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Can Love be Measured? - The Love Experiment

Posted March 18, 2011 by Ralphie A Burcke in Open

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commented on March 22, 2011
by blissful1



I´d like to gather enough support, to start a love wave, across the world. On April 12th 15:45h GMT. Date can be changed, if necessary.
I´ve posted the thread, that I´ll copy in below, on Experience Project and Booksie and I also started a blog. Would anyone from here be interested in joining and trying to measure, if this event had any effect in the ´real´ world? Everybody is certainly welcome.
Have you ever felt that you were in fact an alien, not a member of the human race? I have, for decades. When was but a little boy, I used to think: why are people being cruel to each other? I was sure, even then, that it wasn´t suppused to be that way! I took my troubled innocent heart to the adults(or is it sadults?) and tried, with my insufficient words, to explain my predicament. They told me that everything would become clear, when i grew up. And to just be patient, for one day I would understand. I had to adapt, perforce, or be trampled into the dust. So I tried to find a middle ground, where I could at least coexist, trying not to hurt anyone. Intent and purpose, I think it´s called. Just to be allowed to be, there, and try to be friendly with everyone, without getting crushed. But they could tell, you see. Or maybe they could feel, instinctively, that I was a bit strange, a bit alien. Others fell by the wayside, a few that were not so dissimilar to myself and many others. But I, who always felt deep down that I wouldn´t last long in this strange place, I endured, amazingly. I thought some mistake must have been made somewhere. Maybe there exists some alternate unverse, that had inadvertently misplaced me.

Finally, there came a day, when a woman came up to me and spoke those four seemingly innocuous words, that would change everything. I didn´t even know the woman´s name. She said: "I am like you!", nothing more and nothing less. When I heard this and looked into her eyes, the world seemed to shake and the foundations of my disbelief crumbled and came tumbling down around me. When prodded, she explained that we´d been born too late: the generation of the gentlepeople had passed us by. They´re still here, she said, but they seem to have lost hope. They may have given up the dream. I would like to assure them, that NOT all is lost! For their message was passed on and is still being carried in the hearts if some people, myself being just one example.

Two years ago, I was speaking with a friend. This lady told me, that in her middle age, she was still wondering what she´d do, when she grew up. She asked me if I knew. I hadn´t a clue. I´m still waiting for that very special day, when things will finally make sense. A couple of months ago, she came to visit me. I asked her, if she´d found the answer yet. To my surprise, she said yes.She said that she would be, whatever she needed to be. I admire her for her courage and am happy for her.

In the meantime, I have shouted out to the world, my plea for love. Because I know, instinctively, that it´s worthwhile to share this invaluable commodity with everyone. You can call me a dreamer and you can call me an idealist. If you do, you honour me. I thank you for that. Do please join me in this experiment in love. The internet has given us a medium, to unite like-feeling people. All I ask, is five seconds of your time and your love, which is infinite anyway. Tomorrow, I´ll show you how.
I´ve had an epiphany! I found out what I want to be, when I grow up. Are you ready for this? I would like to be a pebble!! Not ´The pebble´, but ´A pebble´. You all know, that when you throw a pebble into a calm pond, it causes ripple after ripple after ripple, until it reaches the side of the pond. Well, I´d like to be that pebble. And I´d like you, if you will, to be butterflies that by fluttering their wings, will fan these ripples into becoming gigantic tidal waves of love. Of course, this will never happen with only one pebble and three butterflies. I don´t want to be thought of as a guru or anything like that. I´m sure there are a lot of persons out there, who are better qualified for that, than I am. Anyone could do it, really. But most people would say: I don´t fancy butting my head against a wall! Or maybe they´re afraid of being considered foolish. The choice is yours: you can either call me a fool, or become one of the butterflies. It´s up to you!

If, by some miracle, we could get massive support for this experiment, then I would like to invite our brothers and sisters of the scientific community, to see it this manifestation can in any way be quantified. In other words, I would like them to use every measuring device known to man, to ascertain whether our love wave shows up in any physical form whatsoever. That would be for them to figure out. I´m just incredibly curious. People, come on please, am I the only one who remembers John´s song or Doctor King´s dream or the Mahatma´s message? I´m sure I´m not! Let´s pull our heads out of the sand and make a stand. Let´s make a commitment to love, in any form. Love yourself and the rest will surely follow. I´m not asking you to join a convent or to dispossess yourself of all your worldly possessions. All I´m asking is that you transmit all the love you can muster, to the rest of the world, for five seconds. And then we´ll see what gives. Alright?

I will not give up! I´ll go on pleading with you and pestering you and I´ll even hit you over the head with The Book, to make you commit. Commit yourself to love! Simple, isn´t it? I will now give you a description of how I would go about it. But if you have a way that works better for you, please use it. I´ll be talking about some gestures. You can either make them or imagine yourself making them, whichever is more convenient.

It doesn´t matter if you´re a man or a woman, but imagine that you´re pregnant. Your whole tummy is filled with joyfull, happy bubbles of love. You´ve got your two hands under your tummy, to support it. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, while pushing up the love, slowly, up and over your head. Then you make a big circle with your hands, pushing the love out into the wide world. Make sure this process starts on April 12th at 15:45 and takes, all together, five seconds. Let´s make that 15:45 GMT! You´ll have to calculate what that translates into, in your time zone. This is an arbitrary time and day, by the way. If the general concensus would rather have it at a different time, there´s room for discussion. I just took exactly one month from the time I first posted the intent for this experiment. How about it? Are you with me? Are you ready to welcome the Love Age? Spread the word! We need butterflies!!!!!!
Members of IONS, can you help, please??!!

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    blissful1 Mar 22, 2011

    Hi Ralphie - I'm in. I think we should all start practicing by sending love NOW. I'll spread the word. And Ralphie...don't worry too much about the number of people who join - a little love can go a long way.

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    Ralphie A Burcke Mar 20, 2011

    I think visualisation might be the catalyst to triggering a measurable effect, that is if you can visualise your love covering the whole surface of the planet. To aid you in this, I would like to add this story:
    Yohdi looked, through slitted eyes, at the mighty oak, standing forlorn and alone on top of the hill. He marvelled at the bright swirling caleidoscope of its aura. Yes, he thought, this one would definitely do! He traipsed up the hill on his leather sandals and took of his shirt. After kicking off his footwear, he sat crosslegged, with his back against the enormous trunk, between two of its roots. He centered himself in eternal love and let his being expand, initially riding on the columns of energy that spiralled up off the tree, into the air. From his vantage point, somewhere in the stratosphere, he linked up with green patch after green patch, slowly enveloping the Earth. Glowing dots began to appear here and there, kindred souls seeking contact. He embraced them and together they searched for more. One after the other they found, down valleys and over high mountain tops. Deep under the sea, the higher mammals heard the call and joyfully they joined in the dance and in the song. All as one now, they started to pulse like a gigantic lit up Christmas ball.

    Time to initiate the new generation, thought Yohdi, advising his brethren and sisters of their sacred task. Their mantle of love, that was spread over the entire surface of the planet, sought out the souls that were ripe for the next stage of their journey. Tenderly they drew the unexperienced into their midst. Their message to them was simple: observe, feel the love and remember! For the next calling, you will be able to arise on your own. The newcomers were amazed and humble in their gratitude for witnessing the coming of age of at least a portion of humankind. More will follow, Yohdi thought-transferred, ever more. When you go back, seek out your spirit siblings and nurture those that are apt and willing. Spread the word of love and teach by example. The New Age has begun!

    Everyone descended again to live their lives in peace. Yohdi thanked the mighty oak, put on his sandals and his shirt and went his merry way, whistling a lively tune. Look out for him, for he´s ever looking for new recruits, his sign: the colours of the rainbow.

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    Ralphie A Burcke Mar 19, 2011

    Welcome! First of all I need publicity. Because the more people join, the bigger the effect. Next, we need some scientists to monitor it, but this can only happen if we have enough people joining in. Basicly, spread the word. We could push the date further, to give more people time to respond?

  • frequencytuner Mar 18, 2011

    What do you need? I can do what I can do, and if everybody does the same...

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