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Posted Feb. 16, 2011 by yusheng in Open

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commented on April 22, 2011
by yusheng



Nearly all the religions on our planet dislike the sexual activity, why?
I can not explain it here by using religion words either from Daoism or Buddhism that will leads confusion because their explanation is clear and reasonable but “based on their knowledge and from their special resources of these religions”.
The trial explanation I will give here is just based on common understanding of meditation and physical reason.
What is meditation, it is hard to answer, but surely, it is a way to reconstruct our brain and then future more our body, it is also a way to integrate our mind and our body. So the first step of meditation is to leave your brain intact, by H. Haken self - organization theories, complexity and energy, new structures appears, then it will reform itself. ((Note, here other-organization is not excluded, but about brain it is a very exquisite work to tell from)) There are millions way to teach you how to make your brain intact, but the principle way is cut the brain from outside environment and inside arising environment. Only under such environment the brain then can re-purify itself then can to leads itself to other upper arrangements.
Thus it is clear why sex is not welcome here during the process of upgrade. Sex and other excitements is a use of brain, lowering its entropy, meditation is a reverse way of collecting entropy though need technique and understanding.
In Daoism and Buddhism, common people can have sex then he or she will be father or mother, living an earthliness and mundane life, consuming the brain and body, inevitably suffering the aging and illness, but they do not reject such way of life. Of course there are other way of living, meditate, reform, upgrade, and to be a sage. So please don’t think that true monk is still attracted by sex, their brain has already changed.
By the way, in Daoism, aging is an indicator of your brain reform degree.

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    yusheng Apr 22, 2011

    Yes, we could say sexual energy is "divine" "energy", since it can give a birth, a baby, a new life. but if we master this energy, then we can give a rebirth to ourself, to our body, so everyone can live forever, get rid of the aging and death.
    and sexual "energy" is a derivative "energy" of the basic "enery", then only master it is not enough, "consciousness" is key, meditaion is "tool", methodology can be found in Daoism and Buddhism classicals, or maybe other religions.

  • karenbeth22 Mar 09, 2011


    My belief in this moment is that sexual energy is "divine" energy..."soul" energy
    It is creative in nature.

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