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Posted Aug. 14, 2010 by jimdun9241 in Open

commented on Oct. 9, 2010
by frequencytuner



I recently discovered an amazing company. Amega will be a billion dollar company in a year, just from people helping people and sharing the wealth. They have created a foundation to heal the world. Their products give you what everybody wants - relief from pain, promote healing, plenty of energy and a good nites sleep, etc. That is why Amega people say, I love my life! The products are created by a scientific discovery called Zero Point Energy. Here is a link to a short video about Zero Point Energy. http://www.wandtheworld.com/sizzle/?go=kryon11 Here is a link to a video describing Zero Point Energy, and the products. http://www.wandtheworld.com/amegacall/?go=kryon11 Here is a link to a video of a demonstration of the products. http://www.amnart.net/emailt.html Jim

  • frequencytuner Oct 09, 2010

    Money cannot heal the world and anything to do with money a products and anything at all like it are all gimmicks. Sorry, you've been duped.

  • George Wade Sep 16, 2010

    I do know of one ~ or one and a half MLM's with valuable products, to be fair to the companies: as long as one approaches from a retail customer perspective and avoids the manic compulsive sides that destroy friendships and everything.

    As this one requires Tel & eMail before getting a glimpse — they can wait till they learn their manners before I spend five minutes watching their video. Being blunt like this saves friendships... :~)

    It is a shame that direct marketing was taken over by Wall St morality; but there are other ways now.

  • Harvey Austin Sep 13, 2010

    I looked at the video but did not 'sign up for the tour' for it required information I was reluctant to disclose. So, admittedly on the basis of limited information, my impression is that this is a 'for profit' company using all the right 'buzz words' and hype for something that speaks to me of being a multilevel marketing company.

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