Learn to be grateful toward life.

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commented on Sept. 19, 2010
by frequencytuner



Learn to be grateful for the opportunity to collect experience and to express your self. Learn to be grateful for the benefactions which you enjoy just now. What is recognized, incline to grow, and what is criticized, incline to get more worse. By the power of the thoughts which you think and the words you speak, you can bring abundance in your own and in the life of others. Practice this in little things everyday in order to try the law out. You will find out that something to which you give constructive attention improves his state, and if you consider the bad, makes it more worse. Bring your attention towards the life to express, while you look after positive thoughts, constructive representation, smile and trust in others and use your potential for useful purposes. As soon as you do this, life will express itself by you in a bigger dimension, you will get to know on natural wise high guidance and true sense of well-being. Try this and feel the wonder...

  • frequencytuner Sep 19, 2010

    Everybody in every country - in some way-shape or form - is try to deliberately kill themselves. This has no ramification on the beauty and grace of life, rather, it exalts it. Life is not only about beauty and peace - as we understand them. Life includes death as they are one and the same. There is a tranquil beauty in death that many are unable to observe. This - obviously - requires one to be one with the experience of the moment, free of assumption, judgement, thought and memory.
    Here we must find compassion within to allow the beauty of every moment, of every experience to flow like a river. Passing a judgement like it's 'good' or 'bad', even positive and negative will undoubtedly polarize and obscure the moment. Allow yourself to see the contrast, but not pass judgement on it.

    Let the sight of a starving child sit within you as equally as an innocent little kitten purring. Let the corruption in the political and religious circles of the world sit within you as equally as the sound of ocean waves on the shore. Let your parents be murdered as equally as you accept the birth of your own child. Do not fight 'for' anything, just be. Do not avoid or seek, just be. Do not plan or anticipate the future or remember the past, just be.

    Finding the grace and compassion to be - in this world - can appear daunting, if not impossible. However, every experience is an opportunity to be. The challenge comes in allowing it because it is so easy - and we have been taught to be so complicated - that it's hard. Just be. Life will present itself to you.

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    Spitfire83052 Sep 19, 2010

    I would consider myself still a "baby" even after discovery a few years back. (1996) What I find the most difficult even after looking at death's door is to stay focused on the "now" in the beauty of things and not get sucked into this whole realm of the Western Philosophy of gogogo. We are the only country from what I understand that is "deliberately" killing ourselves. I have a tendency to not "watch" and then get sucked into the day to day drama of the third realm, become exhausted and then become aware once again. I have to make sure I "deliberately" make that time on-going to appreciate where I'm at in Life. And it's pretty dang good!!

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    tcathcart Aug 28, 2010

    Gratitude for what we have and the things we experience is a wonderful and is part of a healthy daily practice. It might also include gratitude for what we are and the moment we are occupying. Too often we look out at what surrounds us and we express gratitude for those things. Include the gratitude for what is and have the opportunity and the wisdom to be grateful.

  • Marlene Aug 28, 2010

    Gratitude is an act of love linked to experiences in the (recent) past. Build up a maximum of positive experiences, be present and learn to appreciate little things in life. One day when things are tough, you can open that book of memories and enjoy gratitude again instead of being teared apart by boredom and sadness.

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    puresilence Aug 28, 2010

    Actually this is the one thing most of us miss, we never feel that how great is life we always curse for what we don't have. And actually these curses gets start to manifest and attract all the negativity of this world. Thanks for the invaluable words.

  • Gretchen Dreisbach Aug 26, 2010

    Well said! Gratitude is a very important piece because ALL of our life lessons and experiences are a gift,
    even the very difficult ones..every moment, every encounter, is a chance to grow in Spirit!
    Awareness moves energy. Love will balance the dark/light shadow plays at work on this planet.
    Proof of the Divine plan is everywhere and present in everything. I am so grateful to be.

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