what I'm talking about. I was run over by a car in 1977. The whole experience immediately afterwards was so strange. I saw the accident scene first from above then as if I was just someone watching what was happening. Then I was some distance from it. About 20-30 ft away. Then there was a man. Very tall with a bald head and a gentle smile. He held out a HUGE hand. I went to take it and it was so big it covered almost my whole arm. I WAS only 9, though. I looked back at the accident one last time and could see there was an ambulance there now. Then me and the man turned and walked away from the scene and we went about five or six steps and everything just went white. I woke up about 6 weeks later in a Traction Bed on Ward 14, St Georges Ward in the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Just a bag of PAIN. Made a full recovery, too. Which was thought a miracle by some Doctor's. I was "lucky". I believe the Ambulance crew had to resusitate me and keep me alive until we got to the hospital. They saved me. I think that's why I have these dreams. Something "opened up". I don't really mind it except the stuff about things I can't stop. And I admit, I have tried to numb it with substances. Dosen't work.

  • slowlygetnthar May 19, 2012

    Stiggy, I have had OOBE's, often the result of childhood illness or accidents, as an adult, via meditaion, and one pretty intense NDE. I think that when we experience these events, we connect with the whole and overcome the illusion of body limitations. It is natural that you would, afterward, be more tuned in to things that other folks don't pick up on. Once we pop out of the limitations, why do we expect to pop back into the body and play by the same old rules? It does lead to heightened sensitivity, and the old rules are blown, so we have to find our own frameworks by which to operate.

    My own experience has made me obsessively holistic. It translates into always seeing the relationships between things, events, people, color, structure, form, whether negative or positive. In addition to obsessive holism, I can't bear to see anything suffer~~plants, animals, people, insects, arachnids, fish~~I become deeply agitated, hurt, angry by this. Other people don't seem to have these issues. While they may chuckle at me for rescuing wasps from the birdbath, I cannot fathom how they can see the same wasp drowning and do nothing to help it.

    It is like we are tuned to certain frequencies that others don't hear. On top of it, it's like having the volume turned up high and walking through a world where everyone else is experiencing the world through the buffer of their IPOD or Bluetooth headphones. If this were mental illness or psychosis/delusion, maybe it would be easier to deal with, but it's not. LIke you, I get precognitive stuff~~dreaming and "just knowing" things before they materialize. Sometimes, it is beautiful, and sometimes, it is horrid.

    The remote viewing community has validated a great deal of what I have experienced. Maybe IONS will help the scientific world better understand this stuff. In the meantime, don't be stigmatized by being more sensitive. At least you are not somnambulant, like a good many people, or numbing yourself out with substances. What's the saying? "It's a cruel, crazy, beautiful world! ...It's your world, so live in it!"

  • Anonymous Icon

    Stiggy7 May 18, 2012

    Like I said, if it were possible to plug my dream-mind up to a TV monitor, i.e. watched or recorded while I slept and it was possible to see on screen what goes through my mind when having one of these dreams, the Science community would mess itself. The things I've seen. Hard to describe because of how awful some of it is. People only get a decription of what happens by what I say but this stuff is in my head. I can "watch the Footage" when ever I like. And I do. It's always there really. The thought occur's suddenly that this may be a bit disturbing for some to read so I won't go on. But, yeah, you may be right about the dream frequency being detectable. Like I said, if it's information, which it clearly is, then it must be being carried by some freqency band or other. So, Good thinking and good hunting, my friend. Cheer's.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Stiggy7 May 18, 2012

    I AM SURE that it has something to do with the feeling I couldn't and can't still, after all these year's, get shift that "ALL THIS" has something to do with "A Report". We have to hand in a report. It's BIGGER than that but that really is the limit of explanation I can get comfortable with. I'm not a religious person. I "know what I know". I have a feeling that it was because of the O.B.E. that I have a heightened sensitivity to something I can't see properly but am sure is there. Some of the things I've seen still, chill my soul. It can be so disturbing and the feeling of helplessness becomes a bit overbearing. I've experienced sorrow so profound that it breaks me up just to remember it. I've never had that sort of sadness in my own life and have no direct experience of such emotions but I KNOW HOW IT FEELS. But also, elation, too. And utter horror. They are the worse one's.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Stiggy7 May 18, 2012

    Charliet. Nice to meet. Listen, I have had a look through what your discussion is generally about. I never really thought of trying E.V.P. but, thinking about it on a technical level (which I personally have no real right to do because I'm not technically trained, but humour me) It would be perfectly acceptable to realise some form of frequential aspect to it. I mean if it's information then it has to be carried by something. My best hang on this is this; I think I remember large events that will happen (and, sometimes stuff that just pertains to me and would not be "Got" by anyone else) and because of there impact in the real world defines the power of the memory in terms of accurately describing a real event. Best I've got.

  • KYRANI Mar 01, 2012

    Yes you are absolutely correct. I found that the easiest way to address the problem is to reject the suggestion because no one else has a position to make a choice for you in your life. And secondly to realize that all suggestions are basically null and void unless chosen. They are not a foundation for reality unless chosen. What evil people hope is for the person they target to mistakenly believe the ideas are their own and so go to "If I am thinking this then it must be something I want for some reason..." etc. Once you realize that the ideas are just presentations and mere suggestion, you know then that they are of no consequence. It makes it all that much easier to reject. You can reject even those ideas that are fleeting and which you might forget almost immediately based on the fact that they are mere suggestion. The choice to do or not to do something is always yours. This is one reason why a knowledge and appreciation of ESP is so important.

  • charliet Feb 28, 2012

    Hi KYRANI and Jim Centi

    Kyrani: thanks for the feedback, I hope I did not come across as saying mind control, no they can not do that, but ideas and suggestions can be given mentally if you are open to them, again you must be open to them or they can not persuade, this is where being grounded comes in to play, very important for anyone who is meditating or deeply searching the other realms.

    Jim: First off it may just be that fan and your mind may be creating a voice. Although human voice is very complex and tonal inflections are difficult to mimic your mind can fill in the blanks and create something which sounds like conversation.

    I suggest recording using a digital recorder and then download to your PC. With headsets on, listen and write down what you think you hear. Leave it for a day or a week, come back and listen again without looking at your previous notes, compare these new notes to your first impressions, what matches or comes across very similar? Have a friend also listen and record their impressions, matches have a very good chance of being an EVP.

    If this works begin asking questions, if you record a direct response you are having a communication.

    Much of the audio is very low and of poor quality.
    To clear things up you need a few computer programs. An amplifying program with an EQ is good, Windows media player will do until you decide to go for the gold and spend some money. A program by which pitch or speed can be controlled is also good, as is a noise reduction program. Windows will work well enough to peak your curiosity. The programs I use can be purchased on line for about $120 total.

    If interested I will give you the list of programs and what to use them for.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Jim Centi Feb 28, 2012

    Hi Charliet,
    I know nothing about EVP and have a question that may be dumb.

    I have an air purifier located near my computer with a fan that runs constantly and produces the sound of air being sucked into the machine. I also have a fan that blows warm air into the ventilated attic on warm days that produces a low hum and the sound of air blowing. The fans are about twenty feet apart and in different rooms.

    There have been times, usually at night when I’m on the computer, the house is quiet and both fans are running that I hear what sounds like a conversation. I have even gone outside to see if people were nearby. There have been times when I’m on the computer late at night and both fans are running that what sounds like voices in the distance becomes so annoying that I turn the attic fan off and the conversations stop. There have been times when I considered that I could be hallucinating. I can never make out what is being said.

    Is this a dumb question or something that could be an example of EVP and if so, what do you suggest to do that would make the conversations understandable?.....Jim

  • KYRANI Feb 28, 2012

    @ Charliet I'll just jump in to say I agree entirely with what you said. One clarification and that is the evil people influence by ideas, suggestions and suggestions do not found reality.They cannot actually use the power of the mind because they are haters of God so that bars them. And you are completely right in saying they can be cast away easily.

  • charliet Feb 28, 2012

    Hi slowlygetnthar

    For me it is easy, I have experienced the so called paranormal from a child on, I have grown with it, being given what I need when I am ready.

    You need to be grounded in a faith that there is a God, this God is the center of all, everything goes to and comes from this God. We all see God in many different ways but it is all the same, that is the truths are all the same. God is love, truth and knowledge. You will be guided along your correct path, if it is a struggle it is not your true path.

    A law is that no entity, spirit, ghost, whatever you wish to label them, can physically harm another (and you are one of them in human form), this is not permitted. And before Kyrani jumps in here I will say that evil ones can try to influence you by mind, not your true self but the ego-earth mind, this is where faith comes in, those of true faith have no problem casting evil away. Evil ones are lost and not accepting help to move on, they are stuck in their earth mind, not having any faith, they will eventually heal. One of the things we are here to learn is faith.

    Spirits (they do not like the term ghost so I've been told), are just like you and me without the human body, some have great knowledge, some no more than you or I, there are old souls and new souls. Some are curious and still learning they have passed, some are practical jokers, some are your guides etc. Don't fear them, they just want to communicate, sometimes I receive messages for others which I pass along, I am always thanked for this by the spirit. Spirits are not earth bound, they may come and go as desired.

    Not all of us can or should communicate, if you read or listen to seminars by true psychics (John Edwards is proven to be real), you will find that they all came into this naturally, they just didn't decide to be a psychic one day, it appears we are born into it.

    The next time you have visitors just talk to them as you would any other person, you can speak if you wish but most of the communication is done by thought. They are visiting you because you are on the correct path and it is time to learn more, turn to them for knowledge, you will learn how to communicate, your visitations are not chance, they are destined.

    Be patient, it does take time.

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 28, 2012

    It's great that you are so well-grounded in this field and can sort the wheat from chaff. I don't doubt that you and others are having genuine experiences communicating with those we cannot see--even some of the guys running around in abandonned buildings.

    What makes me uncomfortable is that folks seem eager to jump to conclusions when perhaps they are not checking for all possible causes to what they are experiencing. It sounds like some of them might also be uninformed about how to properly operate their equipment, in the first place!

    My big concern, recently, is it seems that the more I meditate, the more open my mind becomes. In the past year, I have seen spirits of what I assume to be dead people whom I do not know. I am usually too dumbfounded to ask questions. How do you keep calm and ask spirits who they are when you are recording EVP's?

  • charliet Feb 27, 2012

    Hi slowlygetnthar

    I agree, much of what I have read, heard from others or seen would lead me to be a skeptic, but - what I have learned and experienced has changed my mind.

    Many of the procedures used by others makes me shake my head, to play a radio off station, to use white, pink or brown noise, etc. all beg to be put down as bogus. Your mind can make patterns out of noise, this is true, but true human speech cannot be made from noise, the pattern of human speech is complex. I only use normal background noise where ever I am recording, I use digital recorders as tape can and will keep low level audio even after being erased and can also be effected by RF signals.

    Radio frequencies can effect analog devices but not digital devices, but don't forget that every digital audio device has to become analog at some point for us to hear it, many times audio (voice) can be heard on devices, by listening you can determine what it is.

    I have received a direct answer to a question when my recorder was in a sound proof, RF protected container, this was done to disprove the RF, ambient audio interference many skeptics talk about.

    I do receive direct answers to questions, many times the voice is recognized as the person I know - by me and others. My name has been used many times.

    I have been given information (verifiable information) about the past, present and future. Sometimes for me and sometimes for others, I am not a fortune teller by any means. I have done a long distance experiment with another IONS member and it was a success, I only knew his name and his question, I was given the answer by "someone", it was strong and clear. The whole process is complicated and many can not do it.

    I do know that some of my contacts have passed over and that some others are of a higher - if you will - level like a guide, guardian or angel. It would take a book to write all that I have learned.
    If you have not read from the beginning of this post I will again state that my background is that of a professional audio, RF engineer, this just means that I am not easily duped by radio or audio interference passing as voice, as I have said before , I research and test the H E double L out of everything before I will accept it as real.

    As for the ghost hunter shows and the like - ask yourself these questions, why is it always done at night? Why are the places always (or usually) old and gross?, How does something that produces no heat show up as a heat signature on a thermal camera? As a side note my current career as a building inspector has me using my thermal camera in many old buildings, I have never seen anything which I can not explain. I also do not believe that any of these "investigators" has ever read any material put forward by PHD's or Doctors who have studied the Life after Death Phenomenon.

    I wish there was more research on this , maybe some day.

  • slowlygetnthar Feb 27, 2012

    Hi, I have not done EVP work and am uncertain about the quality of the work I have witnessed others doing on EVP's.

    I do, however, own an old 1980's white noise machine, which I have used when I have noisy neighbors. Sometimes, quite clearly, I will hear voices emanating from the static roar of the machine, when I have it on to drown out other noise. I also will hear what I know to be a telephone analog signal that I have also heard via my computer speakers. An IT person told me that the analog signal comes down the telephone line or across the network somehow, but it is definitely an old, dead analog signal.

    I have wondered if the voices that come through on the white noise machine are radio signals, perhaps from police dispatchers or someone with HAM radio. A few times, it has been erie to hear these voices that sound like conversations, though, most often, the words are not distinct enough for me to follow what is being said.

    When I see programs where people are collecting EVP's in some old, abandonned building, the researchers frequently jump to the conclusion that they are communicating with disembodied entities. I have to wonder if they are simply accessing frequencies that I sometimes hear on the white noise machine.

    However, if an EVP recording is of a voice speaking your name or directly answering your questions, you may be having the real experience all the ghost hunters are trying to capture! Lucky you!

  • charliet Feb 18, 2012

    Hi Cat123

    You have experienced or witnessed what anyone who is successful with EVP has. Informative, baffling and humorous at times.

    I have not found any new research into EVP, I still think the best related research is the Afterlife Experiments of Gary Schwartz. Here the mediums receive information in their given way, all are different, most are mind (thought) as are mine with some visual and audible, I find that EVP gives me the two way communication ability.

    The majority of contacts I have made are not earth bound, I have found that some do like certain locations on earth but are able to come and go as they please. The only earth bound I have encountered are searching. One simply helps them with the help of your guides and they move on, sometimes I get a thank you contact back from them.

    If you do find any new, truthful research, please let me know, always open to new ideas.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Cat123 Feb 17, 2012

    I am not a researcher or a ghost hunter. I live in what we shall call a haunted house. It is in a neighborhood with three other houses which are also haunted. Hundreds of EVPs have been captured in my house. Most of the time, the voices show up on digital recorders, video cameras, and even a phone digital recorder. The ghosts have conversations among themselves and also with the investigators. One night when I was on my computer camera and mic, the voices were heard saying hello to the people I was communicating with. Sometimes these "things" answer questions audibly. The voice just comes out of thin air. I am not sure I believe that the souls of dead people are roaming the earth. Is there any scientific research being done that doesn't start with the belief that this phenomenon is earthbound human spirits? I'd like to hear some alternate explanations and theories. Also, these spirits seem to closely reflect the personalities and atmosphere in the different houses. Many of the EVPs captured are what the paranormal investigators call Grade A. Many of the EVP conversations are quite funny. It seems I have a group of cheeky ghosts.

  • charliet Apr 13, 2011

    Hi Tamsinstead

    Yes I agree there are a few nuggets there, one must be careful though. I first got onto the AA-EVP web site, lots of good reading there but the site seems to be neglected now. I was aware of IONS but didn't pay much attention until the new site debut, I like it. The reason I started this thread was to get some more people on board at taking a good look at EVP recording. People who approach things in a scientific manner and not thrill seeking dablers, I am happy with the response and hope that it may be the beginning of a new IONS based research group. I am willing to put time and effort towards helping people get started in recording, after all I do have the background for it. Lets see where it goes.

  • Anonymous Icon

    tamsinstead Apr 13, 2011

    Hi Charliet

    I'm with you on the 20's 'cabinets/trumpets and (yuk) ectoplasm and find someone of Zammit's age dying their hair jet black not to be trusted. Same with men who wear to much aftershave lol. But you get what I mean. A lot of the content of his Friday Newsletters seem to feature early 1900's mediumship. But their is the odd nugget, Dean Radin lead me to this site for instance. Much more informative and far less cheesy than nderf.org ...

    I find myself listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks. Not to 'manifest' a Porsche, but very entertaining 'If we evolved from apes, there wouldn't be any apes etc', and a lot of the vids resonate with the enormous amount of differing books on psi I'd read in my youth. Lot of it also of course follows The Power of Positive Thinking.

  • PonsAnimus Apr 13, 2011

    @Charliet Thank you for the efforts. ;) - I have sent you my Email address.

    Looking forwards to the selection of your samples ! - Maybe we can come up with a somewhat "long distance" experiment afterwards ? ;)


  • charliet Apr 12, 2011

    EVP voice samples. Hello to magicscience and PonsAnimus. I contacted IONS and they tell me the post site will not accept audio clips yet. I will put together some samples in the next few days of voices I have recorded. If you wish I will email them to you. Contact me via my web site www.aboveboardhomeinspections.ca and email me your addresses, you will find my info on the contact page.


  • charliet Apr 12, 2011

    Part two: recording and editing an EVP.
    The location you choose should be free of loud noise and people chatter, ambient room noise or outside in the garden are nice locations.
    To me, the most important part of the process is you. Adjust your attitude. Forget the Hollywood views and myths. You won't be talking to Casper or some scary dark figure, you will be speaking with people just like you, sure they are a spirit, so are you, the location is the difference, you are here and they are where ever they are, they now know what there is after death, you are wanting to learn.
    The important part here is to believe and trust. I always ask my Guides and Gaurdians to be with me on my sessions and to bring me truthful and honest answers. You will find that there are some jokester and grumpy spirits, you will learn to ignore them, some even get nasty, tell them to go away, they have no power over you.
    Relax and think about your question, for now ask only one question, something as simple as "are you there". You do not have to speak your question, you can communicate by thought alone. Always be aware of your stray thoughts as you will often receive an answer that makes no sense to your original question but is actually answering a stray thought. Keep your recording time short, 3 to 5 minutes of recording will yield an hour of editing, especially if the spirits are very active. End by thanking them, I always bless them and thank them for talking to me.
    Transfer the recording to the PC and make a copy, this ensures that you always have the original copy if needed. Now get a cup of coffee and settle in to listen. The EVP voices are usually way down in the noise floor. Amplify the recording first, then use the EQ and noise reduction software as needed. Listen for changes and patterns in the ambient noise, copy them to a file as you hear them, tag them with the counter number for reference, Once you have copied your findings, go over the recording again, chances are you missed some, For some reason the voices are often proceeded by pops or clicks, etc.
    Now listen to each noise you captured, make subtle changes in the EQ, noise reduction and if needed, speed control. Slowly you will hear the messages come out. EVP's have three classes. C is pretty well useless, you know it is speech but you can't make it out. Class B are the most common, they are low volume and noisy but easy to understand. Class A are OMG, you will probably look around to see who said that.
    If you received nothing, try again, persistence pays off. Most important "believe". It takes time to get good at listening too, good programs are a boon once you get proficient at this. Share your findings, ask questions, always use a scientific approach and respect the ones you talk with.Good luck, it is so worth the effort.

  • PonsAnimus Apr 11, 2011

    @charliet hi ya, I spent the last 30 years in the medical business and the last 20 years in finding and trying out "noetic" methods of treatment, not earning money with those methods, but more and more integrating it as " free add on" into daily work. I am obviously more following an ...hmmm... "inner force" there and can't get rid of these "impulses". ;)
    Anyway, I do not have the time to dive into another research field like "EVP", but I have spent the last days in following your post here and checked some of the people you mentioned out on youtube and in the WWW. Interesting ! - Would you mind to send a link with one of your voice records ?? Really curious here.

  • charliet Apr 11, 2011

    Equipment used to record an EVP: A computer with headset capability. A pair of full muff headsets, not ear buds or mini headsets. Digital voice recorder, doesn't have to be an expensive one, I do suggest that it has a USB port for download to the computer. If you have a web cam with microphone capability it will also do a nice job of capturing the EVP. I prefer the digital voice recorders over the web cam as they are portable.
    Your computer should have the basic audio programs like Windows media player or Real Player, I use these for final edit playback, if it is clear and audible on these programs it can be heard on any othe computer or player. The other programs I suggest for recording and edit are Power Sound Editor Free, this is a free download, has EQ, noise reduction, speed control, amplification etc., I prefer it over Audacity which is another editor package. Download them both and pick the one you like. You will also need a format converter like Free Audio Pack Converter to convert the MP3 recordings to wav format so that they may be edited.
    I use two programs which are purchase only, both do have demo downloads available. Clear voice denoiser is a fantastic noise filter, worth its weight in gold. Polderbits version 9 is my prefered editor, you can edit on the fly. This means that you can make your changes to EQ, filters etc as you are listening to the playback, the others require you to stop and do the changes, then listen to the results.
    My next post will be about method of capture and editing.

  • charliet Apr 11, 2011

    Hi Marcusantonio91

    I will be posting my methods for EVP recording. Tried to do it tonight but I was way over the allowed word count, I will do it in two comments, hope to be able to complete it tomorrow,

  • charliet Apr 10, 2011

    Hi Tamsinstead

    Looked at David Thompson, intuition and what I saw tells me he's bogus. Using the old shams from the the 1920's. Ever wonder why the dog or human has to come out of a cabinet or something along those lines, ever wonder why the room has to be dark. Ecotoplasm ??? Saw that in Ghost Busters.
    As for Victor Zammit, I had heard of him before, seems to be cashing in on selling books and whatever else makes money.
    There are too many scam artists out there, look to people who have some credibility behind them like the staff at IONS. Above all, use your own intuition, it won't let you down.

  • marcusantonio91 Apr 10, 2011

    how do you record EVP and can you use an iphone?

  • Anonymous Icon

    tamsinstead Apr 09, 2011

    Has anyone listened to any of the recordings of the Materialist Medium, David Thompson? And what do you think of them? They are frequently referenced in Victor Zammit's Friday Newsletter and sometimes linked to Youtube. Yesterday's was interesting, involving an aging American pastor and his seeing a friend who'd passed in the 70's, together with a group 'seance' whereby, a deceased dog purportedly owned by a member of the group ran from a cabinet to it's former owner, this complete with a recording of the dog barking.

    I have heard another EVP on Youtube whereby the former fiance/boyfriend of the group asked for her through Thompson's ectoplasmic 'voicebox'. The conversation was fairly long and the woman overcome and crying, so suspect it genuine. Although in my case, would not like to contact my deceased relatives/friends in that way, simply because the EVP sounded somewhat 'creepy'.

  • charliet Apr 08, 2011

    Hi desertrose

    I agree totally


  • desertrose Apr 08, 2011

    Good day Charliet,
    Well I do speak to those on the other side my query was more directed at people who do it for no other reason than to participate in the new fad of "ghost hunting " that has now become popular. I have helped souls cross over to the other side and my experiences are vast and varied. My culture encourages such beliefs and it is a way of life to me not a novelty or something to use for a "rush." I think communication with those who have crossed over is a sacred thing not a thing to dabble in lightly or flippantly - that is what i was trying to get across.

  • charliet Apr 07, 2011

    Hi desertrose

    If you could talk to a deceased relative or friend one more time, would you? If they said to you something only they and you would know, something that you may have forgotten, would you feel comfortable in knowing that it could only be them? Would this scare you or thrill you? I have experienced this many times. Yes they sometimes want help, but mostly they want to help you. I never ask for winning lottery numbers or other foolish things. I direct my queries to help others if I see a need to do so.
    It is wonderful to know that we go on, there is life after life and those souls still wish to remain in contact with their loved ones. I suggest reading some of the books by Gary E Schwartz, such as The Afterlife Experiments. Some audio seminars can be found on this site also.

  • charliet Apr 07, 2011

    Hi magicscience

    I am checking to see if it is possible to add audio clips to the thread.


  • desertrose Apr 07, 2011

    I believe in the resultsof some EVP's that Ihave heard from others however my question is why do we really need to do this? Are we helpng these "entities" or just getting a sick rush out of the element of fear and excitement involved? I am oftentimes puzzled by man's quest to dabble in the unknown although I myself have been guilty of it.

  • magicscience Apr 07, 2011

    Hi Charliet
    What you report is fascinating and I would love to hear more details and actually hear examples of the results you are getting.
    I have followed this subject for many years and have noticed the true mix of results.
    I have tried it myself but in only a casual way and not for any length of time. I am also non-technical.
    I have recently watched The Afterlife Experiments documentary - have you seen it? - in which an Italian guy gets incredible results from using an old valve radio - agreed tuned between stations - but often with the power off and the valves taken out!
    I've only just joined this site so don't know yet whether there is a way you could post any examples of your EVP? Otherwise maybe they could be sent to a private email?
    It would be interesting if you could detail a simple method using PCs for other members to try for some voices.
    Personally I have always felt that those who get results are mediumistic and there is some crossover with their consciousness.
    It would be interesting for me for you to get other people to try to duplicate your experiments using the same equipment but with non of your active involvement, to see if they received voices too. I suspect not.
    For the record I'm a retired UK journalist with a lifetime interest in the paranormal and UFOs.
    Thanks for your interesting posting.

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