enlightenment of a fish

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From: Larry Davis
Date: 1/21/2011 12:48:55 PM
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Enlightenment of a fish

An Idea to inspire Imagination, which creates thought, which creates matter.

Matter is the stuff we see and feel in our medium Air, Earth Wind, and Fire.

……………..For the young adults in search of the” new world” ……………

Larry Davis 2010

Imagine, just for a moment, that you are a Fish.

Your are a trout, living in a lake, deep in the forest. You were born under the water, hatched from an egg . You have lived in the lake for five years, swimming everywhere you go. All you have to do is wiggle your tail and off you go like lightning. Lightning? “What is that?” you ask your self. “ what is lightning anyway?”

You remember the first day after you hatched, you were swimming around looking for something to eat. When suddenly you looked up and saw something moving just above your head. Your instincts tell you that it is something to eat. So you open your mouth and sneak up under the flapping creature and pull it into your mouth. You close your mouth and swallow the creature without even seeing it clearly, because it was on the surface of the place where you live, and you could not see it clearly because the surface reflects light back at you, and makes it very difficult if not impossible to see the other side of where your food comes from.

(Like the miracle of growth when you plant a seed in soil with water. How dies it really work?)

All you experience in your vision is faded colors and ripples of light patterns in the waves of the surface. Shattered light beams fill the upper world.

You do not even care what is on the other side as long as the food keeps coming so you eat and swim for five years and become a very happy fish. Then one day you became very bored with just sucking down bugs and decided to go see where they came from.

It was a momentous occasion . You remember swimming close to the place where your food comes from and rolling on your side and sticking your head up thru the surface of the water just enough so you could see with one eye ………..the other side………

“Oh My GOD! What is that?” you ask yourself, as you drift back under the water.

You just saw another world. You just had an enlightening experience. You just cannot believe you are five years old and have never even seen that place, that place where your food comes from.

Later that day as the light began to fade and the moon was coming out you decide to take another look. “oh my GOD again, it is even more beautiful than before” you tell your self. Then the clouds rolled over the surface of the water and drops of rain began to fall. You swim to the bottom of the lake for safety because you know what might happen next. Like the first day you were born and after you had eaten everything you could find that moved, there was a very big clash of thunder from something that created an extremely bright light in the place where the food comes from. It created a fast vibration in the water around you that lasted for along time.

It was very scary for such a little fish.

The rain drops keep falling but that is good because it washes angle worms out of the soil on the river banks feeding the lake. These are good to eat, and give you a break from the bugs you eat all summer long. And when the lake freezes over they are especially good to find on the bottom of the lake.

As a fish , you know when the lake is frozen it severely restricts feeding from the surface.

So a smart fish like you would swim up stream into the river feeding the lake. This is also another place, yet to be discovered, because the river changes course all the time. It creates log jambs from trees it rips out of the edges of its banks during heavy rains, so you never know what it is going to be like going upstream from the lake.

The good side is there are beetles and other bugs in the silt that wash out from under the trees that the river takes down.

You feast for a day and return to your lake where you do not have to fight the fast river current.

After a long winter the ice begins to melt and the surface begins to filter light back down into the deepest parts of the lake.

One day you decide to go up to the surface and see if you can explore that new world. So you swim from the bottom of the lake and go as fast as you can up, up to the surface and wham, you are flying thru a medium that you have never experienced before. But before you can experience it very long you drop back into your own medium, water………SPLASH!

After that experience you begin to realize that there must be worlds out there beyond what you have experienced in your five years of living in the lake.

Now, imagine you are that fish again and you want to experience one of those worlds for a longer period of time than just swimming fast and jumping into the void for three seconds.

The surface of the water is not hard to penetrate, so you slowly push your head out of the water so both eyes can see the bank of the lake. “Oh My GOD, what is that?” Gray and brown material with green cover .

There were flying creatures much larger than the ones you eat moving without wagging their tails, thru a medium you cannot see or understand. They landed on the large green things sticking out of the grey and brown material you named “SAND“……………..

Large brown animals all over the place grazing on the green stuff.

Wait a minute here….who told you what the sand was anyway? And the green stuff? The flying things? How did you know they were flying? Intuition?

How can you understand sand outside your domain?

And green stuff grows in your lake bottom in the shallows but you don’t eat it. Why should something outside your domain eat green stuff?

You find out quickly that you cannot stay up out of the water for long before you sink back into the lake depths. So you decide to try to get in a position where you can stay longer in the “new world”. You decide after several attempts to jump as high as you can, to see all you can, that you should jump very high in the direction of the sand and green stuff so you can experience all the glory of this new world.

Suddenly you find your self laying on the green stuff.

( Just then one of the flying things {{{ an Eagle???}}} swoops down and grabs you and takes you far up into the new media ……you gave the name of “AIR” to.)

Not really …because we have enough to deal with already ,lets skip the eagle part for now. OK?


Here we take a break for you as a fish, just discover your own thoughts about this.

Take a moment to reflect on this idea of a new world.

Can you imagine what it is like to be that fish discovering the “New world”?

Here we go……

Now you are laying on the green stuff and you can clearly see things growing tall out of the green stuff and you give the name of “TREES” to them. You go on and name many other strange objects that are making you aware of their existence.

A frog jumps close to you, and you recognize it as food you have eaten before. But how can that be? He lives in the lake too. Now you know where he disappears to when he jumps out of the water.

Then you become aware of something else above you. You call them “CLOUDS” and the medium they move thru you name “SKY”.

You go on naming every thing you see.

But wait, now something is causing you to choke. You gasp for a swallow of water to get your gills to take oxygen from so you can breath.

That does not happen so you wiggle your tail and you go nowhere.

Now you panic and start jerking your entire body up an down in the green stuff until you accidentally slide back down the sand bank closer to the lake. Another hard wiggle and you are extremely lucky to land near the waters edge. One flop more and you wiggle away into the lake, catching your breath as you go deeper and deeper into your natural medium. Your gills fill with wonderful water and oxygen is pumped into your system and you know you will survive.

  • Larry Davis Jan 25, 2011

    purposeful UNIVERSE by CARL CALLEMAN is good place to start with why we are here and why we are like FISH and helps explian The tree of life the FISH needs yo understand himself

  • Larry Davis Jan 25, 2011

    Harry thank you for taking the time to read and reflect on my story I will read it over and over thank you

  • Anonymous Icon

    gaines Jan 25, 2011

    When do we experience 'enlightenment'? Is it when you realize the unknown is vast and you can never know it all, or is it when you become aware that 'all' is connected and we are a part of all that is? Eckhart Tolle is a great teacher! Being in the NOW and going deep within expands the consciousness in ways the mind contemplating 'vastness' cannot.

  • Anonymous Icon

    harryoxford Jan 25, 2011

    "Enlightenment" of a "FISH" - Let me start with the FISH......The metaphor of the FISH is a perfect embodiment for all those soul-searching ppl who gets entangled in the mystery of life & wake up every morning , only to find a new mystery of creation unveiled ,yet again. The yearning of the fish to explore out the unknown & come to terms with is a vivid comparison to HUMANITY's zeal to reach out with the aid of science & religion to find the answer for CREATION. I appreciate ur efforts in bringing out the Man's Quest for Enlightenment in the form of FISH.
    Did I hear anyone say ENLIGHTENMENT?
    Well! I agree with u on the FISH part, its quest for exploring the unknown, been there- done that. But Enlightenment........? My friend that's where I beg to differ. Neither the FISH nor HUMANITY is anywhere near ENLIGHTENMENT as of now. Even if Man is presented with the ANSWER to the CREATION , I guess it would be way beyond his intellectual faculty to comprehend it. An old chinese proverb goes like this " A Journey of Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step" , In our journey towards enlightenment we're still on the 1st Step.......& the journey continues........
    P.S: A Well Phrased article, Keep up the good work Bro!

  • Abhijith Jan 23, 2011

    But i wanna be able to stay both on land and water without the fate of choking to death.

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