Changing the Way we Think Starts with a Re-examination of Cultural Values

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The author of the article "New Beginnings" said that we are in a state of transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. However, I believe the Information Age was merely a short step to a more important transition to the Age of Wisdom; Wisdom in that we live consciously, rather than reactively. When we live consciously, every action is considered in terms of its affect on others and our intention is to improve the quality of life for all, while maintaining the health of the planet. Noetics and the Intention Experiment have demonstrated how our reality is affected through our focused intent. It is time to re-examine every aspect of our lives to determine whether that intent is for the spiritual and evolutionary progression of ourselves and Humanity or not.
Looking at our reality energetically reveals that what appears to be beneficial to the advancement of the Human Race secularly is not from the spiritual perspective. Every day we hear about the craving for change, but it appears that people want a change back, rather than a change forward, as in the recent support for the Tea Party. The irony is that although the Tea Party through its name appears to be dedicated to returning America to the principles of the Founding Fathers, spiritually its very premise is the exact opposite. When the Founding Fathers formulated the Constitution they envisioned a government of elected representatives of the people working together for the benefit of all. George Washington in his farewell address warned of the danger of political parties, citing that they would cause conflict. If there were no parties just individuals representing their constituencies then the system of government would work, but as it stands today, groups of individuals represent sectors of society will the poor and disenfranchised the victims of their constant one-upmanship and squabbling. The founding Fathers were members of the “Orders of the Quest” dedicated to carrying the Ancient Wisdom forward, which they demonstrated through their layout of Washington D.C. They each understood that America was destined to be the birthplace of a new Human Race that would leave all conflict behind. The American Dream was a very different version that it is today. From the Founding Fathers' point of view, with great wealth came great responsibility and they saw the rich and powerful as being stewards protecting and caring for the less fortunate. For instance, when funds were needed to finance the War of 1812 it was only individuals earning the equivalent of $40,000 + a year today paid taxes. In other words, the wealth was more equitably distributed.
Compare the situation today, where the burden on the lower income is crushing them and most of the wealthy are “chasing the American Dream” on the backs of others. This way of thinking is devastating to spiritual progress as well as having led to the dire situation the world is in today. So what can we do? Most people feel powerless in the face of such a task, but the average person can effect change by simply changing the way he or she thinks about politics. If the average person is willing to put partisanship aside and focus instead on wanting the best for everyone, then this will begin to shift the consciousness. Politics aside, when President Osama was elected in 2008 there was a great sense of hope that was totally bi-partisan. Unfortunately, those determined to maintain the status quo manipulated the economy to prevent the recovery from the recession. Consider this, the Stock Market has been steadily going up and yet the money has not been available for the average person. Moreover, is it a coincidence that almost immediately on the passing of the tax cuts for millionaires, suddenly jobs are being created? This is not a political statement just an observation of where the consciousness is. The trick is to be aware of those trying to hold back progress, without becoming engrossed in fighting it. This is what is meant by “being in the world, but not of it.” The average person can be of help by focusing their intent on projects and initiatives that elevate Humanity and move us forward. However, they are most effective by reviewing how they think and re-examining if their views serve progress or retard it.
It can start with changing the way we see the political stage. If we can become aware of how the words and rhetoric of politicians make us feel at the core level our eyes are opened. All consciousness is connected and this is even more so today with Social Networking sites. If just one individual begins to see politicians as working together for the benefit of us all then they begin to affect the mass consciousness, even the politicians. Moreover, if they share these feelings with others then they can become an example to them. Each thought and emotion has power and affects the mass consciousness. If this is too hard to contemplate, consider that Ancient Wisdom would interpret the color purple being produced from the colors Red and Blue from both ends of the color spectrum as the collective unconscious trying to awaken us to the need to unite both parties for the common good. When we consider that the color purple represents spirituality it carries even more weight. – What do you think?

  • frequencytuner Feb 05, 2011

    The whole must reform the individual from the outside in and the individual must reform the whole from the inside out.

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    pneumayod Jan 25, 2011

    This writing is an amazing piece of insight on how to be in the world but not of the world. Love it!

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